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The TRACY/TRACEY Family of Baltimore County

This Website is designed to help researchers in the Genealogy of the Tracey/Tracy families of Baltimore county. Most of the Tracy/Tracey families that are found in the northwestern corner of Baltimore county (including today's Carroll county, appear to be descendants of Teague Tracy and Mary James. There are inadequate records to "prove" the lineages of most members of this family, so there are many cases where the proponderance of the evidence needs to be considered. It is possible that most of the Tracey/Tracy family in the area may be descendants from Teague's son Tego. The early history of the family (before 1700) is also confusing. I believe that there is adequate evidence to assert that Teague had a close relative named Thomas Tracy. I suspect that Thomas was Teague's brother. Also looking at the records from early Prince George's county in the area of Mount Calvert Manor (this part of Prince Georges county came from Calvert county), we find that there are four men named Tracy/Tracey assoicated with the area. Teague, who owned the tract of land called "Cucholds Point", Thomas, Charles Tracey who was an innkeeper who died without issue or widow, and Hugh Tracy

Today the name is generally spelled TRACEY, though some branches of the family, such as those in Ohio use Tracy. The name also appears spelled as TREACY, and TRASY in the records. Note that Teague is an Irish name for Timothy.

TRACEY'S LANDING is a locality in southern Anne Arundel county along with TRACEY'S CREEK a tributary of Herring Creek. These are located in the area inhabited by Richard James, and apparently where Teague and Mary (nee James) lived for a few years before moving to Baltimore County. Was the Creek and town named for Teague Tracey? One story I have been told, is that they were named for a man named Tracey who invented as improved tobacco prise. A tobacco prise was a press used to put tobacco into hogsheads. We know that Teague Tracey was a cooper by trade, and hence if the above story is true then the creek and locality were named after Teague Tracey.

TRACEY/TRACY families in Maryland in the 17th Century

Samuel Tracey of Baltimore county

Timothy Tracey of St Mary's county

Richard James, father of Mary James , wife of Teague Tracey

Charles Tracey of Mount Calvert Manor in Calvert and then Prince Georges counties

Hugh Tracey of Mount Calvert Manor in Calvert and then Prince Georges county. & Charles county

Thomas Tracey of Prince Georges and Anne Arundel counties. Believed to been the brother of Teague Tracey

Teague Tracey of Mount Calvert Manor in Calvert, then Prince Georges counties, Herring Creek Hundred of Anne Arundel county and lastly Baltimore county. - coming soon.

George Tracy - I have only found one reference to this George Tracy, in the list of debts due the estate of William Peckett, filed in Baltimore county 17 August 1710. There are about 150 names in this list including: Charles Merryman, Charles Merryman Sr., Aquilia Paca, Nicholas Rodgers, Luke Raven and the creditors are listed as Thomas Chamberlain and Richard Colegate.

TRACEY/TRACY families in Maryland in the 18th Century

The Early 1700s

Descendants of Teague Tracey and Mary James 7 generations of linked family group sheets,
Dianh Tracey, born 18 Dec 1695, St James Parish, Anne Arundel county., MD
Sarah Tracey, born 7 april 1698, St James Parish, Anne Arundel county., MD
James Tracey, born 21 April 1700, St James Parish, Anne Arundel county., MD
Tego Tracey, b. 1 Oct 1702, St James Parish, Anne Arundel county, MD
Mary Tracey
William Tracey of Potomac Hundred, Prince Georges county

The mid 1700s

Archibald Tracey of Baltimore county
James Tracey, born 25 Sept 1760 in Maryland, d. 30 Sept 1839, York District, South Carolina
Usher Tracey of eastern Baltimore county & Harford county, may have been an early Irish Immigrant

Late 18th & Early 19th Century Tracey/Tracy Families of Maryland

There are many bits and pieces of Tracy or Traceys found in Baltimore Co., that have not been linked, but may belong to a common family. One of clue is the 1783 tax list that exists for parts of Baltimore Co., In the Middle River Upper Hundred and Back River Upper Hundred are listed: Bazil Tracey, Benjamin Tracey, Sr., Benjamin Tracey, Jr. and Edward Tracey. There was another Basil Tracey in Baltimore Co., but his land was in the North or Pipe Creek Upper Hundred. This would imply that Benjamin Tracey b. 14 Apr 1730 to Tego and Katharine Tracey had at least three sons. He also may be the father of a Nicholas Tracey who is found in the 1798 Federal tax assessment in the Middle River Hundred as one of the occupants of of tracts "Labrinith", "Pimblicoe" and "Brother's choice" with Wm Hooper and George Griffith. The land owned then by Henry Willis.

A Susannah TRACEY was buried 21 Jan 1833, age 70, in a public vault, listed in the interment records for the Methodist Episcopal Church of Baltimore burial ground.

In the 1700s there were several men named Pearce or Pierce TRACEY. Early references are made in Frederick Co., (perhaps now Montgomery Co.,) MD to one or more Pearce Tracey that may have been part of the William Tracey of Cabin John Creek line. However, there was also a Pearce Tracey in Baltimore for whom a piece of genealogy can be proposed, based on the city directories.

A Mr Tracey was married to Ruth Wantland ca 1800. Their issue are named in Ruth's Uncle John Thomas' will of 1834 and apparently some her children are found in the 1830 through 1860 census in the 12th Ward of Baltimore City. I have put together a summary of the data and the possible descendants of Mr Tracey and Ruth Wantland

It appears that there were several Baltimore County TRACY/TRACEY families lived for a time in Fayette Co., PA before moving further west to Ohio and beyond. Here are my thoughts and data for the family of Mr Tracey and Keziah Merryman, including sons Elisha Tracey, and a Bazil Tracey. Another of the mystery TRACY/TRACEYs in Fayette Co., PA was Elijah Tracey who was born in 1786 in Maryland. Presented here is research on the descendants of Elijah Tracey, although it is unknown who Elijah's parents were. This line however has a number of characteristics including use of given names Bazil and Keziah of the Baltimore county TRACEYs, along with apparent location with other Tracey families in Fayette Co and also by 1840 some of Elijah's sons seem to been in Licking Co., OH, while Elijah was in Washington Co., OH.

John Tracy of Maryland (b. between 1765 and 1784) was married to Nancy Ann Price and moved to Mason Co., Kentucky before 1800, possibly traveling with his inlaws. Most of this family and their relatives moved north into Montgomery Co., IND by 1830. Nancy Ann's father, Veasey Price was living in the 1780s in Harford Co., MD and also moved in the mid-1790s to Mason Co., KY. WOrking with census records, a number of 1880s vintage biographical sketches, and data provided by other researchers the descendants of John Tracy and Nancy Ann Price have been researched up to 1900.


US Census in Baltimore co. for 1790-1840 Tracey/Tracy marriage records US Census in Baltimore co. 1850-1870
Baltimore County Cemetery Inscriptions Tracey/Tracy in the Baltimore City Death Records Tracey/Tracys in the Maryland County Death Index

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