Forrest City, St Francis County, Arkansas



Partial Transcription

Submitted by Michelle Metzger

[email protected]

Compiled from her own personal research and from information graciously contributed

by others who have family members buried in this cemetery.


July 30, 2003

Last Updated April 20, 2005



This information taken from times I visited the cemetery 1992 and 1999 and information from relatives.  There are still some relatives not accounted for that probably would have been buried at this cemetery.   


David Wylds originally settled this property, a veteran of the War of 1812, came to Arkansas from Georgia to hunt bear and liked the land so much he decided to stay.  We believe he came about 1819 when St Francis County was still a part of Phillips County.  He married his wife Mary Creely

Wylds on January 1, 1823. 


St Francis became a county in 1827.  David purchased 40 acres of the property in 1835, 97 acres in 1838 and 40 more acres in 1839.  Also this property surrounded where the cemetery now sits and it and many other acres that he apparently owned were split up between his wife and children at the time of this death.  His wife, children, and grandchildren inherited 859 acres at the time of his death.


David’s son Dan Wylds inherited 254 acres in 1868 upon his father’s death and an additional 295 acres at the time of his mother’s death in 1874.  The family had started a cemetery on the homestead in approximately 1839 at the death of David and Mary’s daughter Maria.  When Daniel inherited the land he allowed people to be buried on his property because it was the highest point in that area.  He wished for it to become a public cemetery and allowed many of the counties poor sharecroppers to be buried there as well.  Unfortunately none of this was put in writing and for many years it has been used as a cow pasture and many of the stones have been destroyed.  It is also quite possible there are some markers still there but they are heavily buried under layers of dirt and plants. But, many were placed in unmarked graves.  It has been unkempt for many years maybe even as early as 1930. 


This cemetery is listed on the endangered cemetery list and is almost completely destroyed. 


I have also received information from Stevens Funeral Home, Sandy Smith, Elaine Spenard, Jimmy Kimble, Marilyn Dickson and Millard New.  Thank you.


Directions to the cemetery:  South of Forrest City about nine miles from the junction of AR Hwy 1 and 334, near the end of 334.  The cemetery is on private property.





BEAN, Mrs. Cora D.   Nov. 10, 1854 – Sept. 25, 1915 60 Yrs., 1 Mo., 16 Days (SFH)


BLALOCK, Mrs.  D.   Aug. 20, 1815   74 years (SFH)


BRADFIELD, Infant  March 16, 1913 (SFH)

Infant daughter of George Bradfield  


BROWN, D S   July 7, 1859 – Feb. 21, 1890 (MM)

David Sterling Brown grandson to David Wylds


BRYMER, Myrtle  1925 – 1933(JK)


BUSBY, Marcus Clifton  July 31, 1878 – August 27, 1929 (MD)


BUSBY, Nettie Mae Mason, born 1922, died Aug 15, 1944, Lee County (NBL)

Unmarked grave - mother of Norma Busby Lewis of Texas City, TX


CONNOR, Susie A.  December 18, 1871 – September 16, 1902 (MM)

Wife of Thomas C. Conner, sister of Charles Luallen, great granddaughter of David and Mary Creely Wylds .


DOWELL,  W.P.  December 12, 1865 – June 28, 1918 (MM)

Husband of Wilmoth


DOWELL, Wilmoth W.  December 21, 1875 – October 21, 1950 (SFH*)(MM)

Daughter of Dan Wylds


FOSTER, Nancy Kittleman (SS)


HARDY, Jesse Geneva   July 23, 1924 – Feb. 10, 1934 (ES)

Daughter of William Wallace and Myrtle Etoy (Price) sister to Oscie


HARDY, Myrtle Etoy Price   Dec. 8, 1889 – May 31, 1936  (ES)

Wife of William Wallace, mother of Jesse Geneva and Oscie


HARDY, William Wallace   September 3, 1887 – January 6, 1962 (ES)

Husband of Myrtle Etoy (Price), father of Jessie Geneva and Oscie


HARDY, Amelia Wylds Lamb (MM)

Sister of Dan Wylds (I have no proof that she is buried there-just family rumor)


HOBBS, Andrew A. (SS)

Father of Thurman Hobbs


HOBBS, Callie Fought SMITH   July 4, 1882 – Dec. 8, 1952  (SS)

Wife of Thurman Hobbs mother of  W.H. Smith


HOBBS, James C. d. November 21 1966 (SS)

Son of Andrew and Mary E. Hobbs



Mother of Thurman Hobbs


HOBBS, Oliver (SS)

Son of Thurman Hobbs


HOBBS, Thurman C.   August 25, 1888 – March 13, 1938 (SS)

Stepfather of W H Smith


HOBBS, Violet (SS)

Wife of James C. Hobbs


HOLMES, Arlette    August 23, 1884 - June 30, 1914  (SFH) (ES)

Second husband Armita Price when he died she took back her first husbands last name of Gwathney.


HUGHES, Baby February 25, 1913 (SFH)

Infant son of W J Hughes  


KEY, Erb  age 24   Nov 5, 1911 (SFH)


KIMBLE, Charles Wesley  (JK)

Father of Ethel L. Kimble Smith


KIMBLE, Charles Paul ARK TEC 4   INF WWII   April 19, 1921-June 17, 1949  (JK)

Brother of Ethel Smith


KIMBLE, Clayton Henry   August 13, 1903-May 15, 1937(JK)


KIMBLE, Cora Lee Watson  1898 – July 29, 1938 (JK)


KIMBLE, Elizabeth  1868 – November 12, 1912(JK)

Sister of Robert Henry


KIMBLE, Marie  1925 – 1935 (JK)


KIMBLE, Robert Henry  June 26, 1870 – January 7, 1931 (JK)

Grandfather of Jimmy Kimble


KIMBLE, Robert Lee   March 18, 1897-January 18, 1954(JK)


KIMBLE, Roy Neal   November 24, 1923-October 5, 1924(JK)


KIMBLE, Sidney Lamar   July 5, 1946   8 yrs. 2 mo. 21 days(JK)

Brother of Jimmy Kimble


KIMBLE, Sidney Wright   May 15, 1910-December 18, 1939(JK)

Father of Jimmy Kimble


KIMBLE, Velma (SS)

Sister of Ethel L. Kimble Smith



Mother of Foster Hobbs


LEWIS, Ada Ruskin (ES)

First wife of Oliver Edward, she was murdered on the way to taking Ed his lunch; a man was hanged for it – thought to be buried here.


LEWIS, Effie Jane (Price) February 15, 1886 – October 6, 1926 (ES)

Second wife of Oliver Edward “Ed” Lewis


LEWIS, Elby Kenel “Pete”  October 10, 1879- June 9, 1938 (ES)

Husband of Ora Luvenia “Venie” father of Velma, Ethel, and Nellie.


LEWIS, James “Jim”  May 21, 1869 – 1936 (ES)

First wife Rosie (Holmes) and son William Oliver second wife Mollie (Blalock) Bishop (first husbands last name)


LEWIS, Ora Luvenia “Venie”  August 19, 1883 – May 27, 1942 (ES)

Wife of  Elby K.Lewis, mother of Velma, Ethel, and Nellie.


LEWIS, Rosie Holmes  (ES)

First wife of James Lewis –could be buried here


LEWIS, Velma January 6, 1906 – August 27, 1906 (8months) (ES)

Daughter of Elby “Pete” and Ora Luvenia “Venie” Lewis, sister of Ethel and Nellie


LUALLEN, Charles W.   January 25, 1869 – February 16, 1936 ( SFH*) (MM)

Great Grandson of David Wylds


LUALLEN, Edward D.   May 4, 1907 – October 13, 1909  (MM)

Son of Charles and Mollie Leatherwood Luallen


LUALLEN, Leonard   June 17, 1920-July 18, 1944  ( SFH*) (MM)

Son of Charles and Mollie Leatherwood Luallen   (drowned)


LUALLEN, Margie A.   February 2, 1901-February 25, 1912  (MM)

Daughter of Charles and Mollie Luallen (died from injuries received in tornado)


MALLARY, Maybell (SS)




NEW, Ozella   April 16, 1896 – May 30, 1896 (MN)

Daughter of William and Margie Luallen New (whooping cough)


PRICE, Coble  October 5, 1904 – January 9, 1905 (ES)

Son of William Luther and Edna Frost Price – thought to be buried there


PRICE, Edna Frost  died in 1907  (ES)

Wife of William Luther Price mother of Margaret, William Alva, Coble and Rubie –thought to be buried here no proof.


PRICE, Margaret  1905-January 6, 1907  (ES)

Daughter of William Luther and Edna Frost –thought to be buried here no proof


PRICE, William Luther  June 27, 1880- February 16,  1913 (SFH) (ES)

Husband of Edna Frost Price father of Margaret, William Alva, Coble, and Rubie


PRICE, Rubie 1909 – February 11, 1913 (age 4) (SFH) (SS)(ES)

Daughter of William Luther and Edna (Frost)


ROYAL, Almus Gideon Cockswain  USNR  WWII August 14, 1925 – December 19, 1946 (SS)


ROYAL, John H.   July 7, 1867 – January 2, 1961 (SS)


ROYAL, Susan   January 15, 1871 – September 16, 1959 (SS)


SMITH, Beulah Lee August 5, 1901 – January 5, 1918 (16 yrs 5 mo)(SS)

Daughter of James A. & Minnie Etta Culpepper Smith


SMITH, Dorris Irene July 18, 1908 – March 31, 1915 (6 years 8 mo) (SFH)(SS)

Daughter of James A. & Minnie Etta Smith


SMITH, Ethel Tressie Lucille KIMBLE   May 21, 1914 Middleton, TN – June 8, 1986 (SS)(JK)

Wife of W. H. Smith and daughter of Charles Wesley and Elzadine Kimble


SMITH, James Albert  June 17, 1878 – November 7, 1919  (SS)

Husband of Minnie Etta Culpepper Smith and son of William Smith and Lavina Brim


SMITH, William Harvey “Bill” January 14, 1904- October 21, 1970   66 yrs. 9 mo 7 days (JK)

Husband of Ethel Kimble Smith


SUTTON, Annie Lee Dean April 22, 1882 – May 4, 1957


SUTTON, Josh W.   June 25, 1880 – April 7, 1939

Grandparents of Jimmy Kimble


SWINDLE, James   Born: 1886 Died:  October 7, 1917 buried: October 8, 1917 (SS)

(Tuberculosis) First husband of Carrie Stokes. Information from death certificate: white, farmer, & married.  Undertaker: A L Stephens, Forrest City, AR.


TODD, Walter  (Age 6) by W. J. Todd   September 5, 1911 (SFH)


VINCENT, Ruby (11 Mo). By J.W. Vincent   July 28, 1912 (SFH)


WILLIAMS, Ilene   November 15, 1902 - November 20, 1904 (MN)

 Daughter of Andrew and Hattie (New) Williams


WITT, Frank   1915 – 1964 (MM)


WITT, Joseph A.  1902 – 1930 (MM)


WYLDS, Charles   September 15, 1873 – March 20, 1890 (MM)

Son of Dan and Virginia Wylds


WYLDS, Dan   December 4, 1846 – January 25, 1917 (apoplexy)(SFH*)(MM)

Son of David and Mary Wylds


WYLDS, David   October 12, 1793 – May 5, 1868 (MM)

My fourth- great- grandfather and the original homesteader of this land


WYLDS, David A.  September 12, 1841 – May 22, 1865 (MM)

Son of David and Mary Wylds said to have been killed in the Civil War


WYLDS, Elizabeth G.  February 12, 1834 – May 17, 1854  (MM)

Daughter of David and Mary Wylds


WYLDS, Allen Grover   December 13, 1887 – July 22, 1931 (SFH*)(MM)

Son of Dan and Virginia Wylds


WYLDS, Harriet   B: 1839 was not mentioned in fathers will in 1866 (MM)

Daughter of David Wylds


WYLDS, Josephine January 15, 1893 – April 16, 1918  (SFH*)(MM)

Wife of Grover Wylds


WYLDS, Maria   April 11, 1832 – August 28, 1839 (MM)

Daughter of David and Mary Wylds


WYLDS, Mary Ann   July 14, 1830 – May 26, 1844 (MM)

Daughter of David and Mary Wylds


WYLDS, Mary Creely   June 23, 1808 – November 10, 1874 (MM)

Wife of David Wylds


WYLDS, Mary Eugenia   July 12, 1878 – July 24, 1886 (MM)

Daughter of Dan and Virginia Wylds


WYLDS, Rodney   January 3, 1895 – February 10, 1961 (SFH*)(MM)

Son of Dan and Virginia Wylds, Wife Mattie Wylds name is on marker but, she was not buried there.


WYLDS, Virginia Thompson   January 22, 1856 – October 21, 1908 (SFH*) (MM)

Wife of Dan Wylds



Italicized notes are mine – Michelle Metzger

SFH – Stevens Funeral Home Record Book from July 19,1897 – October 27, 1913 FYI: No records from 1899 can be found.

SFH* - I have copy of record

KIMBLE – There could also be other Kimble family members buried here per Jimmie Kimble.

WYLDS – There could also be other Wylds family members buried here per Michelle Metzger.

SS – Additions from Sandy Smith

ES – Additions from Elaine Spenard

MD – Marilyn Busby Dickson

MN - Millard New

JK - Jimmy Kimble

NLB – Norma Busby Lewis (added by Deb Lunsford Yates)





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