Bruiloft Teunis Hameeteman en Josijntje van der Linde 1902


A Wedding in 1902
Teunis Hameeteman and Josijntje van der Linde

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A wedding is always a special event in a person's life, but then if a photo has been saved from 1902 it is more than special. This is a puzzle picture of the "Where's Waldo" variety of which not all the names could be retrieved but maybe you can see more people you know than are indicated.

The linked names go to their family page for a closer look, click on the names in the legend of the numbered version.

Central are the bride and groom Josijntje van der Linde and Teunis Hameeteman who tied the knot this day July 31, 1902. Teunis was to become a phycician practising in Goudwaard. To his right are his parents Geertruid (né Lodder) and Johannes Hameeteman. Geertruid has two grandchildren sitting beside her, Geertruid and Han, children of Cornelis Hameeteman and Dingena Zaaijer. Next to the bride are her parents Jacomijntje (né Lodder) and skipper Jacob van de Linde with standing in front of him Ma Hameeteman, Cornelis and Dingena's daughter.

In the first long row, starting from the left, Teun Lodder and Ariaantje (né Lodder), Jannetje (né Lodder and Paulus Voogd, Niesje Martijntje Hameeteman, Johannes Cornelis Lodder (son of Cornelis and Dina), Ariaantje Jacomijntje (né Hameeteman) and Jacob Breen, Dingena (né Zaaijer and Cornelis Hameeteman, Pieter CKPzn Tanis, an Unidentified Woman and Kaatje Martijntje Lodder.

In the back row from the left Leentje Hollaar, the daughter of Kommer Hollaar and Kommertje (né Lodder), M. van de Houwen (né Lodder), Jacob Lodder and Leuntje Lodder.

On the right on top left Dimmen Jacobs Lodder with Frans W. van der Houwen on his right.