John Evans and Ann Birney

John Evans and Ann Birney

After years of reseach into the origins of John Evans and Ann Birney, I have stumbled to a virtual standstill. Hopefully this posting of the information I have gathered, in what I hope is an interesting format, will attract other researchers to critique my work and add further details of their own.

Family tradition has it that John Evans lived in New Jersey prior to the American Revolution, served in the Revolutionary War in a New Jersey Line regiment, and treked with his family across the Pennsylvania wilderness in 1782 to the Wyoming Valley of the Susquehanna River in what was to become Wyoming County, and there he lived to a ripe old age.  This makes a great story that has been well published on the Interent and through other sources.  However, there is little about this story that can withstand close scrutiny.  

"The Story" link below presents another version of John Evans' life story.  One that is supported by the documentation contained in "The Bibliography" and in the "John Evans Timeline."  This story may be controversial as it runs counter to what has been previously been accepted as cast in stone.  The story is by no means complete or completely accurate and all comments and criticisms are welcomed.  Only by collabraton with others will the real life story of John Evans finally come to light.

The Story

The Bibliography

John Evans Timeline

My Family Tree (John Evans and everyone else) 

This initial site has just been slapped together to get the information out there. Hopefully as time goes by, I'll find a creative streak and pretty it up a little.

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