George Brooks-

Emma Lines-

Frederick Winzer.

George William Brooks was born on March 8th, 1866 at Vale Street, St. Kilda, Victoria.

He was to later marry Mary Baxter.

His marriage and death certificates state his parents were James Brooks, seaman and Emma Lines.

The birth certificate for George William Brooks who was born March 8th, 1866 at Vale Street, St. Kilda, shows no father and shows his mother as Emma Lines, age 21 years, born Oxfordshire, England.
The informant was the mother Emma Lines
of Vale Street, St. Kilda.

The birth certificate of his sister Alice Maud Brooks states she was born on July 1st, 1868 at Clyde Street, St. Kilda and that her parents were James Brookes, aged 35, fisherman, born Essex England, and Emma Lines, aged 25, born London, England. 
The informant was the father James Brooks, who stated he and Emma Lines were married at Essex, England in August,1862.
He also states they had a further son, William aged 2 years.
Alice Maud Brooks died March 28th, 1944 aged 76, in Warrnambool, Victoria. She was unmarried.

The birth Certificate of his other sister, Annie Elizabeth Brooks who was born on January 12th, 1871 at Cambridge Street, Collingwood, also shows no father and the mother as Emma Brooks, age 28, born Oxfordshire, England.
Her address was given as Cambridge Street, Collingwood. The certificate shows no other children.

The Death Certificate has been found for William James Brooks, fisherman who died February 10th,1869 aged 35 years of Dysentery.

The informant was George Mock who was a neighbor of Red Bluff, Moorabbin, now a suburb of Melbourne.
He stated that William James Brooks was born in Sommersetshire, England and had lived in the Colony of Victoria for nine years.

He further states that he married Emma Lines at the age of 31 years at Portland, Victoria. and that he had two children at the time of his death -:
George William Brooks, 2 years 11 months and
Alice Maud Brooks, six months.

His parents are noted as William Brooks, Coast Guard, and Elizabeth Brooks, maiden name not known.
He was buried at the old Cheltenham Cemetery in Charman Road, Cheltenham, 67/GCE/O and G. Mook was shown as the undertaker.

On November 27th, 1872, Emma Brooks ( nee Lines), shown as being widowed in  1868, daughter of William Lines and Ann Gardner, and born at Oxfordshire, England, age 29 years with 3 children of Bedford Street, Collingwood, charwoman married Frederick Winzer, born about 1844, plasterer of Market Street, Fitzroy.
Emma's parents were shown as William Lines and Anne Gardner
whilst Frederick’s parents were Robert Winzer and Elizabeth Whaler.
Frederick was shown as being born at Surrey, England.

Emma Brooks, after marrying Frederick Winzer, settled in Warrnambool, Victoria where a further seven children were born - :

Frederick James
Mary Thompson
Fanny Maria
(8 weeks)


Charlotte Ellen
Norman Ballinger

Maria Fanny
Norman Boyle
Robert Lewis
Eva Carey

Charles Phillip
May Melville

      James Frederick Wait b1915
Lindsay Wait

  Harold Louis

John Frederick
Harold Charles


The Birth Certificate for Fanny Maria Winzer, who was born on June 3rd, 1875 at Warrnambool,
stated her father was Frederick Winzer, laborer, and 30 years of age and born in London, England. 

Her mother is stated as Emma Winzer, formerly Brooks, maiden name Lines, 31 years old and born in Somersetshire, England. The informant was the father Frederick Winzer. 

Fanny Maria died 8 weeks later, of bronchitis, on August 17th, 1875.

Emma Winzer died on November 18th, 1931 at 69 Lava Street, Warrnambool aged 88 years and was buried at Warrnambool Cemetery on November 20th, 1931.
Her death Certificate states she was born at Oxfordshire, England and had lived in Victoria for 63 years.
Her parents were William Lines and Ann Gardner.

According to the certificate her first marriage was to George Brooks  which is incorrect, at 22 years of age in Essex, England with three children surviving, George William aged 65 years, Alice Maud aged 63 years and Anne Elizabeth aged 60 years.
Her first marriage was actually to William James Brookes.

Her second marriage was to Frederick Winzer at 29 years of age at Fitzroy with five children surviving her. Two children Fannie Maria and Charlotte Ellen had by this stage died.

Frederick Winzer died November 18th, 1931 and is also buried at Warrnambool Cemetery.

A Birth Certificate has been obtained from the County of Oxford for an Emma Lines, born May 21st, 1845 at Swalcliffe, daughter of William Lines and Ann Bustry.
No certificate could be found for a daughter of William Lines and Ann Gardner.

It is not certain when Emma Lines arrived in Australia, but an Emma Lines arrived in Victoria on the "Arabian" March 12th, 1865 after departing from Liverpool on December 1st, 1864.

The shipping list for assisted passengers states Emma Lines, aged 19 years, General Servant, London, could read and write and Religion -  Church of England, was engaged by George Wilson - Portland for 6 years.

It is stated on the death certificate of William James Brooks that he married Emma Lines in Portland in 1865, however no record has been found.

No suitable record for assisted passengers could be found for an Emma Brooks or William Brooks.

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