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I welcome all the descendants of the four ancestors Larocque (Laroque, LaRocque, Roque, Roch, Roc, Roquebrune, LaRock, Rockbrune, Rockbrun, Roburn, and Célerier dit Roque as well as the patronymic Larroque, (name carried by several towns and villages of the south of France). Welcome to all those who the history of the Larocque family is of interest. The Larocque family history boold aims to answer questions you may have about this family. It tells the story of each of four Larocque families, from the first respective ancestor. & nbsp; (1) Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune, of whom more than 80% of the Larocque of Canada and the United States are the descendants, (2) Guillaume LaRocque who make about 15% of this number, (3) François Larocque whose descendants are found in Acadia and (4) Antoine LaRocque whose number make less than 1% of the Larocque.

To find out which of the four Larocque ancestor you are the descendant, go directly to the marriage list (link below) which has more than 14,000 unions. You will most likely find the marriage of your parents or grandparents. Visitors web counter

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(I am the great grandson of David Larocque + Philomène Chevrier, grandson of Joseph Larocque + Emma Robillard, son of Henri Larocque + Lucile Daoust