Lambrecht Lugtenburg - Jannetje Doens before 1620

Lugtenburg - Doens
Cornelis Lambrecht Jan Jacob
Huig Cornelisz Catharina Lambrechts Doen Jans  Annetje Jacobs 
  (1) Leentje  (1) Jacob  (2,3) Chentgen Neeltgen 

Lambrecht Lugtenburg

(2) Christened as Lambert May 31, 1592 in Brielle. Died before 1663.

Christening witnessed by Jacob Jansz van Velsen, Lenert Lambrechtsz and Crijn Cornelisz.

Landman in Oostvoorne. Lidmaat in Oostvoorne 1641. Acts as guarantor for a debt obligation held by his son Pieter February 23, 1650 in Rockanje. Mentioned as schepen of Oostvoorne 1650.

Jannetje Doens

(4) Born ca 1590. Died before 1641.

The couple notarizes a joint will and testament October 23, 1630:
If one of the couple passes, the surviving parent will raise the children until they become of age at which point they will receive 400 guilders. If no children have survived the closest friends of the deceased will each receive 150 guilders­with both deceased the estate will be divided by half and then shared out to the closest friends of each.

(5) Cornelis
(7) Michiel
(3,4) Leentge Leentje
(6) Commerke
(8) Hendrikje

4024, 4064

4025, 4065

Married before 1620.
(1) Leendert. Christened July 10, 1620 in Brielle. (2) Pieter. Born before 1625. Died after February 23, 1650. (3) Huigh. Born 1630/5 in Oostvoorne. Died before June 26, 1677 in Oostvoorne. Buried in Oostvoorne. Married Annetje Claas and Maartje Willems.