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Why Didn't My Submission Get Posted?

If it's been a day or so, it may just be that I've not gotten it up yet. Check the most recent update date at the bottom of the page. If you submitted since then, assume it's just not up yet.
If that's not the case, then check the list below. These are all the reasons so far why your lineage submission may not be online even though you've submitted it.

  1. You didn't use a valid, complete email address

  2. AOL folks: be aware you have to add to your screen name
  3. You gave no dates at all
  4. You gave an impossible date range (ex: 1600-1950, or death date before birth date)
  5. You didn't list a US location in their life migration
  6. You only gave a surname, not a full name
  7. You listed multiple people in one submission (more than just person)
  8. You listed a person & spouse in a confusing fashion (such as John and Mary, Smith and Jones, rather than John Smith, Mary Jones)
  9. You listed the ancestor as "unknown"

If you believe you fell into one of those categories by accident, and can now correct it, please resubmit. If you're irretrievably in one of these categories (birthdate too late, etc), then this site is not the place for you to submit that ancestor.


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