Christiaan Goekoop - Grietje van Poeteren 1667

Goekoop - van Poeteren
Jan Cornelis
Jacob Goekoop Pleuntje Cornelis Pieter

Christiaan Goekoop

Corstiaen. Born ca 1640.

Farmer and beach comber. Owner of the farm Oostdam near Goedereede.

Early in the very cold and foggy morning of Wednesday, January 31, 1691 Corstiaen received unexpected visitors: King and Stadholder Prince Willem III of Orange, also King of England with other dignitaries and seven sailors returning from England, had planned to land in Hellevoetsluis. This was impossible due to heavy fog and floating ice. His party only succeeded in reaching the shore after rowing 23 hours in an open boat. The visitors were brought to Corstiaen's farm, warmed up by the fire lit for them and given an English breakfast. When the fog lifted they returned to their row boat to cross to the mainland. William arrived in The Hague that evening with a severe cold. Corstiaen was rewarded for his hospitality with a silver tobacco box.

Grietje van Poeteren

Or Grietje Jacobs. Christened January 27, 1647 in Heusden. Died December 26, 1723 in Goedereede

Married May 30, 1667 in Goedereede.
(1) Nijsje. Christened November 22, 1671 in Goedereede. Married Cornelis Roos and Leunis Lauwe. (2) Jacob. Christened June 25, 1673 in Goedereede. Married Maatje Vermeulen.
(3) Pieter. Born 1675 in Goedereede. Died March 2, 1750 in Goedereede. Married Jannetje Kaptein. (4) Cornelis. Christened October 28, 1677 in Goedereede.
(5) Alida. Christened September 22, 1680 in Goedereede. Died February 1740. (6) Amplonia. Born May 1682 in Goedereede. Died February 1740 in Rockanje. Married Leendert Kievit 1707 in Delft.
(7) Gerrit. Christened March 12, 1683 in Goedereede. Married Jacomina de Zutter. (8) Pieternella. Christened February 13, 1689 in Goedereede. Married Daniel Sandifort