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Crowley Signal April 18, 1929

(note: The title and the content of the article do not agree. I can only assume the meeting was held in the Point Noir school)

The Point Noir Womans Club met Monday April 15. Mrs. Erin D. Canan came to complete arrangements for local house dress contest which will be held Thursday, April 25.

Eleven of the eighteen women who entered the contest had their dresses ready for inspection. Mrs. Canan commented upon the great improvement in the dresses over last year.

It will be a much tighter race for first place this year than last for there are so many more well made dresses of becoming and harmonious colors.

In February Mrs. Canan gave a pie demonstration at the home of Mrs. Gabriel Daigle, which was great success.

The children have pie in their lunches more often now and the ladies put into practice every thing they are learning.

Some of the club members attended the demonstration given by Mrs. Cline in Church Point in March. We wish to express our appreciation for their lovely hospitality.

The value of these clubs to a community cannot be estimated. The ladies are putting into practice what they learn and their families are getting the benefit.

Dad and children have better meals and more attractive homes to come home to at the close of the day and everyone is happier.


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