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Wednesday, 17-Dec-2008 05:30:54 MST

This site is dedicated to all those of the Leland name or heritage.  In my quest to discover my family of leland's I have discovered many other lines, it is my hope that this site, may, through hard work, luck and contributions from all discover a common bond.  I will not be as bold as Sherman Leland, who in 1850, claimed "The Leland Magazine" embraced nearly every person of the name Leland in America. 

It will be critical that any story, legend, rumor be brought forth in order to help in this research.  Mundane bits of personal knowledge may help to connect some otherwise unconnected line.  For example it is said in the "Leland Family of Virginia," that the oldest son is named John Dudley Leland and is destined to be a minister in the Church.  The Church in this families case being the Episcopal Church, or Church of England, if you will.  This is not evident in what I have gathered UNLESS,  The Rev. Jno. Leland and his son The Rev. John Leland, Jr. had middle names that are not recorded. 

I intend on transcribing "The Leland Magazine" and placing it on this site. (I only managed a few chapters before discovering that The Leland Magazine has already been scanned and is available through

With any luck and comparing stories or legends we may find a common bond.  As with any genealogical research the proof in what is represented here is at best questionable, as documents emerge that lend credibility they will be listed, but it is each genealogists responsibility to prove his own.  I make no claim that what I place here is above reproof. 

I need here to apologize to Sherman Leland, in his statement on page 10 in The Leland Magazine he states that one of the Leland families had adopted the name, well it was the family of the Reverend John Leland, Sr. of whom he referred to. John was the son of Henri d'Aulnis de La Lande, the name was anglecized to Leland between 1720 and 1740. I also need to plead for forgiveness in not addresing this website in a more timely manner, most of my time has been spent on The Leland Family of Virginia.    Richard Mclester Leland III


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