Dead Ends

My "Dead" End's


In the following table, I have identified the oldest known ancestor in each of the branches in my Family Tree. These are grouped by the Countries, Scotland, England and Wales.

I have also tried to give the latest information that I have on that individual and a precis of the family that are descended from that ancestor.

Clicking on the 'Dead End' should reveal the Descendant Tree associated with that ancestor.





Humphrey Colquhoun was born about 1580 in Tittichintall.

HATTER, William

William HATTER was born about 1832, his daughter Mary was born 1860 in Liverpool, she married James Nicholson MACDUFF in 1882 in Birkenhead.

M'AULAY, Alexander

Alexander was born about 1600 in Ardincaple. Probably descended from John de Ardincaple born about 1420.

McDUFF, Patrick

Patrick, from Ireland, father of Phillip John McDUFF who married Mary GRAHAM on 29 June 1851 in Barony, Glasgow. These are the parents of James Nicholson McDUFF who was born in Glasgow in 1860 and moved to Birkenhead, England.


John SMOLLETT was born about 1460 in Dumbarton, Scotland. He is the earliest known member of the SMOLLETT family who resided in Bonhill, and of the Shetland branch formed following a shipwreck in 1730.




COPE (Coap), John

John was born about 1630 in Pucklechurch.

FOXALL, Thomas

Thomas was born about 1730 in West Bromwich, Staffordshire. Married to Mary Hays, he was the father of Henry Foxall the Cannon Maker of Georgetown, Washington, USA

HOOD, Joseph

Joseph married Dorothy BURDEN in 1732 in St Hilda's Church, Hartlepool, their son Joseph married Dinah WATT in1758.


John married Mary PETHERICK in Exeter in 1828 This is the family of Hilary Moore


Robert married Dorothy POUNDER. Their daughter Dorothy married Charles SMOLLETT in Hartlepool in 1841.




BAGLOW, Richard

Richard was born about 1800, he married Ann. Their son John was born in 1827 in Bucklands Brewer, Devon. They appeared in the Port Talbot area in 1856.

BIRD, William

William was born about 1859 in Somerset, he married Mary Ann. Their daughter Mary Elizabeth was born in Taibach about 1884.


Robert was born about 1856 in Barnstable DEV, he married Ellen, born about 1861 in Hereford. Their son Robert Sidney was born in Abergavenny in 1883.

BREES, Samuel

Samuel was born about 1780, probably in Radnorshire. His wife Ann, born 1784 in Radnorshire, and his daughter Anne born in Dolfor in 1822. She married James FOXALL in Tredegar in 1844.


Jacob was born about 1822, he married Mary Ann born about 1822, their son George born 1850 in Bedwellty. George's son married Celia FOXALL in 1904 in Bedwellty. This is the family of Ian Coggins of Newport, Wales.

COOK, William

William was born about 1729, married Anne William 1747 in Llanelli.

CROWE, Henry Joseph

Henry Joseph was born about 1829, married Eleanor Rebekah about 1848, His son Frederick Henry was born about 1851 in Tredegar and he married Eliza FOXALL in 1910 in Bedwellty.

DAVIES, Arthur

Arthur married Agnes FOXALL 1883 in Rhumney.


Isaac was born about 1835 in Aberystwyth, married Jane, their son William married Clara Elizabeth COPE 1904 in Neath

DAVIES, Joseph

Joseph was born about 1790. His son Joseph was born about 1817 in Merthyr Tydfil, married Mary Ann FOXALL 1852 in Tredegar. They emigrated to Australia, as did Mary Ann's two sisters.

DAVIES, William

William was was born before 1800 possibly in Merthyr Tydfil. He may well have been William DAVID. He was the father of David who married Elizabeth THOMAS In Michaelstone in1845.

ELWARD, Edward

Edward was born about 1813 in Marcross, and was living in Park Farm St Donats in 1881.

ESAIAS, William

William was born about 1703, he married Jane MAURICE. He appears to be the first recorded Esaias in Margam.

FOWLER, Thomas

Thomas was born about 1816 in Swansea, he married Elizabeth, and their son John was born in Michaelston in 1844.

FRANCIS, Francis

Francis was born about 1795, he married Ann Their son William was born about 1817 in Llanon CMN. Were in the Margam area in mid 1800's.


Jevan was born about 1650. The Gething family is assosiated with Aberdulais and the Neath valley.

GOULD, Thomas

Thomas was born about 1843 in Notbridge Somerset, his wife Emily was born about 1841 in Bath. Their daughter Ada married William FOXALL .

GREENING, Frederick

Born about 1800, married Hannah, their daughter Eliza married George COPE 1845 in Berkeley, Gloucester.

GRIFFITHS, Elizabeth

Born about 1810, married Thomas FOXALL 1832 in Bedwellty.

GUEST, Thomas

Born about 1860, married Elizabeth HANGER in Swansea in 1883


John was born about 1804 in Llangyfelach, he married Margaret GRIFFITHS and they were living in Cwmavon, Port Talbot in 1827.

HARRHY, Thomas

Born about 1857, son Frederick Thomas born about 1877 married Eveline Esther FOXHALL 1903 in Rhumney.

HOLE, Thomas

Thomas was born about 1830 married Jane from Bampton DEV, their daughter Elizabeth, born 1868 married Thomas FOXALL 1896 in Rhumney.


Born about 1806 in Clydach, married Mary HANBURY in Cwmavon 1831. Children Fanny 1835 and David 1836.


Born about 1802 in Llangonwyd, married Rees LANDEG 1824 in Margam.

HOPKIN, Jenkin

Jenkin was born about 1745 Pyle and Kenfig. His son Richard was born about 1774, he married Mary, and their son William was born in Margam about 1795.


Born about 1774, married Mary, son William HOPKINS born 1795 in Margam

JONES-HURLOW, Mary Millard

Mary Millard JONES-HURLOW and James LEWIS were the parents of Charles HURLOW born abt 1794 Cold Inn, Begelly, Pembrokeshire

JONES, Benjamin

Born about 1870 in Newport MON, married Edith WAITE 1890 in Newport


Born about 1793 in Llanstephan, living in Llanstephan in 1851 with wife Mary and daughter Martha.

LANDEG, Thomas

Thomas was born about 1730, his son Rees was born in Llantwit, Neath about 1793.

LEWIS, Jenkin

Born about 1807 in Margam, married Hannah FRANCIS 1828 in Llangyfelach.

MANSELL, Benjamin

Born about 1800 in Tredegar, married Elizabeth FOXALL 1821 in Bedwellty.


His daughter Jane married Thomas FOXALL 1863 in Rhumney.

MCNEIL, Oliver Hall

Oliver HALL was born about 1790, maybe on a Scottish Island. His son Thomas Rees was born 1812 in Aberavon.

MILLS, George

George was born about 1819 in Bristol, he married Sarah JONES of Ruthin. Their son Charles was born about 1852 in Llanelli.

MORGAN, Edward

Born about 1836, daughter Annie married Benjamin Jenkins FOXALL 1873 in Tredegar.


Born about 1854 in Breedon Worcester, married Hannah born 1861 in Tredegar, daughter Elizabeth born Tredegar 1881.

NASH, Thomas

Born about 1825, daughter Rosanna was born in Bristol 1843, married Samuel FOXALL 1866.


Henry was born about 1857 in Aberavon. He married Sarah and their son David John was born 1876 in Aberavon.


Born about 1866, son Arnold born 1886 married Annie Maud FOXHALL 1909 Rhumney.


Thomas RICHARD and Mary THOMAS were born about 1758. They were the parents of Thomas THOMAS, who was born about 1790. Thomas's daughter Elizabeth married David DAVIES in 1845 in Michaelstone.

VICK, Ebenezer John

Ebenezer John was born about 1865. His son Percy married Kate Elizabeth FOXALL in 1916 in Bedwellty.

WAIT, George

George was born about 1825, married Elizabeth. Their son John was born about 1849 in St Woollos and his daughter Edith married Benjamin JONES in 1890 in Newport.


John was born about 1827 in Upladen, Gloucester. He married Gwenllian McNEIL about 1850.

WILD, Edward

Edward was born about 1743. He married Gwenllian REES 1767 Laleston, Bridgend.

YANDELL (Yandle), John

John was born about 1825 in Monmouthshire. He married Margaret MANSELL 1843 in Abergavenny. Their children John, Benjamin and Thomas emigrated to Australia and head a large number of descendants.


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