Maarten Boogertman-NN ca 1585

Boogertman - NN
Cornelis Boomgaard
Adriaen Boogertman Jacomijntje
(1) Cornelis       

Maarten Boogertman

(2) Born ca 1560.

A map of the Westduinen by the official surveyor of Voorne, Jacob Cornelis Koutter, shows a farm next to de Weel, labeled: "Maerten Arentsz's House". This is probably the reason his progeny started to call themselves "van der Weel".

(3) Jan

Married ca 1585.

(1) Aren. Born before 1599. Died between March 17, 1629 and January 17, 1630 in Ouddorp.

Married Annetje Tanis.