geslacht van Normandië 997-1102



Normandy is a natural region in France along the Channel between Picardy and Bretagne. It is a historical French province composed of High-Normandy flanking the lower end and mouth of the Seine and the more westerly Low-Normandy including the peninsula of Cotentin.

Danish boat people, not to be taken lightly

Normandy derives its name from the Normans. Their leader Rollo, a Danish Viking Warlord who had been plundering along the French coast and up the rivers Seine and Somme was granted the Duchy of Normandy by Charles the Simple through the Treaty of Saint-Clair-du-Epte. He became a Christian and would rule as Robert I of Normandy.


Within a few generations the conquerers would speak "Norman" a romance dialect which, with William the Conqueror king of England, would strongly influence the development of the English language.


Contested for centuries, only in the fifteenth century would Normandy, with the exception of the Channel Islands, permanently return to French jurisdiction.


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Normandy coat of arms



Richard II le Bon de Normandie - Judith de Bretagne before 997


Robert II le Diable de Normandie - Herlève de Falaise ca 1025


Baudouin de Flandre - Eleanora van Normandië 1031


Guillaume le Conquérant - Maud de Flandre 1053


Henri Beauclerc de Normandie - Edith (Matilde) d'Écosse before 1101

Robert de Normandie - Sybille Conversano before 1102