geslacht van Beijeren 1130



Also see toponym Beijer, Beijers.

Freistaat Bayern

Simple coat of arms

The Free State of Bavaria (1918-present) is located in the southeast of Germany and is its largest state emcompassing parts of historical Franconia and Swabia. Its capital is Munich. It is predominantly Catholic with a distinct culture.

Bavaria ca 788

Europe 768-811

In the sixth century a germanic tribe, the Bavarii, conquered the region replacing the tribe of the Rugii. A duchy under the Agilolfings was established with Regensburg as its capital. In 788 this duchy became part of the Holy Roman empire.


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Beieren - Bajuwaren - Hertogdom Beieren

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Bayern - Geschichte Bayerns - Bajuwaren - Bayerisches Staatswappen

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Bavaria - Bavarii - Rulers of Bavaria - Bavarian consorts - Kingdom of Bavaria - History of Bavaria - House of Wittelsbach

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Bavière - Bavarii

Wittelsbach coat of arms



Welf von Bayern - Judith van Vlaanderen before 1074

Gebhard III von Sulzbach - Mathilda von Bayern ca 1130