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Ian Loxton

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Welcome to the original Loxton Family Tree

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The plight of Anne Loxton, a single woman with an illegitimate child in England in 1821.

an unknown 3-masted barque, like The Elgin

The Loxton pioneers came out on The Elgin in 1849.

Loxton's from all over the world

We have a great many relatives in Australia, the UK as well as in North America, Europe and South Africa. My Uncle Sam Loxton started the first World Reunion for Loxton's held in Loxton , Somerset, England, in 1980. He also helped put together, with my mother, Rhonda and Nelda Loxton Bullock, another big World Reunion in Lethebridge, Alberta, Canada in 1990.
We have had Reunions in Loxton, South Australia in 1973, 1975 and 1985 which have been well attended by Loxton's (and linked relatives) from all over Australia as well as Loxton's from USA, Canada and the UK.

It is now the turn of our "younger" generation to follow on their lead to bring our family together and that is the purpose of building this site and initiating global contact between researchers and family members.

Update: October 2007. I have begun completely revamping our tree site using the Joomla Content Management System. Joomla is really great and it has allowed me to create a great site running phpGedview which gives us a complete Tree running from the website. The bonus is that other family members are able to contribute direct to the site with their own pages and sections.
The new site is at http://loxtons.ismyfamily.org and I urge you all to drop by and see just what can be done for a family web site.

Also note that Barry Lintern, a distant cousin, has been working with me to make a new Lintern Family Tree web site at http://lintern.ismyfamily.org. If you are researching that side of the family please head to Barry's Lintern Family Tree.

If you think you would like to work with me on the site and updating the database then please contact me through the Webmaster address below or through our Loxton-Lintern Family Tree Group on Yahoo Groups.

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Contact Information

Ian Loxton

If you would like to contribute information to this family tree or assist in the research or compiling of information please join the Loxton´s mailing list or respond on our Feedback page.
Thank you for visiting this site, please change your bookmarks to the new location as this site will probably not be updated much in the future, if at all. We hope you will visit the new site and make us a regular part of your online world.

Please take a look at our Links page.

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Site News
Update: 21 Oct 2007
Added links to the new Family Tree site. See the Loxton Tree Mailing list for current information. Note that with the opening of the new site, in order to reduce duplication and ensure privacy of the data I have removed all tree data from this present site.
Please read a more detailed account of what has been happening, what my plans are for this site and how researchers and family members will be able to take a direct role in the information that appears here. Rebuild Information

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