Daniel Klimmer - Clara Kievit 1640

Klimmer - Kievit
Pieter Kievit Jacob - Adriaantje Jacobs
Jan Krijn Kievit Maartje Jacobs
    (2,3) Job Mees  (1) Baaltje
(4) Leentje

Daniel Klimmer

Born 1569.

Earlier married Geertruid Leenderts.

On January 19, 1618 after church service, during the twelve-year religious conflict between Remonstrant and Counter Remonstrant, Daniel fled from blood thirsty rioters to exit an upper window of the church, climb the roof and hide in the rain gutter. He earned the nick name Klimmer (climber), which became the family name.

Clara Kievit

(5) Born ca 1614 in Ouddorp.

Married April 3, 1640 in Goedereede.
(1) Aagje. Born ca 1641 in Goedereede. Married Cornelis Krijger. (2) Israel. Born ca 1643 in Goedereede. Married Clara Bomgaerts.
(3) Neeltje. Born ca 1645 in Goedereede. Married Arent Court.