May Chapel Cemetery

Cross County, Arkansas





Information on this cemetery was submitted

by Leslie Floyd Utley, May 15, 2008


“To get to this Cemetery, from Levesque stay on Hwy. 64 east, just after crossing the St. Francis River bridge, you will see the levee. When you get to the levee, turn right, cross over the railroad tracks. It's about 4 to 5 miles down the levee road going towards Hwy. 306.

About 1/4 of a mile before you get to Hwy. 306, off to the right between the levee and the river, you can see the gravestone monument. It is about 100 yards from the levee.”


“The only thing still standing is this one large marker. On one side of the marker is Charles C. May. On the other side of the marker is Edwin Walter May. There were 2 other markers at the site but they had sunken into the ground and no names could be seen on them.”


Leslie also has 2 aunts, sisters of his father, who were buried in this cemetery. The headstones are now gone. They were Mildred Louise Utley and Helen Laverne Utley. His father told him that in years past (in the 40's and 50's) there were about 50 grave stones at that one location, but over the years, farmers have plowed over them. The May Chapel Cemetery and the May headstone monument are now on government property, situated on the

St. Francis River levee that runs along the river.



May Chapel Charles C May May Chapel Edwin Walter May


(Photos submitted by Leslie Utley)




MAY, Charles C., Born July 24, 1872, Departed Nov. 26, 1909


MAY, Edwin Walter, Born May 22, 1870, Departed Sep. 27, 1910


UTLEY, Mildred Louis, born Oct. 23, 1930, died Nov. 6, 1933


UTLEY, Helen Laverne, born Jan. 10, 1941, died about 5 hours later






1910 census of Cross County, AR, Smith Twp, Wittsburg & Widener, 27-Apr-1900

Walter May, head, age 40, married 11 yrs, farmer, born AR, both parents born TN

Mary May, wife, age 25, married 11 yrs, 4 births, 2 living, born AR, father born AR, mother born TN

Ernest May, son, age 8, born AR

Lura B. May, daughter, age 4, born AR

Benjamin May, brother, age 35, single, farm laborer, born AR, both parents born TN




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