Organ Grove Cemetery

Smithdale, Cross County, Arkansas






Names and dates provided by Pat Isabel Brown

Location provided by Marvin Gibson

(descendents of Hiram and Rhoda Mason Isabel)




This cemetery was once located between Earle and Parkin, at the Cross-Crittenden County line, in what was known as old “Organ Grove”. The Isabel family lived on a 40 acre farm lying in the Smithdale community, Tyronza Township of Cross County.


To access this area, travel south on a dirt road, towards the railroad track, between Parkin and Shannonville. Cross under the railroad trussel.  According to Marvin Gibson, the grave locations were related to him by Russell Guy, several years ago. The graves have since been plowed over to make way for farming operations.






5but ISBELL, Hiram

Born 1856 Shelby County, AL

Died ca June 1900, Smithdale, Cross County, AR


5but ISBELL, Rhoda A. Mason (wife of Hiram Isbell)

Born ca June 1856 Marion County, AL

Died ca Oct/Nov 1900, Smithdale, Cross County, AR


5but ISABEL, Clifford “Cliffie” (son of Hiram & Rhoda)

Born 1885 Monroe County, MS

Died from Malaria, ca 1895, Smithdale, AR


5but ISABEL, Richard (son of Hiram & Rhoda)

Born 1896 Smithdale, AR

Died from coal oil ingestion, 1898, Smithdale, AR


5but ISABEL, Infant (child of Hiram & Rhoda)

Born ca 1898 Smithdale, AR

Died ca 1899 Smithdale, AR




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