of the
Southwest Louisiana Genealogical Society, Inc.
Lake Charles, LA

A non-profit, educational organization dedicated to gathering, processing and preserving genealogical material by promoting interest in genealogy.

Listed below, in alphabetical order, are the names off of the ancestor charts, of the members of this society. The numbers shown correspond with the member-number of individuals working on these surnames. Copies of member's charts have been made available to researchers at the Southwest Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Library (which is a Calcasieu Parish Library and is not affiliated with this society) in Lake Charles, LA. Copies of these charts may be obtained from this library at a cost of $.20 (twenty cents) per page, plus postage. A request for copies may be made in writing, by contacting the Southwest Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Library, 411 Pujo Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601, or email at Southwest Lousisana Genealogical and Historical Library
Please include the surname and member number when making your request.

Surnames from the ancestor charts

                                  A - F               G - M              N - S                 T - Z   

If you are a Netscape & Ms Explorer user and are searching for a particular surname while going through these records ....try these few steps: 1. Go to the top of the report you are searching. 2. Click on EDIT at the top of your screen. 3. Next click on FIND ON THIS PAGE in the edit menu. 4. When the square pops up, enter what you are looking for in the FIND ___________blank. 5. Select what OPTIONS you want. 6. And last click on NEXT and until you reach the end of the report. This should highlight the item that you indicated in "FIND " every place it appears in the report. You must continue to click on NEXT till you reach the end of the report to see all of the locations of the item indicated.

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