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 March 31, 2010

Dear Visitor,

I was born in Arnhem, Netherlands, lived also in Maastricht and Scheveningen, and emigrated to Canada in 1969 where I finished high school and attended college.

I have lived in Ottawa since 1970 and married my favorite Irish/Scots-Canadian from Montreal in 1971. My boys, now men, were born in 1983 and 1987. Since october of 2008 I have been a proud grandfather.

We live in a downtown neighborhood with Mickey, a grey Tabby, Lilly, a "Shuskie" and Lola, a "Shorkie" in a freestanding century old house (its age shows..) with a backyard that has a pond with goldfish which each spring is visited by toads and intermittently raided by raccoons.

My career in Canada has included work in graphics, communication, union advocacy and work with addicts and ex-convicts.

Feel free to ask me if I have more information about families you find on this website. Not every person in my databases appears on this web site. And not every person on this website I have entered in my databases. (Sigh) The work is never done..

E-mail me in Dutch or English, German or French with comments, criticism, suggestions or complementing information.

René Luijkenaar, Ottawa, Canada