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Vermilion Parish was created in 1844, from what was
then Lafayette Parish.

The parish  seat for Vermilion Parish is Abbeville, La.

From 1805-1807, a territory called Attakapas County 
existed in southern Louisiana.

In 1807, by an act passed by the First Legislature of the 
Territory of Orleans, the county of Attakapas was changed 
to St. Martin Parish.

Then in 1811, a lower eastern portion was designated,
creating St. Mary Parish.

In 1823 Lafayette Parish was carved out of the western portion,
and finally Vermilion Parish was created out of Lafayette's territory,
by Act No.81 of the Legislature of Louisiana in 1844. 

 Finally in 1868 Iberia Parish was created in the middle of them all.

The first officials of the Parish of Vermilion were: 
Parish Judge - William Kibbe 
Clerk of Court - Felix Oneil
 Recorder - William Caldwell
 Sheriff - Robert Perry
 Representative - A. Young

Present day populaion is 50055 people in 20361 households . 
The land area is 1173.9 square miles (751273 acres);
the water area is 354.6 square miles (233314 acres). 
The parish is located at latltude 29.81 degrees North, 
longitude 92.31 degrees West.

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