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Vestry Minutes 1822-1836

Proceedings of Parish Meetings


Normanton on Soar

(LDS FHL Film # 1526248)

Spellings and punctuation are as appears in the minutes.  I have placed [ ] around words I am not sure of.


Page 1              April 9th 1822

                         Agreed that the widows pay shall be reduced sixpence per week.


April 30th 1822

                        Agreed that Jos. BUCKLAND and family go to Shardlow

            Agreed that there shall be a Parish meeting on the first Tuesday in June next, and also

            meet on the first Tuesday on each succeeding month at six o’clock.


June 4th

Agreed that there should be no more money sent to Sopha GOODACRE


April 27th 1827

Agreed with William MARSHALL respecting Ann CLARKE’s child that he shall pay

when the child is born 20£  At the espiration of one year shall pay 25£ whether the child lives or dies paid

Page 2             at the espiration of one more year if the child lives 5£ more but it the child dies before the last Five Pounds

                        becomes due that is to be free.


At a towns meeting holden the 8th day of May 1827 – It was resolved by the Parishioners present that

Thos. ELLIOTT shall either pay the rent or his pay be reduced to Magistrates allowances.

                        Resolved that George WIDDOWSONs application to have his rent paid be refused.

Resolved that John BARROWCLIFF  having applied for an increased allowance be offered in leiu thereof

regular work at 1/- per day.

                        Resolved that Wm HEWARD [sic] be sworn in pinder


Page 3              Resolved that Wm HAYWOOD having declined acting as Pinder John SHILCOX be elected to that Office


October 23rd

                        Resolved that George WIDDOWSON should have a little [g----]  in.


January 6th  1828

                        That Thos. PEBERDY wages shall be 10d per day.

                        That Wm WAKELIN wages be 1/- per day

That as many Houserow men as possible be employed upon the roads. And the Overseer is hereby requested

to have it done by the [great] when practicable.


February 25th

Agreed at a Vestry meeting that Sarah SHILCOCK shall pay her rent every month at 7d per week which she

agreed to.

                        And Samuel JAQUES shall pay in the same manner or quit his house.


Page 4             March 31st 1828

Agreed that Thos. ELLIOTT be called upon to pay the 9/- of rent in arrear Lady Day 1827, and 1/2d per week

for the year due Lady Day 1828, or quit his house.  His wages now are 10/- per week.

Resolved that Five Pounds shall be allowed in future for the person who executes the Offices of Constable &

Overseer of the poor of the Parish.

Agreed that Edwd ELLIOTT shall catch the molds [sic] at 3£ the first year and then his price to be something



Page 5             Agreement between the Churchwarden and Overseers of the poor of the Parish of Normanton on Soar and

                        Samuel BRADBERRY Junr. April 5th 1828.

The said Saml. BRADBERRY Agrees to pay to the Churchwarden or Overseers of the poor of the parish of

Normanton on Soar the sum of three shillings and one penny every four weeks from the date hereof, for a house

or houses land or tenement now occupied by the said Saml. BRADBERRY, and the said Samuel BRADBERRY

further agrees to quit the said house or houses on default of payment, or any other reason, for the said house

or houses land or tenement by having one month notice in writing.

Date   this  5th  day of  April  1828

                                                            Samuel Bradberry

John Hands Overseer


Page 6             At a meeting duly holden this seventh day of April 1828, it was resolved that Mr. John BUCKLEY be and is

                        hereby chosen by the Parishioners to act as Churchwarden for the Parish for the ensuing year.

                        As witness our hands the day and year above written

                                                            Thos. BOSWORTH

                                                            John HANDS

                                                            Benjn. THIRLBY

                                                            John HANDS

                                                            Wm WOODROFF


At a meeting duly holden this twenty ninth day of April 1828 it was resolved that Amy BARROWCLIFF (a pauper)

shall be permitted to occupy the cottage lately in the occupation of the Widow GOODACRE on condition of her

paying an acknowledgement to the Overseer of the Poor of the parish for the time being of One shilling per annum

Page 7             Such acknowledgement to be paid yearly in advance, and the said  Amy BARROWCLIFF to hold said cottage only

                        during the pleasure of the said Overseer with the consent of the parishioners in Vestry assembled

                                                            John BUCKLEY

                                                            Wm. WOODROFFE

                                                            John HANDS


At a meeting duly holden the eighth day of September 1828 it was resolved Saml BRADBERRY Jnr. Have stubble

for thatching his houses.

                        It was also agreed that S. ELLIOTT shall be made to pay his rent or quit his house.

                                                            Wm WOODROFFE

                                                            John HANDS


December 29th 1828

At a meeting duly holden it was resolved to give J.ELLIOTT a present of 10/-

Page 8             Also J. BUCKLAND 5 cwt coals

                          “     J.BARROWCLIFFE  2 cwt coals

                                                            John HANDS

                                                            B. THIRLBY

                                                            John HANDS

                                                            Wm. WOODROFFE


December 30th 1828

Thomas ELLIOTT of Normanton on Soar, Labourer, declared that he hired his son Edward ELLIOTT then about

ten or twelve years of age to Mr. Robt. ATTENBURROW of Bradmore in the county of Nottingham for one year

that he staid the year in the service of said Robt. ATTENBURROW, that at the expiration thereof he Thomas

ELLIOTT fetched him away and received his full years wages, that the said hiring took place at Bunny Martinmas

Statues and that to the best of his knowledge and belief the said Edward ELLIOTT is legally settled at Bradmore

and belongs to that parish through such hiring and Service.

Witness my hand                                                   Thomas his X mark ELLIOTT

                                    John BUCKLEY                                         Sarah her X mark CAWLEY

                                    John HANDS


Page 9              1829 January 1st

Bought for the Parish of Normanton for the use of Paupers -  A Bedstead   Bed Bolster, Sheets, Blankets, Cornlid

and this day lent to John WAKELINGs wife the above goods     Margaret  her X mark WAKELING

John HANDS Overseer


April 7th 1830

Resolved at a meeting duly holden this day that Samuel BRADBERRY the Younger, not having paid any rent for

the last eleven months which he had engaged to do, and having had a legal Notice to quit his House such notice

shall be carried into effect.

                        N.B.  S. BRADBERRY has only two children to support.

                                                            John BUCKLEY                 Churchwarden

                                                            John HANDS                      Overseer

                                                            Joseph STUBBS 

                                                            Wm  WARD

                                                            John  KIDDY

                                                            John COX

                                                            B. THIRLBY

 Page 10         June 22nd 1830

Resolved at a meeting duly holden this day that Thomas ELLIOTTs offer to support himself without Parochial

relief on being allowed to occupy the cottage (now in his tenure) rent free be accepted.

                                                            The mark of  Thomas  X  ELLIOTT

Witness           B. THIRLBY

                                                John BUCKLEY   Churchwarden

                                                Wm. WOODROFFE )

                                                John HANDS            ) Overseers

                                                John HANDS

                                                Wm. HANDS


                        At a meeting duly holden this 18th day of December

It was agreed that Joseph BUCKLAND should have one hundred of coals per week so long as the Overseer

thinks proper.


Page 11           An Agreement between Joseph BRADBERRY of Normanton on Soar and the Overseer of the poor and other

                        parishioners that if the Overseers of the Poor will allow Samuel BRADBERRY his brother the sum of One

                        Pound and further allowance of a bed & bedding belonging thereto the property of the said Parish, that if the said

                        Samuel BRADBERRY leave his family chargeable to the said Parish of Normanton on Soar and sell or make

                        away with the said bed & bedding or any part of the same, the said Joseph BRADBERRY agrees to make good

                        any thing deficient and he further agrees that any deficiency shall be stopped weekly in the hands of his master

                        be who it may in the Parish.

                        26th January 1831

Witnesses                                 John HANDS           )

                                                                        Wm. WOODROFFE  )  Overseers

                                                                        T. BOSWORTH         

                                                                        Jno. HANDS

                                                                        Jos. BARLOW

                                                                        Rd. PEPPER

                                                                        Jno. BUCKLEY Esqr Churchwarden


Page 12            1831

At a meeting duly holden this 18th day of March it was unanimously agreed that any poor person wanting a doctor

must apply to the Overseer of the poor: any person giving order for a doctor except the Overseer is from home

shall pay for the doctor him or her self that shall have given the order.

                                                                        W. WOODROFFE

                                                                        Saml. MARSHALL

                                                                        Benj. THIRLBY

                                                                        Joseph BARLOW

Resolved that John & Sarah HARRIMAN shall be allowed two shillings per week when out of employ.


March 14th 1832

At a meeting duly holden it was unanimously agreed, that as breach of the peace had been committed and serious

complaints made to the constable of the parish of one in particular on the night of the 13th inst (March): then the

author or authors thereof should  

Page 13           be summonded to answer for the same

B. THIRLBY                                       John HANDS

John BUCKLEY                                  John KIDDY

Samuel MARSHALL                          Joseph BARLOW

Wm. WOODROFFE                            William COX



At a Parish Meeting holden in the Vestry on the 21st day of March 1836 Mr. Jno HANDS Junr. Was

appointed Overseer of the Poor for the year ensuing

At the same meeting Mr. KIDDY was appointed Overseer of the Highways for the year ensuing.

At the same meeting it was resolved unanimously that in pursuance of the instructions of the Poor Law

Commisioners the Overseer of the Poor be directed to pay no rents after the 25th instant

                                                                        Joseph POWELL





Mr. Jno HANDS Senr

Mr. Jno HANDS Junr


Page 14           At a meeting holden at the Vestry on the 5th day of April it was agreed by the Parishioners then present

                       whose names are subscribed hereto, to –

                       A voluntary rate for the purpose of defraying the expense of destroying moles and sparrows.

                                                Joseph POWELL                                 Joseph BARLOW

                                                G. ACTON                                          John HANDS              

                                                John HANDS                                       Wm WOODFROFFE

                                                John KIDDY                                        William HANDS

                                                Joseph STUBBS                                  Wm STENSON

                                                Samuel MARSHALL                           Wm. GARTON

                                                                        John BUCKLEY


At a meeting holden at the Vestry on the 4th day of May 1836, It was resolved by the Parishioners then

present whose names are subscribed hereto on its being represented that Samuel BRADBERRY being

sick and unable to work & having fallen into arrears as to payments to the Club of which he is a member;

that the same shall be discharged.

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