Abcoude and Heraldry of Abcoude, Kamerik and Woerden


The Municipality of Abcoude and surrounding area

Abcoude is the only town in the Netherland starting with the first three letters of the alphabet.
Abcoude is situated beneath the smoke of Amsterdam, but belongs to the province of Utrecht. This pictoresque village lies along the Gein. The Vecht lies more east. The Gein is a canalised little river, that connects the Angstel with the Vecht and runs from the province Utrecht through to North-Holland.

Abcoude stretches along the Angstel also containing among others the village of Baambrugge. The beautiful (protected) nature reserve Botshol also belongs to the village.

The Vinkeveense Plassen bicycle-route (ca 35 km.) runs along the Winkel and the Waver (automobiles forbidden). On the dike along the Botshol reserve, one can rent rowboats to explore the area with. A special flora can be found there due to the slightly bracken and calcium rich water. Many morass and field birds can be observed.

The village has an annual horse market in August featuring Old-Dutch games.. The Broekzijde and Oostzijdsche windmills, both poldermills at the Gein, have been restored, work regularly and can be toured by appointment only.


The heraldry for Abcoude is composed of those of former municipalities Abcoude-Proosdij en Aasdom and Abcoude-Baambrugge, after these were added in 1941. The Abcoude-Baambrugge emblem consisted of a shield with three pillars on red and is related to the former lords of Abcoude, the family van Zuilen. Abcoude-Proosdij en Aasdom's heraldry consisted of a shield with two crossed keys in silver on azure. The image showed the capittle of St. Pieter, of which Abcoude-Proosdij en Aasdom were part.
As there existed a court in Abcoude-Proosdij perhaps the two keys indicated a sybolism of power and trust. In fact it is known that the municipality of Breukelen, also associated with St. Pieter, and where there also was a court of justice, also carried two keys in its emblem, but golden.

The original emblem of Abcoude-Proosdij en Asdom has never been determined The present composite was created by the Hoge Raad van Adel on 8 October 1948.

Abcoude Heraldry

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