Society, Inc.

A non-profit, educational organization dedicated to gathering, processing and preserving genealogical material by promoting interest in genealogy.

SWLGS, organized in 1973 with 44 members, now has a membership of over 300. SWLGS was incorporated in 1991. The Society does not maintain an office and all work is done by volunteers. The Society maintains an index and family charts of its members at the Southwest Louisiana Genealogy Library, 411 Pujo St., Lake Charles, LA.. This surname index to the family charts is available online with information on how to obtain copies of the family charts.

Per calender year. Dues are $12 individual; $17 family (husband and wife) and $22 patron (individuals or husband and wife, provides additional financial support). Membership begins in January each year and includes an annual subscription to our quarterly, KINFOLKS. Members joining after January receive quarterlies for the current year. Membership Application

SWLGS holds its regular meetings on the 3rd Saturday of January, March, May, September, and November at 10:00 a.m. in the Carnegie Meeting Room of the Southwest Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Library located at 411 Pujo St. in Lake Charles, LA. Programs include a variety of topics to instruct and interest genealogists.

The Society's periodical is published quarterly.  It has grown from two pages when it was first published in 1977 to currently over 50 pages and  is exchanged with over 75 other societies across the United States.  It gives Society news; summations of topics presented at regular Society meetings; articles of general genealogical and historical interest; family lineages; ancestral charts; book reviews; and calendars of area genealogical events. Mailed to members.  Issues should be received by the middle of March, May September and December.  Back issues available from 1977 from the Society.  Queries are free to members, $2 for non-members.

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KINFOLKS, the quarterly publication of SWLGS, Inc. has the following articles which may be of interest to you.  Single issues can be ordered from the society for $4.00 each.   Below are the table of contents from 8 of the publications, starting with our latest issue.                                           

                KINFOLKS - Volune 34 No. 3 - September 2010 - Table of Contents 

Society News                                                      Widow's Application - A. Delaune

Calendar of Events                                             L.C. Weekly Echo - 16 May 1868   

SW LA Historical/Genealogical Library             The Daily American - 24 June 1897

May Program - Civil War Museum                      1911 Lake Charles, La. City Directory

Earthquakes                                                         Cameron, La., Cemeteries

Fort Louis, Mobile, Al.                                         Information from Exchange/Queries

Siege of Vicksburg, Ms.                                       Chart - Ella Stine Watson

Port Hudson, La.                                                  Index

La. Radical Reconstruction, 1865-1871               2010 Officers & Patron Members

Civil War Pension Applications


                 KINFOLKS - Volune 34 No. 2 - May 2010 - Table of Contents

Socitey News                                                      Public School System Started 1821

Calendar of Events                                             L.C.City School Began in 1907

SW LA Historical/Genealogical Library             The Daily American - 23 June 1897

March Program - Cultures of "French" La         1911 Lake Charles, La City Directory

Year without a Summer - 1816                            Cameron, La., Cemeteries

Settlers/Homesteaders of Peason Ridge, La      Homestead - Theophile Veronique

Francis A. Woolfley                                              Queries

Great Mermentau Dam War                                  Index

Civil War Veterans Book - Corrections                2010 Officers & Patron Members

The L.C. Weekly Echo - 9 May 1868 


                               KINFOLKS - Vol 34 #1 -  March 2010 - Table of Contents

Society News                                                        The L.C. Weekly Echo - 1 May 1868

Calendar of Events                                                Richard Martin Arceneaux

SW LA Historical/Genealogical Library                The American - 21 June 1897

November Program - 1940s LA Maneuvers          1911 Lake Charles, La. City Directory

World War II Trivia                                                 Cameron, La., Cemeteries

January Program - Show & Tell                            Queries

2010 Census                                                           Book Review

Belle Boyd, Southern Spy                                     Chart - Edward Sherman Young

Haiti                                                                         Index

The Domesday Book                                              2010 Officers & Patron Members

                        KINFOLKS - Vol 33 #4 - December 2009 - Table of Contents

Society News                                                           Ferry Tales - Sabine River Ferries

Calendar of Events                                                  Maps & Genealogy

September Program - Railroad Ave                        1911 Lake Charles, La. City Directory

Lumber Industry in Lake Charles, La.                     Our Lady Star of the Sea Cemetery

Calcasieu River Channeling Recalled                     Cameron First Baptist Cemetery

Scrapbook of Hilda Bruning Kaye                           Book Review

Weekly Echo - 25 April 1868                                     Information from Exchanges

No Christmas for the Puritans                                  Chart - Charlotte Boudreaux Romero

Chocolate, Coffee & Tea                                           Index

Daily American - 21 June 1897                                 2009 Officers & Patron Members


                    KINFOLKS - Volume 33 No. 3 - September 2009 - Table of Contents

Society News                                                             Early American Hurricanes

Calendar of Events                                                    The American - 17 February 1897

May Program - A Wayfaring Stranger                       Ferry Tales - Sabine River Ferries

Irish Immigration                                                       1911 Lake Charles, La. City Directory

Orphan Train Museum                                               Highland Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Yellow Fever Epidemics                                             Our Lady Star of the Sea Cemetery

Mircofilm Research                                                     Information from Exchanges

Scrapbook of Hilda Bruning Kaye                             Queries

The Echo - 28 March 1868                                          Chart - Marlene Spell Miller

LaGrange 1951 "Resume" Yearbook                         Index

                                                                                     2009 Officers & Patron Members


                             KINFOLKS - Volume 33 No. 1 - March 2009 - Table of Contents

Society News                                                             LCHS Cheerleaders & Drum Majors

Calendar of Events                                                    The Weekly Echo, 3/17/1968

November Program - Framing the Constitution       Ferries Tales in Old Imperial Calcasieu

George Washington & Revolutionary War                Highland Memorial Gardens Cemetery

January Program - Cameron Light House / L.C.       1911 Lake Charles, LA City Directory

Story of Calcasieu River Lighthouse                         Information from Exchanges

Lighthouses: Beacons of Light & Life                       Queries

Women's History Month - Leonaise H. LeBleu          Chart - Beverly Theriot Broussard

Louis B. Kirkman Trial                                                Exchange List                             

Dr. William H. Kirkman, A Confederate Vet                Index

The Daily American, 6/18/1897                                    2009 Officers & Patron Members


                          KINFOLKS - Volume 33 No. 2 - May 2009 - Table of Contents

Society News                                                          The Echo (3/14/1868 & 3/21/1868)

Calendar of Events                                                 Ferries Tales - Sabine River Ferries

March Program - Goos Family                               Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Minutes

British Prisoner of War Ships, etc                         Michel Pithon

Copperheads                                                          SWLGS Society Library List

Majestic Hotel, lake Charles, La.                           1911 Lake Charles, La. City Directory

Churches in Lake Charles, 1901                            Highland Memorial Gardens Cemetery

L.C. High School Editors                                       Information from Exchanges

The American (6-19-1897)                                      Queries

Rag Picker ot Businessman - Jean Barousse      Chart - Linda LeBlanc Mathis

Pierre Vincent Estate                                              Index

                                                                                 2009 Officers & Patron Members


                    KINFOLKS - Volume 32 No. 4 - December 2008 - Table of Contents

Society News                                                         The Weekly Echo - 2/29/1897

Calendar of Events                                                LCHS Boys Athletics

September Program - Reading a Census             Items from The American - 1/27/1897

Thanksgiving                                                         Highland Memorial Garden Cemetery

French - Canadian Ancestors                               1911 Lake Charles, LA City Directory

Land Surveying in Louisiana                                Information from Exchanges

Booms, Panics and Depressions                          Chart - Bibbie Riley Gray

Ferry Tales in Old Imperial Calcasieu                   Index

Deciphering Old Records                                      2008 Officers & Patron Members


The Southwest Louisiana Genealogical Society, Inc. welcomes all who are interested in genealogy. Its objectives are to encourage and assist its members in genealogical research, and to gather, process and preserve genealogical material.

Society items for sale are: (All prices include pre paid postage)

Ancestor Charts, Vol. I  (1985) - $21.95

Ancestor Charts, &  Tables Vol. II  (1988) - $21.95

Ancestor Charts, & Tables Vol. III (1991) - $25.00

Ancestor Charts, & Tables Vol. IV  (1994) - $25.00

Ancestor Charts, & Tables Vol. V (1997) - $25.00

Ancestor Charts & Tables Vol. VI  (2000) - $22.00

Ancestor Charts & Tables Vol. Vll (2003) - $20.00

Ancestor Charts & Tables Vo. Vlll (2009) - $20.00

Civil War Veterans Of Old Imperial Calcasieu Parish. LA (Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, and Jeff Davis Parishes) - $40.00

KINFOLKS Subject Index Vol l - Vol. 1 (1977) to Vol. 18 (1994) - $5.00

KINFOLKS Subject Index Vol ll - Vol.19 (1995) to Vol. 22 (1999) - $5.00

KINFOLKS Subject Index Vol lll - Vol. 23 (1999) to Vol. 26 (2002) - $5.00

KINFOLKS Subject Index Vol lV - Vol. 27 (2003) to Vol. 31 (2007) - $5.00

Back issues of KINFOLKS are available. Contact SWLGS for prices. 

Correspondence and dues should be sent to:


                                                                                        PO Box 5652

                                                                                        Lake Charles, LA 70606-5652

                                                                                        or contact   Pat Huffaker