Generation No. 1

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Children of WILLIAM LEUTY are:

        i.   JOHN LEUTY, b. March 26, 1775, Halifax, Yorkshire, England.

       ii.   JAMES EUTY, b. December 29, 1776.

      iii.   ROBERT LEUTY, b. February 23, 1783.

      iv.   ELIZABETH LEUTY, b. September 02, 1792.

                                                                        Generation No. 2

2. JOHN LEUTY (WILLIAM) was born March 26, 1775 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He married ELIZABETH HOUSEMAN March 09, 1807 in Marton With Grafton, Yorkshire, England, daughter of RICHARD HOUSEMAN and DOROTHY DIXON. She was born 1778.


        i.   JOHN LEUTY, b. December 11, 1807, Marton With Grafton.

                                                                         Generation No. 3


3. JOHN LEUTY (JOHN, WILLIAM) was born December 11, 1807 in Marton With Grafton. He married (1) MARY ANDERSON April 14, 1832 in Masham, Yorkshire, England. He married (2) SARAH GRANT January 07, 1839 in Springfield, Clark, Ohio. She was born Abt. 1824 in England.

Notes for JOHN LEUTY: Biography for John Leuty(Acknowledgement for this goes to Elizabeth Sarah (Leuty) Stayman.)

John LEUTY, butcher and tallow chandler, Springfield. John Leuty is a sturdy, whole-souled Englishman, hailing from Murton-Cum Grafton, Yorkshire, where he was born in 1808, coming to Springfield in 1832, previous to his departure, however, being united in marriage with Miss Mary Anderson, which occurred on April 14, 1832, at Masham, in Yorkshire; by this union there was but one child, a son, named John, whom they lost. By Mr. Leuty's second marriage to Miss Sarah Grant (Jan. 7, 1839), he has had a large family of ten sons and two daughters, one-half of which number have passed away. Mr. and Mrs. Leuty's living children mentioned in order of their ages, are; George, born Jan. 8, 1843; Henry, born Feb. 1, 1845; William Houseman, born June 25, 1850; Sarah Jane, born August 14, 1856; Albert Livingston, born March 6, 1860; and James Lewis, born July 10, 1862. All the sons, save the youngest, are associated with their father in business, Henry and William being partners. Sarah Jane married Samuel Kilpatrick Oct.18, 1875, and is the mother of a son and a daughter. Three of Mr. Leuty's sons were in the army; John was a member of Capt. Spark's Company of the 45th O. V. I., and died at Urbana since the war; Henry was one of T. Kilby Smith's regiment of zouaves, of the 54th O. V. I., and George belonged to the "Squirrel Hunters," so well remembered as an organization having its origination in the alarm created by the approach of John Morgan and his threatened invasion of Ohio. Mr. Leuty learned his trade with John and William Williamson, of Masham, Eng., from the age of 14 to 21. He married in 1832, after which he emigrated to America, spent one night in Springfield on his way to Dayton, where he worked in various capacities. Returning to Springfield in March, 1833, he worked for William Middlebrook, awhile afterward forming a co-partnership with William Grant, who subsequently became his brother-in-law, and this partnership continued for a quarter of a century. After its dissolution he established a business alone, taking in his sons as they got old enough, until it has become quite a family affair. Now at advanced age, he and Mrs. Leuty live in comfort in their pleasant home, 252 West Columbia street surrounded by a large, interesting and harmonious family; they are a cordial, whole souled couple, and most highly respected by all who know them. He is a member of Ephraim Lodge, No.146, I.O.O.F., and of the leading temperance organization; he has no brothers or sisters but two half-brothers by the family name of Houseman.


          i.   JOHN LEUTY.

Children of JOHN LEUTY and SARAH GRANT are:

        ii.   GEORGE B. LEUTY, b. January 08, 1843; m. MARY FISHER; b. Abt. 1852.

       iii.   HENRY B. LEUTY, b. February 01, 1845.

       iv.   WILLIAM HOUSEMAN LEUTY, b. June 25, 1850; m. ELIZABETH; b. Abt. 1852.

        v.   SARAH JANE (JENNIE) LEUTY, b. August 14, 1856.

       vi.   ALBERT LIVINGSTON LEUTY, b. March 06, 1860; m. MARIA BELL MCKINNEY, October 05, 1881, Clarke, Ohio.

      vii.   JAMES LOUIS LEUTY, b. July 10, 1862; d. 1934.

                                                                         Generation No. 4

4. HENRY B. LEUTY (JOHN, JOHN, WILLIAM) was born February 01, 1845. He married MARY E. S. She was born Abt. 1847.

Children of HENRY LEUTY and MARY SCHULTE are:

         i.   HARRY LEUTY, b. Abt. 1870.

        ii.   MAUD LEUTY, b. Abt. 1873; m. WILLIAM LESLIE MCCLELLAN, Abt. 1895, Clarke, Ohio.

       iii.   MABEL LEUTY, b. Abt. 1879.

5. SARAH JANE (JENNIE) LEUTY (JOHN, JOHN, WILLIAM) was born August 14, 1856. She married SAMUEL KILPATRICK October 18, 1875. He was born Abt. 1854 in Pennsylvania.


         i.   LEUTY KILPATRICK, b. Abt. 1875.

        ii.   JOHN KILPATRICK, b. Abt. 1876.

6. JAMES LOUIS LEUTY (JOHN, JOHN, WILLIAM) was born July 10, 1862, and died 1934.  He married CLARA ROBERTS COLLINS. She was born 1877, and died 1955.


        i.   ELIZABETH SARAH LEUTY, b. 1910; d. 1984; m. HERMAN LLOYD STAYMAN; b. 1905; d. 1978.