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Laura's genealogy project

Most of my families have been in the York County, Maine area since the 1700's.  All of my lines on this page were established early in  New England with the exception of some of my Scottish families.  Black, Rankin and Connally arrived in Maine between 1907-1909.  I have traced these back several generations in Scotland.

Boldebuck/Boldebook: I now have  an outline of  my husband's German ancestry.  This family emigrated to the United States in the mid-1800's from Mecklenburg and settled in Missouri.

Black: The Blacks were living in Rutherglen (near Glasgow) prior to emigrating to the US in 1907-9.   My line is the only one that came to the US.  All my great grandfather's siblings stayed in Scotland.

Rankin: The Rankins moved from Inch, Wigtownshire, Scotland to Ayrshire, to Rutherglen, Lanarkshire before emigrating to the United States in the early 1900's. One brother, Edward, remained in Scotland. He was married to Annie Davidson, daughter of John and Mary Davidson. Edward and Annie had at least two sons, James and John Davidson Rankin.

Connally: I traced the Connallys to Dalmellington, Ayrshire, Scotland in the 1840's. My 2nd great-grandmother, Isabella Connally, was the daughter of Thomas Connally and Rosanna Mills.

Here are a few of my favorite genealogy resources for both Scottish and New England research.

My "Scottish Portrait Gallery" has photos of some of my "most wanted" plus a few other images.  I would be thrilled if you recognize anyone!

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I have posted just a brief outline of my lineage for some of my lines.
Alger - Dunster, Somerset, England > Scarborough, Maine
Andrew>John>Elizabeth b. 1669
Allen - Cornish, Maine > Biddeford, Maine
Joseph>Joseph>John W.>Lucia b. 1855
Boothby - Cumberland  and York County, Maine
Henry>Samuel>Nathaniel>Levi>Joel>Hannah b. 1832
Burnham - Ipswich, Massachusetts > Biddeford, Maine
Buzzell - Maine and New Hampshire
Simon>John>Henry>Nathaniel>Nathaniel>Mary Flanders
Cole - York County, Maine
William>Lydia b. 1788
Hamilton - Scotland > Massachusetts > Maine 
David >Abel>Dorcas b. 1786
Hancock - Buxton, Maine
Hill - Plymouth, England > Saco, Maine
Peter>Roger>Ebenezer>Ebenezer>Elizabeth b. abt. 1744
Jameson - Scotland >  Old Orchard Beach, Maine
William>Martin>William>Robert>John>Fanny b. 1859
Lane - Buxton, Maine
John>John>Joanna b. 1738
Lassell - Plymouth, Massachusetts > Waterborough, Maine
John>Joshua>Joshua>Matthew>Caleb>Ruth b. 1794
Means - Scotland > Ulster > Old Orchard Beach , Maine
Samuel.Robert>Jane b. 1735
Milliken - Scotland > Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Nason - York County, Maine
Richard>John>Richard>Moses>Eunice b. 1760
Newell - Milan & Shelburne, NH > York County, Maine
Charles>William>Cora b. 1877
Parker - Newton, Massachusetts > Standish, Maine
Samuel>Nathaniel>Noah>Thomas>Aaron>Hannah b. 1791
Samuel>Nathaniel>Noah>Thomas>Aaron>Benjamin>Esther b. 1815
Patterson - Scotland> Saco, Maine
Robert>John>Robert>Robert>Eliza b. 1808
Pennell - Isle of Jersey > Biddeford, Maine
John>John>Philip>Thomas>Thomas>Jabez>Ruth b. 1820
Redlon - Orkney Islands, Scotland > Saco, Maine
Thomas>Magnus>Ebenezer>Ebenezer>Mercy b. 1788
Robinson - Natick, Massachusetts > Standish, Maine
John>John>Hannah b. 1763
Wiswall - Natick, Massachusetts > Standish, Maine
Robert>Thomas>Noah>Margaret b. 1672

Info related to the Burnham Family (mostly): 
  • Boston Transcript genealogy columns related to the Burnham families of Hollis and Scarborough, Maine.
  • Revolutionary War pension files for David Burnham of Essex Co., Massachusetts and Joseph Burnham of Arundel, York Co., Maine.  Neither of these men are from  my line of Burnhams  but I thought the files  might be of interest to other Burnham reseachers.

I host a few USGenWeb pages for the York County, Maine area Buxton, Hollis, Old Orchard Beach, and  Saco .

Please send me an E-mail if you're researching any of these family lines or surnames in the areas listed.  My research is definitely a "work in progress" but I enjoy sharing  information with others.

 Also, please let me know if you find any non-functional links. Thanks! 

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