Daniel Troost - Jobje Keete before 1630

Troost - Keete
Wouter Jacobs Cornelis Cornelis
Jacob Wouters   Pieter Keete Leuntje Houteschee
(1) Job (Krijger)      (1) Maartje

Daniel Troost

(2) Born ca 1596 in Ouddorp. Died ca 1678 in Ouddorp.

Later married Jannetje van Mierop and Josijntje Jans .

Member of the Mennonite (Doopsgezind) congegration. With his brother Wouter Jacobs he sold an expensive home on the Weststraat. He lived until 1652 in his own big home at de Boompjes, after that in a smaller home at the Weststraat and after 1662 in a smaller home on the same street. He sold in succession all land inherited from his parents, starting in 1634 with a farm in Oudenoord (oude-Nieuwland). On January 1, 1679 his heirs sold his last small house.

Because he was sickly, he often skipped the evening meal. Because he was poor he did not contribute to collection when at church.

Jobje Keete

(2) Born ca 1610. Died after 1670.
(3) Ningetie
3702, 3958 3703, 3959
Married before 1630.
(1) Geertruit. Born ca 1633. Died December 24, 1657 in Ouddorp. Married Wouter Verduin. (2) Jacob. Born before 1634. Died October 2, 1701 in Ouddorp. Married Soetje Menknecht.
 (3) Johannes. Born before 1635 in Ouddorp. (4) Kommertje. Born ca 1635 in Ouddorp. Died before 1663 in Brigdamme. Married Abraham Noppe ca 1660.