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Cemetery & Headstones






In Loving Memory of a dear Father and Mother  GEORGE PEAKE  died 5th Jun 1947 Aged 69 years   MARY ANN PEAKE  died 29th April 1969 Aged 87 years


In Loving Memory of ISABELLA the dear wife of John Burrowes who died 18th Jan 1923 Aged 76 years   Also JOHN BURROWES  her beloved husband who died 14th Oct 1928 Aged 83 years   "Re-United"


*Burial entry: John Chandler BURROWES Oct 18th 1928 aged 83

*Burial entry: Isabella BURROWES Jan 23rd 1923 aged 76

In Loving Memory of GEORGE H. BERRINGTON died April 11th 1904 Aged 86 years  Also of ELIZA BERRINGTON  wife of the above died Feb 11th 1906 Aged 83 years   Their end was peace


*Burial entry George Hartly BERRINGTON Apr 14th 1904 aged 86

*Burial entry Eliza BERRINGTON Feb 17th 1906 aged 83

In Everloving Memory of  HENRY SIMPKIN  who passed away 16th April 1928 Aged 72 years   Also of his beloved wife  ELIZABETH MARIA

(rest submerged)


In Remembrance  SARAH ANN  the beloved wife of John Pilkington who departed this life Sept 26th 1909 Aged 23 years


stone in front


(rest cannot read)

In Loving Memory of  SARAH JANE  beloved wife of William Henry Bowley who passed away Oct 30th 1907  Aged 42 years  Also of WILLIAM HENRY BOWLEY beloved husband of the above who died Feb 27th 1925 Aged 59 years



*Burial entry: Sarah Jane BOWLEY Nov 2nd 1907 aged 42   (All Saints)

*Burial entry: William Henry BOWLEY Mar 2nd 1925 aged 59

In Affectionate Remembrance of  EDWARD WILDE  who died January  9th 1907 Aged 88 years  "Thy will be done"   Also of  HARRIET  beloved wife of Edward Wilde who died December 9th 1897 Aged 76 years

Peaceful in thy silent slumber;

Peaceful in thy grave below;

Yet again we hope to meet;

When the strife of life is o'er

*Burial entry: Harriett WILDE Dec 11th aged 77

*Burial entry: Edward WILD Jan 13th 1907 aged 88

In Loving Memory of  CHARLES EDWARD GOODACRE  who died 29th May 1920 Aged 29 years  Also his beloved wife  CECILIA HENRIETTA  who died 7th Sep 1919 Aged 33 years   "Re-United"






*Burial entry: Charles Edward GOODACRE May 29th 1920 aged 29

In Loving Memory of  EVELYN  Aged 2 years   and  VERA Aged 9 months who passed away November 4th 1911?  the dearly loved children of Frederick & Jane Sawbridge


"Fold them O Father in thine arms

And let them henceforth be

Sweet messengers of love between

Our human hearts and thee"


In Loving Memory of my dear husband  SAM BESWICK  died 4th Feb 1967 Aged 78 years  "At Rest"   Also a dear wife  BEATRICE MARY  died 13th Aug 1967 Aged 75 years   "Re-United"

In Memorium  JOSEPH WIDDOWSON  died Nov 29th 1915 Aged 84   Also ELIZABETH  beloved wife of the above died Mar 11th 1912 Aged 74

Peace Perfect Peace




*Burial entry: Elizabeth WIDDOWSON Mar 14th 1912   aged 74

*Burial entry: Joseph WIDDOWSON Dec 2nd 1915 aged 84

In Loving Memory of my dear husband  THOMAS TOLLINGTON  who passed away 13th April 1953 Aged 87 years
Fragrant Memories of our dear parents  JOHN HENRY JACQUES who died 19th Mar 1956 Aged 74 years  Also  ALICE ELIZA JACQUES who died 16th Sept 1959 Aged 77 years  Re-United

In Loving Memory of  JOHN R. WIDDOWSON  died May 24th 1927 in his 2nd year   Asleep (in Jesus)


*Burial entry John Ralph WIDDOWSON May 27th 1927 aged 20mths


In Loving Memory of  JOHN EXON  who passed peacefully away May 16th 1917 Aged 79   Also of  ELIZABETH  wife of the above who died May 26th 1928 Aged 87 years   At Rest    Also of THOMAS beloved son of John & Elizabeth Exon died May 17th 1902 Aged 33   Thy will be done


In Loving Memory of JOHN PEBERDY who died Dec 12th 1911 Aged 68 years   Also of  MARY ANN ELIZABETH  beloved wife of the above who died Aug 11th 1918 Aged 71 years
Peace  In loving Memory of my dear husband CHARLES DRAYCOT died 22nd March 1956  Aged 78 years     Also NELLIE wife of the above died   Sept 1978 (Aged    ) years Treasured Memories of  FLORENCE HUNT a dear wife and mother who fell asleep 4th Nov 195- Aged 46? years   Also GEORGE HUNT a dear husband and father Fell asleep 20th Mar ---- Aged ----years


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