Rudolph I van Hoog-Bourgondië - Willa van Provence before 892

Burgundy - Provence
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Konrad II of Auxerre Waldrada Boso II of Arles Ermengarde of Italy
      (1,2) Ermengarde Cunigund

Rudolph I of Burgundy

Rudolf, Rodolphe, Duc, Roi d'Haute-Bourgogne, Bourgogne Transjurane

Born 859. Died October 25, 912.

Duke, King of Upper-Burgundy, Several of his children may be from an earlier wife whose identity is not known.

Willa of Provence

Willa de Vienne, Willa di Provenza, Reine d'Haute-Bourgogne

(3) Born ca 873. Died berween 912 and 924.

Guilla of Provence. It is possble she could be Boso's daughter but it is disputed she could be Ermengarde's daughter if Boso only married Ermengard in 878.

Consort of Hugh of Arles after 912.

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    (5) Louis (4) Engelberge
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Married ca 885.
(1) Rudolph. Born ca 885 or later. Died July 11, 937. Married Bertha of Swabia ca 920. (2) Waldrada. Born ca 890 or earlier. Died after 953. Married Bonifacio of Spoleto.
(3) Adelaide. Born ca 892 or earlier. Married Louis III of Province ca 941. (4) Willa. Born ca 897 or earlier. Died after 967. Married Boso of Arles ca 912 and Hugh of Vienne ca 925.
(5) Louis. Born ca 905. Died ca 937.