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Parish History


The Incorporated city limits of New Orleans is the same as the boundaries of Orleans Parish.

Unincorporated areas of interest in the parish include Algiers, Chef Menteur, Green Ditch, Lake Catherine, Little Woods, Recovery, Rigolets, Stanton and Venetian Isles.

A link to articles about the history of New Orleans/Orleans Parish at AmericanHistory.com

  • 1805: When the Territory of Orleans is divided into counties the present-day Washington Parish is part of Spanish West Florida.
  • 1811: (Nov. 4) Representatives from the County of Orleans to the Constitutional Convention that adjourns January 28, 1812 - J. D. Degoutin Bellechasse, J. Blanque, T. J. LeBreton D'Orgenois, Mgre. Guichard, Stephen Henderson, Denis Delaronde, F. Livaudais. Bernard Marigny, Thomas Urquhart, Jacques Philippe Villere, John Watkins, Samuel Winter.  At this time The County of Orleans included areas of present day parishes Jefferson, Plaquemines and St. Bernard.
  • 1828: Fort Pike is completed near Slidell to defend Rigolets Pass, approach through Lake Pontchartrain to New Orleans. Named after Brigadier General Zebulon Montgomery Pike.


Facts about the Louisiana Purchase

  • The Territory: 828,000 square miles including New Orleans and parts of what would become 13 states west of the Mississippi River
  • The Price: $15 million
  • The Buyer: The United States of America
  • The Seller: France
  • The International Principals: Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, James Monroe, Robert Livingston, Francois de Barbe-Marbois
  • The Deal: Negotiated in Paris during 1802 and 1803
  • Signing Agreement: April 30, 1803 in Paris
  • Ratified: By the United States Senate in October, 1803
  • Retrocession: From Spain to France November 30, 1803 in New Orleans
  • New Orleans, Louisiana Territory Principals: Pierre Clement de Laussat, William Charles Cole Claiborne, General James Wilkinson
  • Transfer from France to the United States: December 20, 1803 in the Sala Capitular in the Cabildo located in the historic French Quarter on Jackson Square in New Orleans

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