Rudolph van Bourgondië - Bertha van Zwaben before 925

Burgundy - Swabia
Konrad II of Auxerre - Waldrada Boso II of Arles - Ermengarde of Italy Burchard I of Swabia - Udalrich Eberhard of Thurgau - Gisela of Nullemberg
Rudolph I of Upper-Burgundy Willa of Provence Burchard II of Swabia Reginlinde of Nullenberg

Rudolph II of Burgundy

Rudolf von Hogburchund, Raoul de France

(1) Born ca 885 or later. Died July 11, 937.

Bertha of Swabia

Born ca 907.
(5) Louis (-42) Waldrada Adelaide  Willa    

Married before 925.
(1) Conrad. Born ca 925. Died 933 in Vienna. Married Adelaide of Bellay after 945 and Mathilda Capet of France before 963. (2) Adelaide. Born 931/2. Died December 16/7, 999/100o. Married Otto I the Great of Germany before 955.