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Ancestors of Lester L. Noll

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Rather bold, naming a web page after myself? Well, I tried to come up with a more humble title but I couldn't think of one. After all, it is my self that is the glue that ties all these genealogical lines together. So, here, without further ado, my beloved family. 

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Exciting news!

The Deppen genealogy I'd based links to my older Noll ancestors on, Counting Kindred, said my Noll line was related to Joseph Noel/Noll who arrived from Rotterdam on the Princess Augusta in 1736. I submitted a sample of my DNA to Family Tree DNA and the results are in: I am no match to Joseph Noel. That's the bad news.

The good news is that I am a match to a gentleman who is related to a George Noll. Good news? Bad news? It's genealogy news. It's good to have a new door open when another closes. This door is one of those "mixed blessing" types. I'd been searching for parents for my g-g-g-grandfather, Henry Noll, with no success. There are quite a few Henry's but none with known parents that match up with the information I have on him. Well, George must be related because, of all the George Noll's around, none show any sign of connecting with Henry or any other of my known Noll ancestors. And so it goes.

A genealogy DNA test is only valid for males who descend from the surname in question. I submitted my test to the Noel DNA Project which tracks several lines of Noels, including the Joseph Noel Line of Pennsylvania (test kit 11963) - the Princess Augusta immigrant. My DNA (test kit 32899) didn't match this line. I was an exact 12-marker match with George Noll (test kit 13160). An "exact" match means there is a 91% chance we share a common ancestor within the last 600 years and a 34% chance within the last 100 years. Henry and George are in the The Pennsylvania Noll Line.

I invite anyone who is not closely related to me to join the project. (It would be redundant for close relatives to have the test.) The cost is under $200 and requires only a swab from the inside of your cheek. It can answer a lot of questions.

Lester L. Noll

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