During September 1864, the 1807 ton vessel "Great Victoria", under the command of Captain Price, departed Liverpool, England on voyage to Australia.  On board were 434 adults, 42 children aged between one and twelve years plus seven infants.  The Passenger List included Irish Immigrants comprising 181 and 28 children.  The voyage was to take 90 days and the "Great Victoria" arrived in Melbourne at Williamstown in November 1864.  Three passengers were to die during the journey.
Click here for image of the "Great Victoria". From the National Library of Australia.

The Passenger List shows in consecutive order:

Michael Lane, age 23, Bachelor, Occupation - Farmer.

Mary Maloney, age 22, Spinster.

Ellen Maloney, age 20, Spinster.  

All were from County Clare, Ireland and arrived on board as unassisted passengers at the same time.

An entry 5 lines down on the shipping manifest is for a Margaret Lane, age 21, Spinster.

Click here for Shipping List details for the Great Victoria.

Michael Lane, was the first in our direct line to immigrate to Victoria from Co. Clare, Ireland together with his future wife Ellen Maloney (Moloney).  He went on to become a very successful farmer in the Western District of Victoria.

  Michael Lane was born about. 1838 at Shravokee, Parish of Donass, County Clare, Ireland where his father Thomas Lane, b.1818, was a farmer. His mother was Elizabeth GLEESON of the Glen, Killaloe, Co. Clare, and he had three brothers - Thomas, who stayed on the home farm at Shravokee, James who became a priest and Patrick who also was to have a farm at Shravokee.

The Donass referred to is actually Clonlara, County Clare in the South West of Ireland, just north of Limerick City near the River Shannon. Clonlara was once known as Doonass and many places in the village and surrounds are still called by this name.  

Ellen Moloney b. abt.1840, who was also on the "Great Victoria" was the daughter of Michael Moloney, farmer, of Shravokee and Ellen Bolton.  She was one of nine children, who included Roderick/Roger (Roddy) MoloneyMichael Moloney died on the 25th April 1875, aged 70 years. Ellen Bolton Moloney died on 21st July 1890, aged 90 years. They are buried at Teample/Teampuill Graveyard, Gilloge, Clonlara, Co. Clare - not far from Shravokee.

 . Michael Lane, began farming in the Western District, one or two years after arriving in Victoria, where there were many other Irish emigrants. He commenced farming at Cassady's Bridge and then at Fala Park both near Warrnambool.  
After Fala Park Michael and Ellen moved to Thompson's Farm at Koroit where they remained for 26 years and where their family was born and raised.
In 1905 Michael Lane purchased a farm "Erin Vale in Yangery (or Southern Cross) where he resided until he passed away in 1912.
He also purchased two other farms for two of his sons Michael and Thomas.

He was elected to the Koroit Borough Council in 1881 and occupied a seat for some years until he retired. In 1897 he again filled the position for 9 years retiring in 1906, upon removing from Koroit. In 1910 he was elected Mayor of the Borough.

As Mayor of Koroit, Michael Lane and his wife Ellen Lane were among the invited guests to the opening of the First Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia held in Melbourne on May 9th, 1901.  

On June 1st 1870, Michael Lane, age 29, who was farming at Woodford, married Ellen Moloney, age 26, of Koroit at St. Patrick’s Church, Belfast later known as Port Fairy. The witnesses were Michael Moloney and Bridget Moloney.  

Ellen and Michael raised nine children :-


Elizabeth Lane
Michael Lane
Thomas Lane
Mary Ann Lane
Eleanor Lane
Bridgette Lane
James Lane
Patrick Lane
Margaret Lane
Patrick Wall Margaret Staunton Anne Gleeson Did not marry Became a nun. Sister Angela Did not marry Mary Theresa (Tottie) Willis Nellie Lynch Did not marry
Lena Theresa
Michael Francis
b1906 (Priest)
      Michael Stanislaus
Honora Veronica
Patrick Leo
      Mary Ellen (Marie)
Michael Francis
Mary Ann
      James (JIM) Daniel Vincent (Vince) b1920  
Elizabeth Agnes b1902 James
John Joseph
Ellen Helena
John Desmond (Priest) b1914            
Anne Angela
Thomas Francis (Frank) b1909 Gerald
Bridget Eileen
Marg. Alphonus
Loretto Francis
Michael Patrick
William Gerrard


Michael Lane died on October 18th 1912.  His Death Certificate states he was 74 years of age, a retired farmer, and that his parents were Thomas Lane and Elizabeth Gleeson.  It also states that he was born at Shravokee, Ireland.  The Informant was Patrick Lane, son, of Koroit.  Michael was buried at Tower Hill Cemetery.
Headstone Of Michael & Ellen Lane

His obituary appeared in the Koroit Sentinel and Tower Hill Advocate newspaper on October 19th 1912, as follows:

Michael Lane died at his residence "ERIN VALE", Yangery, on October 18th. He was the son of the late Thomas Lane of Schravokee, Parish of Donass, County Clare.  

He had three brothers Patrick, Thomas and James, the latter being a priest - all of whom are dead.

Michael Lane came to the colony of Victoria in 1864 and commenced farming operations a year or two after, first at Cassady's Bridge for a few years and then at Fala Park where he lived for about ten years. Leaving there in 1879 he commenced farming at Thompsons Farm and carried on farming pursuits there for 26 years. In 1905 he left that farm to be carried on by his son Thomas and went to reside at Erin Vale which he purchased from Mr. Taliesen Williams.  

He also purchased two other farms at Farnham; one of which is occupied by his son Michael and the other will be occupied by Mr. Thomas Lane after the current harvest.  

It was the intention of the deceased's father to settle him on a farm in the old country but like a good many more he was imbued with a desire to try what the new land Australia offered.  

He was a staunch adherent of the Roman Catholic Church and was hard working and industrious and by his thrifty habits had succeeded in amassing a goodly share of the world's wealth.  

He was elected to Koroit Borough Council in August 1881 and occupied a seat for some years until he retired. Sixteen years later he filled the position for nine years, retiring in August 1906 upon removing from Koroit. In 1910 he was mayor of the Borough.  

He was also  director of the Koroit Butter Factory for a period of years and he filled the position of Chairman of Directors.

A photograph of Michael Lane appears in the Koroit Council Chambers.

Will of Michael Lane

The details of the Will of Michael Lane dated July 13th, 1910 are as follows:

The executors named in the Will were Michael Lane, Thomas Lane and son- in-law Patrick Wall.  

All Real and Personal Property left to his wife Ellen Lane for life and thereafter to: 

Michael Lane, Lots 69, 70, 71 and Part 72 on Plan of Subdivision 3869 Part of Farnham, which was at that time occupied by him, and which included a six room house. Plus a share of the residue of the estate.  

Thomas Lane, Lots 62, 63 and Part 72 on above plan, was occupied by Catherine Egan, which included a four room house, plus a share of residue of estate, plus 300 Pounds.  

Patrick Lane, 100 Pounds, plus share of estate residue, plus one-quarter share of household furniture, plus Factory shares and all cattle and stock.

James Lane, 300 Pounds.  

Elizabeth Lane, share of residue of estate.  

Mary Ann Lane, one-quarter share of household furniture, plus share of residue of estate.  

Margaret Lane, one-quarter share of household furniture, plus share of residue of estate.  

Bridget Lane, one-quarter share of household furniture, plus share of residue of estate.  

Eleanor Lane, (Sister Angela), One Hundred Pounds, plus share of residue of estate.  

Lena Wall, grand daughter, Colonial Bank shares.  

To nephews - sons of my brother Thomas Lane, 200 Pounds.

To Priest, Ten Pounds for Masses.  

The inventory of assets indicated Real Estate valued at 6910 Pounds and Personal Estate valued at 2070-19s-7d.


Elizabeth married Patrick Wall of Crossley, who was an executor of the Wills of both Michael and Ellen Lane. Elizabeth was only left an eighth share of the residue of the estate and it is presumed she was provided for elsewhere.  

No mention was made of the Fala Park property - refer the Will of Ellen Lane.  

James, Bridget, Mary Ann and Margaret were not left anything of substance and perhaps were provided for elsewhere - refer the will of Ellen Lane.  

Refer to the Will of Ellen Lane for property left to Patrick Lane.

Land Purchases by Michael Lane

These are some of the purchases of land by Michael Lane in the Koroit area.

The " Colac Herald" of 25th March 1898, reported that despite adverse conditions, that, good land in the Warrnambool District still commands high prices, and that the well known farm of Mr. Taliesen Williams at Yangery containing about 120 acres changed hands on Monday for the sum of 5000. The purchaser being Mr Michael Lane of Koroit. 

This property, on the death of Michael Lane's wife Ellen Lane, was left to their son Patrick Lane who married Nellie Lynch.

William Rutledge & Farnham Park.

William Rutledge was an Irish born prominent Sydney businessman, who with 4 partners, was in 1843 granted 5120 acres (2972 ha.) under the The Special Survey System which was offered by the Colonial Office and which permitted capitalists to purchase 5120 acres at a cost of 1 per acre  in any part of NSW of which the Port Phillip District (Victoria) then formed part of. He subsequently bought out his 4 partners.

He named his Special Survey, which was near Koroit , " Farnham" and established a tenant community.

Many of his tenant farmers were poor families he brought out from Ireland, at his own expense, which at that time was in famine conditions.  He was said to have an explosive temper but was considered a  kind and considerate landlord furnishing his tenants with rations, seed and farming implements.

William Rutledge died in 1876 aged 70 and the Survey was divided between his 2 sons.

In July 1876 the first subdivision of the estate took place and 1300 acres of the western portion of the Survey, from Gorman's Lane at Tower Hill to Survey Lane at the Belfast end of the Survey were  subdivided and auctioned.

The size of the blocks ranged from 3 acres to 70 acres.

On July 29th, 1876 a further 729 acres were sold at prices ranging from 37 to 60 per acre.

An additional  800 acres were sold in May, 1878.

 Among the 46 buyers of land in 1876 were Thomas Lane (The Survey), John Malone, John Moloney, John Quirk, T. Roche, J.J. Madden, G. Gorman. Thomas Roche and T. Gleeson.

In 1894 a further 1100 acres were sold and that is when our Michael Lane bought land.

 The "Colac Herald" of 30th November 1894, reported under the heading -:






The sale of the famous Farnham Park land, situated near Warrnambool, the property of Mr. W. R . Rutledge took place on Wednesday. There was a good attendance of buyers and  despite present  low values the sale was successful. Altogether 1100 acres, decided into 76 farms, ranging from 5 to 30 acres were offered.

The soil is heavy dark chocolate and black, of volcanic origin, and has been under crop for half a century but gives as large yields as in the first season it was cultivated. The property has been in the occupation of tenants who have been paying rents of 30 Shillings to 2 Pounds 10 shillings  per acre. With one exception all the buyers reside within a 10 mile radius of Warrnambool.

There were a large number of visitors but they would not bid up to the figures of those who know the land well.

Details of the sale included the following.

 Michael Lane -Koroit

Lots 62, 17 acres 20 perches; Lot 63, 16 acres 3 rods and 31perches on which is a house.

Total 34 acres 14 perches. 35 per acre.

These lots, plus Part of Lot 72, were on the death of Michael Lane left to his son Thomas Lane who married Ann Gleeson.

 Lot 69, 27 acres 30 perches on which is a house

Lot 70, 27 acres 1 perches

Lot 71, 27 acres 27 perches.

Lot 72, 27 acres 20 perches.

Total 109 Acres 3 rods 23 perches. 30 per acre.

These lots, with the exception of Part of Lot 72, were on the death of Michael Lane left to his son Michael Lane who married Margaret Staunton.

Michael Lane, was the largest purchaser at the sale buying a total of 144 acres out of the 710 acres sold and no doubt took advantage of the liberal terms available to purchasers to the extent of purchases of 1000 and under paying 10% cash, a further 10% in 6 months and the balance in equal amounts yearly up to 7 years.


A further report on the sale

The "Camperdown Chronicle" of 1st December, 1894 reported on the sale as follows -:



The Farnham Survey is noted as comprising some of the richest land in the Western District and it's sub division into farms and sale was an event of more than ordinary importance.

It has for many years past been leased, chiefly for potato growing, by farmers - who have especially when prices for produce were good - made comfortable livings in addition to paying high rentals.

The experience of these men appears to have resulted in a strong faith of the capabilities of the soil and they did not hesitate to go to high figures on Wednesday to secure the farms. As a consequence the buyers were, with one exception, residents of the neighbourhood. Amongst those present were intending purchasers from Melbourne as well as New Zealand and other Colonies but the local demand was too keen for these gentlemen.

Of 988 acres offered 710 were sold, the total amount realised being 19178.

There were inquiries for the lots passed in, which would doubtless be sold privately


Ellen Lane died on November 16th, 1921, aged 82, and was also buried at Tower Hill cemetery.  

Click here for photo of Ellen Lane.

Her obituary appeared in the Koroit Sentinel on November 19th, 1921 as follows:  

"Death has removed one of the oldest and respected residents of the Koroit district in the person of Mrs. Ellen Lane widow of the late Michael Lane formerly well known as one of the most progressive farmers of this part of the state.  

After an illness extending over 12 months she passed to her eternal reward on Wednesday, November 16th, 1921, bearing her last illness with patience and Christian fortitude.  

The late Mrs. Lane and her husband were closely linked with the development and expansion of this part of the Western District and their industry, enterprise and useful life remain as a lasting monument to their memory.  

Mr. and Mrs. Lane, and also Mr. John Malone of Koroit were shipmates arriving in Melbourne from County Clare, Ireland, 55 years ago and then coming to settle in this district. Deceased was married at Port Fairy and settled down at Fala Park near Warrnambool. Subsequently the late Mr. Lane leased Thompson’s farm at Koroit where they resided for 28 years and where nearly all the members of the family were born.  

Her husband took a prominent part in local matters being one of the early directors of the Koroit Butter Factory and councilor of the borough for many years.  

Fifteen years ago the family moved to Williams Farm, Southern Cross, where the late Mr. Lane died nine years ago. Four years later Mrs. Lane and her daughters retired from an active life and returned to Koroit where deceased remained until her death.  

The late Mrs. Lane was respected and esteemed throughout the whole of the district and her passing is regretted not only by her old time associates and friends who were best acquainted with her many sterling and womanly qualities but also the younger generations who came into contact with her. She was an exemplary wife and mother, and her family today, who are following in the footsteps of their parents are acquisition to the district.  

Strange to say not one of her six brothers came to Australia whilst the five sisters all came and settled in this district.  

The funeral cortege for Mrs. Lane was one and a half miles long.

Coffin Bearers: Michael, Thomas and James - Sons, P. Wall, Dan and Thomas Lane (Killarney).  

Pall Bearers: T.Carroll, P.Carroll, M. McGann, M.Bourke, (Lake Gillear), D.Quirk, M.Moloney, (Illowa), James Lynch, M.Downey. "


Her sisters were as follows and the Family Histories were provided by Peter Brennan: 

The late Mrs. Margaret Downey. (Koroit)
Click here for Family History of James Downey & Margaret Moloney

Mrs. Mary Ryan (Formerly of Hopkins Point)
Click here for Family History of John Ryan & Mary Moloney.

Mrs. Catherine Hennessy (Crossley)
Catherine Moloney & Michael Hennessy had no children.
Click here for Family History of Michael Hennessy & Catherine Moloney.

Mrs. Bridget Quirk (Geelong).
Click here for Family History of John Quirk & Bridget Moloney.


  Details of the

  Will of Ellen Lane

dated March 3rd, 1914


First Codicil, June 6th, 1916.    Second Codicil, July 16th, 1920.

Executors: Michael Lane and Thomas Lane - Sons.

Patrick Wall – son-in-law.  


Mary Ann, Bridget and Margaret Lane to share the sum of One Thousand Three Hundred Pounds deposited in the Colonial Bank, Koroit, which was money received for land sold to Samuel Smith.  

Mary Ann, Bridget and Margaret Lane, whilst unmarried, to have the use of the house and five acres of land adjoining, including the lawn and garden together with the furniture and effects in the house but not including the barns, outbuildings and other sheds. The unmarried daughters to also have one buggy and horse and one cow to be selected by them.  

After the death of the three daughters, the five acres of land was to pass to her son Patrick Lane.  

Patrick Lane, the unsold Portion of Allotment 34, in the Parish of Yangery. The total allotment was 77 acres, 1 rood and 34 perches.  

Nazareth House, Ballarat, the sum of One Hundred Pounds.  

Elizabeth Wall, daughter, the sum of Three Hundred Pounds.  

James Lane, son, the sum of Seven Hundred Pounds.  

Parish Priest, Koroit, the sum of Ten Pounds.

Mary Ann, Bridget and Margaret Lane to receive the remainder of the estate, in equal shares, after the payment of funeral and testamentary expenses.  

First Codicil to Will. June 6th, 1916.

As my son Patrick is about to be married and I intend to let him occupy the house where I reside, I hereby revoke the life interest of my daughters in the house and five acres of land, therein mentioned and in lieu thereof I charge the land mentioned in my Will to the said Patrick Lane with the payment of Fifty Two Pounds per annum to my daughters.  

As I have already given my son James Lane the sum of Seven hundred pounds I hereby revoke the gift of Seven hundred pounds given to my said son James by my said will.  

I revoke the gift of One hundred pounds to Nazareth House and in lieu thereof I give the sum of Fifty pounds to the said Nazareth House.  

I give my shares in the Western and Murray Districts Co- operative Bacon Curing Company Limited to my said three daughters.

In all other respects, I confirm my said Will.  


Second Codicil to Will. July 16th, 1920.

Whereas in my said First Codicil I revoked the gift in my said will of One hundred pounds to Nazareth House and in lieu thereof I gave the sum of Fifty pounds to the said Nazareth House now I hereby revoke my said gift to Nazareth House aforesaid and in lieu thereof I give to my daughter Sister Angela Joseph or to the Home that she may be in at the time of my death or to Reverend Mother thereof the sum of Fifty Pounds to be paid free of Duty within twelve months after my death.  

The Inventory of Assets revealed Real Estate of 4400, being the property at Yangery, and Personal Estate of 994-16s-06

Click here for photo Of Ellen Lane.


  Family Chart

Michael Lane married Catherine Moloney, County Clare, Ireland
Thomas Lane married Elizabeth Gleeson, County Clare, Ireland
Michael Lane married Ellen Moloney, Belfast (Port Fairy), Victoria, Australia. 
Children of Michael Lane & Ellen Moloney
m Patrick Wall
m Margaret Staunton
m Ann Gleeson
Mary Ann
Did not marry
Did not marry
m Totty Willis
m Nellie Lynch
Did not marry
  Children of Michael Lane & Margaret Staunton
Patrick (Paddy) b1903 Michael
(Mickey) b1904
Mary Eileen (May) b1906 James
(Jimmy) b1907
Ellen Helena  (Lena) b1908 Thomas Francis (Frank) b1909 John
Rodney (Roddy) B1913
m Bridget Russell Did not marry m Tom Jackman m Sheila Hay m Ted Irwin m Verda Brookes m Nancy Lowry m Dorothy Benson m Nonie Comber
Children of Thomas (Frank) Lane & Verda Brookes
Allen Nil Nil Brian Ronald Gerald Susan Shirley Ian
Patricia     Francis   Geoffrey John Barry Dennis
Kevin     Joan   Margaret   Pamela Helen
Phylis         Raymond   Murray  
          Neville   Terrence  


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