Dutch in Colonial America.

Dutch Cultural Impacts on Modern America.

Dutch Vessels to New Netherlands.

European Origins of the Klock Surname and Possible Family Crests.

Old World Roots of Abraham Martenszen Klock.

Tales of Dutch Klock Ancestry and Imigration to America.

Similar Surnames in New Netherlands Records & the German Klocks
       of the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys.

Generation #1: Abraham Martenszen Klock.
       The Dutch Klocks of New Amsterdam.

Generation #2: Growing up in New York.
       The Children of Abraham Klock and Tryntje Pothoft.

Generation #3: From New York to Noroton Village.
       The Children of Albert Klock and Elizabeth Van der Heul.

Generation #4: Noroton Village, Long Island and "out West".
       The Children of Johannes Klock and Deborah Scofield.

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