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These pages are about three Leuty’s and their descendants who came to the United States in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. They are Thomas Leuty, Robert Leuty and John Leuty. It also is about Henry Leuty, who migrated to Canada, and his descendants.

It appears that the Leuty name was quite prominent in England in the 1500, 1600, time frame especially around the Yorkshire, Cornwall area. It was said by one individual that the Leuty name came from the Ancient Greek name of Leutychides also spelled Leotychides in Sparta around 430 BC, with migration to the area of Cornwall, England and subsequently dropping “chides” part of the name. Clicking on this link will take you to a web site regarding Leutychides.

                                                               Information on Leutychides

Another individual said the name Leuty meant Loyalty. The Leuty name has been spelled different ways in the recording of the name such as, Lewty, Luty, Lenty, etc. This seemed to depend on the recording individual’s interpretation of the spelling of the name. This makes it more difficult to trace the lineage back in time to establish origin and also the fact that record keeping wasn’t a high priority in those earlier years.

I hope the information that I have assembled will benefit or assist you in your own search for your Leuty or related ancestors. My goal has been been to share what information I have obtained to those who have an interest as I have. When I started accumulating Leuty information 20 some years ago there didn’t seem to be much to go on but I have been lucky and several people have generously shared otherwise I would not be where I am today on this project.



Note:I have tried to omit living individuals from the late 1930’s to present

Acknowledgements: For: Henry Leuty information should go to Charles Hedges, Caroline Hedges, EE McPhail, and any other unnamed individuals unintentionally omitted who assisted in any way with the gathering of the data pertaining to Henry Leuty and descendants. For: John Leuty information should go to Elizabeth Leuty Stayman. For: Robert Leuty information should go to unknown author but may be Nita Groh I received it in 1988 from a Mrs. Kuth. For: Assistance in Thomas Leuty information should go to the many Leuty relatives and descendants whom I have contacted and who have generously contributed. There would be too many to name all of them but to name a few: Iona Prunty Gamble, Earl Maxwell Leuty, Benjamin David Leuty, James H. Leuty and the list could go on.

***No warranty or claim to the accuracy of this information is being made as it has come from different sources and time periods often with differing information.

I have included a photo of a Leuty crest that I own.  (To view click on blue hyperlink)

Leuty Crest

Lawrence Leuty


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