Ernst Lückener-Anna Haßmann 1915

Lückener - Haßmann
Ernst Lückener - Catherine Kättker Ernst Althoff - Marie Blömker
Friedrich Lückener Friederike Althof

Ernst Lückener

Born March 8, 1884. Died after 1960.

Anna Haßmann

Born ca 1888.

Married August 13, 1915 in Lienen.

(1) NN. Born after 1915. Killed in action in WW2.

(2) Elisabeth. Born after 1915. Died in 2000.

Married Altevogt ca 1940.

The quest ended in Germany with one of the last descendants from the Lückener family. I visited old Ernst in April, 1962, surrounded by his daughter, son-in-law and grandsons. Apparently he had donned his hat especially for this occasion and posed for the camera a little shyly.

Jan Luykenaar