Whilst many Lane families from Shravokee and areas around County Limerick had family members who emigrated to Australia there were a number of our Lanes who went to the USA.

Thomas Lane born 1839 who married Mary Ward stayed in Ireland whilst his brother our Michael Lane, who was born in 1838, went to Australia and subsequently married Ellen Maloney.

William Lane was born 12th January, 1884 to Thomas Lane and Mary Ward of Shravokee, County Clare.

William Lane, at the age of 28, left Shravokee for the USA.
He sailed on the SS.Cedric which left Queenstown (Cobb) , County Cork on the 18th October, 1912.

Also on the SS. Cedric was Michael  Lane, age 22 years who was probably a cousin as they both came from Shravokee.

The Shipping Register for the SS.Cedric on Page1 shows the nearest relative or friend from the Country from where the person emigrated.
William Lane gave his mothers name which was Mary Lane, Shravokee, Clonlara.

He gave his occupation as a laborer and his last Permanent Address was Clonlara.

The Shipping Register on page 2 also asks whether he was going to join a relative or friend in the USA and if so the name and complete address of the friend.
The entry is not clear but it says he was going to join a cousin William Ward 101st, New York.
William Ward would have been related to William Lane's mother Mary Ward..

William Lane , married Joanna Spaight, b 18th June 1884 in the USA, she was was the daughter of David Spaight and Margaret O' Shaughnessy of Derryfadda, Clonlara, Count Clare a townland adjacent to Shravokee.

According to he 1920 and 1930 census William and Joanna Lane lived in 1920 at 128 Baltic, Brooklyn, New York and at 232 Warren, Brooklyn, New York in 1930. He listed his occupation in both census as a butcher.

The 1930 address in the census was a building owned by James Donahue who was married to Joanna's sister Margaret Spaight.
Also living at the address was another sister of Joanna, Hanora Spaight who was married to William O' Halloran.

William and Joanna Lane had 6 children

William Lane m Joanna Spaight 18-06-1884
Margaret Lane
Thomas Lane
David Lane
Marie Lane
William Lane
James Lane

On 26th April, 1926 William Lane petitioned for USA Naturalization and stated he was a butcher residing at 128 Wyckoff St., Brooklyn, New York with his wife and children.

The following provides some detail on the Joanna Spaight family line -:

David Spaight b c1810 m Joanna O'Grady b c

John b c1834 Kate b c1840 Mary b c1843 David b c1845 James b c1847 Hanora b c 1849

David Spaight b c1845 d1932 m Margaret O'Shaugnessy b1846 d1933

m. John Feghram
James 1879
m. Anne Byrom
m. Patrick Fahey
Margaret b1885
m James Donahue
David b1887
m. Christine Fahey
Joanna b
m William Lane
Hanora b1889
m William O'Halloran
Not Known Margaret Margaret Edward David Margaret Elizabeth
    Nora Margaret John Thomas David
    John James Margaret David James
    Rita Michael Rita Marie William
    Francis   James William  
    Edna   Elizabeth James  

Note 1 -: David Spaight b1887, who was the fifth child of David Spaight and Margaret O' Shaugnessy was given the rights to the family farm at Derryfada, County Clare by his father. His brother James had purchased a ticket to the USA. David did not want the farm but James did so they traded the farm for the ticket and David walked to Cobb in County Cork and boarded the ss.Cedric and sailed for New York. He arrived on September 11th, 1910 and stayed with his sister Bridget (Bessie) in Brooklyn. He married Christine Fahey who came from Oakfield, Clonlara, County Clare in 1911. She was the sister of Patrick Fahey who married her sister Bridget Spaight. David Spaight and his wife moved to Ecorse, Michigan a suburb of Detroit where they wee married on 1st November, 1917. Click here for a photo of David Spaight's home at Derryfadda.

Note 2 -:Bridget Spaight arrived in the USA on the ss. Germanic in 18xx and stayed with a cousin in New York. She married Patrick Fahey from Oakfield, Clonlara, County Clare. They Lived in Brooklyn.

Note 3 -: Margaret Spaight b1885 arrived in the USA on the ss. Baltic and married James Donahue from Ireland.

Note 4 -: Hanora Spaight b1889 was the youngest child and she married William O'Halloran in Ireland and had two children whilst living in Ireland, Elizabeth and David. They arrived in New York in 1925 aboard the ss.Coronia. Hanora or Nora as she was known was pregnant with their 3rd child Margaret during the voyage. Nora and William had two other children James and William. in 1830 James and Margaret Donahue purchased a house in Brooklyn and rented out an apartment to William and Joanna Lane and an apartment to William and Nora O'Halloran. Sometime after 1930 William and Nora O'Halloran dropped the "O" from their surname and became Halloran.

Note 5 -: Margaret Spaight daughter of James Spaight b1889 and Anne Byron married ?Daly and was the last to live on the Derryfadda farm.
she died in 2009 or 2010. James Spaight died 9th November, 1964. Click here for photo of headstone.

Residents of  House 7 in Derryfadda (Cappavilla) Clare.  

Spaight David 56 Head of Family Co. Clare Farmer Married
Spaight Margaret 55 Wife Co. Clare -  
Spaight James 20 Son Co. Clare Farmer's Son Not Married
Spaight Joanna 18 Daughter Co. Clare Farmer's Daughter Not Married
Spaight Margaret 16 Daughter Co. Clare Farmer's Daughter Not Married
Spaight David 14 Son Co. Clare Scholar Not Married
Spaight Hanora 12 Daughter Co. Clare Scholar Not Married


The Shipping Manifest for the ss. Cedric which travelled to the USA in October, 1912 showed immediately above William Lane another passenger Michael Lane, aged 25, a Grocers Assistant.

His father John Lane , Clonlara, County Clare was shown as next of kin.
The Manifest showed he was going to join his brother Joseph Lane at The Causeway Hotel in Carmel, New York.

Michael & Joseph Lane were the sons of John & Hanora Lane of Shravokee, County Clare.
It is unknown when Joseph Lane arrived in the USA but he did not appear in either the 1901 or the 1911 Irish census of his parents house.


Residents of a house 1 in Srawickeen (Cappavilla, Clare)

Surname Forename Age Relationship Birthplace Occupation Marital Status
Dillon Patrick 80 Head Of Family Co. Limerick Farmer Widower
Lane John 54 Son in Law Co. Clare Farmer Married
Lane Hanora 53 Daughter Co. Limerick       - Married
Lane Mary 23 Daughter Co. Clare Farmers Daughter Not Married
Lane Bridget 22 Grand Daughter Co. Clare National Teacher Not Married
Lane Patrick 21 Grand Son Co. Clare Farmers Son Not Married
Lane Catherine 19 Grand Daughter Co. Clare Farmers Daughter Not Married
Lane Michael J. 13 Grand Son Co. Clare Scholar Not Married

At the time of the 1911 census John Lane was listed as Head of Family with only 3 children living with him. Patrick, Mary and Catherine.

Joseph Lane who was born 4th February, 1874 according to his US World War 1 Draft Registration was a Laborer residing at 231 Harrison Street, Brooklyn and he was a laborer at the New York Athletic Club.
He listed his brother Michael Lane as next of kin.

Michael Lane who was born 11th October, 1887 according to his US World War 1 Draft Registration was a salesman also living at 231 Harrison Street, Brooklyn.

According to the 1920 USA Census,  Michael & Joseph Lane were boarders at 231 Harrison Street, Brooklyn. Another boarder was Thomas Atwaters.

According to the 1930 USA Census, Michael Lane, aged 44, was now living at 212 Harrison Street, Brooklyn and was married to Catherine Tracy, aged 38.
They had a daughter Mary age 7, and Mary Tracy his mother in law, who was aged 71, and born in Ireland, was living with them.
There were two boarders.

Another passenger on the ss Cedric was Delia Lane daughter of Patrick Lane & Mary Keane.

Patrick Lane & Mary Anne Kean Of Shravokee had two daughters Margaret and Delia (Bridgit) who immigrated to the USA.

Residents of a house
8 in Srawickeen (Cappavilla, Clare)

Patrick Lane died prior to the 1901 census which showed the following family members -:

Surname Forename Age Relationship Birthplace Occupation Marital Status
Lane Anne 51 Head of Family Co. Clare Farmer Widow
Lane James 25 Son Co. Clare Farmers Son Not Married
Lane Anne 19 Daughter Co. Clare Farmers Daughter Not Married
Lane Margaret 18 Daughter Co. Clare Farmers Daughter Not Married
Lane Mary 17 Daughter Co. Clare Farmers Daughter Not Married
Lane Bridget (Delia) 15 Daughter Co. Clare Farmers Daughter Not Married

Mary Anne stated in the 1911 census she had 7 children all of whom were still living although only 5 were living with her at the time of the 1901 census.

By the time of the 1911 census one of the daughters Margaret had immigrated to the USA and after the 1911 census Delia followed.

Bridget was shown as 23 years old at the time of the 1911 census.
She was a passenger on the ss Cedric which arrived in New York in 1912, aged 24 and stated her mother was Mary Lane from Shravokee, Clonlara, County Clare and she was going to meet her sister Maggie Lane in Brooklyn..

Margaret and Delia both married in the USA.

Margaret Lane married Martin Madden. Margaret Lane was baptised in 1880.
Click here for photo of Margaret Lane & Martin Madden.
Martin Madden was born near Clonlara To Daniel Madden & Mary Shehan.
He was baptised Nov 5th, 1868.
Martin died 26th September, 1945. Click here for Headstone.

Delia Lane married Dan Clancy. They did not have any family.

Click here for photo of Margaret and Delia Lane with their mother. This photo was taken on the day before they immigrated to the USA (New York).

Delia's address in the USA was 31 Sterling Place, Brooklyn 17, New York.

Margaret's address was 245-12 Newhall Ave. Rosedale, New York.
Margaret's obituary notice was in the Long Island Press on 17th December, 1966 and read -:
Margaret Madden (nee Lane) on December 16th, 1966. Beloved wife of the late Martin, devoted mother of Martin J. and James P. loving sister of Mrs. Delia Clancy also survived by four grandchildren. Reposing at Rosedale Funeral Home 245-01 Francis Lewis Boulevard (at Sunrise Highway), Rosedale, LI. Solemn requiem mass Monday, 9.45am. St. Pius X. RC. Church. Internment Holy Cross Cemetery.
Family will receive friends 2-5pm and 7-10pm.

According to her Death Certificate she had resided in New York for 60 years.

Interred in Plot No. 93-95 with Margaret are -: 
Martin Madden d.26th September, 1945, aged 75.
Daniel P. Clancy d.24 November, 1954 aged 63.
Bridget Clancy d.9 December, 1972 aged 88.
Catherine Madden d. 21 February, 1991 aged 68.

Click here for Family Memorial Card

No shipping records can be located for Margaret but one possibility can be found for Delia.

The ss. Cedric arrived in New York on 26th October,1912 also with Delia Lane age 24, (b1888).The manifest (Line 3) stated her nearest relative was John Lane, Shravokee, Clonlara, County Clare and with a destination Brooklyn..
She stated she was going to join her Sister, Maggie (Margaret) Lane in Brooklyn.   

Michael Lane b20/11/1875 and his sister Agnes Lane (Neville) b27/031878 were children of Patrick Lane & Mary Lynch of Limerick.
Patrick Lane b1849 was born at Shravokee and was a son of Thomas Lane b1818.
He was a brother to Michael Lane b1838 who came to Australia and married Ellen Moloney.



Residents of a house 8 in Roches Street (Shannon Ward No. 8 Limerick City, Limerick)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation Birthplace Occupation Marital Status
Lane Patrick 57 Male Head of Family Starvoice, Clare Victualler Married
Lane Mary 54 Female Wife Limerick   Married
Lane Mary Agnes 21 Female Daughter City Of Limerick   Not Married
Lane Kathleen 23 Female Daughter City Of Limerick   Not Married
Lane Michael Joseph 22 Male Son City Of Limerick   Not Married

Agnes Lane married John Joseph Neville after she emigrated to Chicago.
It is believed she arrived on the ss. Caronia on the 16th October, 1907 and she was to meet a cousin Mrs. Kelly of Greenwood Avenue, Chicago.
John Joseph Neville was from Rathkeale, County Limerick and was born 16th July, 1885 as noted on his Draft Registration Card.
There were two children Dennis Lane b1912 who died during World War 2 on October 21, 1944 and John Vincent Neville b1913 who married Vivian Faulkner in 1937.
They had a son John Vincent Neville born 28th Sept, 1938

The Arrival List & The Ship's Manifest, Line 15, for the Saxonia which arrived in New York on the 10th October, 1911 lists Michael Lane, aged 27, laborer,
It shows his nearest relative as his sister Kathleen Coleman of Limerick.
It further shows he was to meet his sister Agnes Neville of Chicago.
Michael Lane lived with his sister for many years according to the Census in 1920 and 1940. He did not marry.


                                                        IRISH CENSUS 1901

Residents of a house 38 in Clare Street (Limerick No. 1, Limerick)

Surname Forename Age Relation to Head Birthplace Occupation
Lane Michael 52 Head of Family Co. Clare           -
Lane Joanna 39 Wife Co. Limerick           -
Lane Catherine P 23 Daughter Co. Clare           -
Lane John 17 Son Co. Clare Scholar
Lane Edward 16 Male Co. Clare Scholar
Lane Thomas 14 Male Co. Clare Scholar
Lane James 8 Male Limerick City Scholar
Lane William 6 Male Limerick City Scholar
Lane Nora 4 Female Limerick City        -
Lane Alice 2 Female Limerick City        -
Lane Francis   Male Limerick City        -

dward Lane (Ned) was born 1885 to Michael Lane & Joanna O'Grady of Parteen.
He went to Chicago c1908 and married at age 33, Margaret Butler on the 17th April, 1918 at Butte, Silver Bow, Montana.
There were no children to this marriage.
Ned returned to Ireland in 1958 and died approximately 6 years later in America.
Click here for Photo of Ned Lane and Alice Ryan nee Lane and two of her daughters and again Ned Lane with four of Alice's daughters.

His brother Frank Lane was born 10th July, 1900 and he also travelled to the USA.
He married Lucille ? and had at least one son who was an attorney.
Frank Lane died age 42, on 21st June 1943, at Salt Lake City, Utah.

Another brother Thomas Lane was born 1886 and arrived in New York on ss Celtic on 17th November, 1911.
The manifest stated he was to travel to Chicago to his brother Edward (Ned) Lane. 

Another Lane who emigrated to the USA was James T Lane who was the son of Thomas Lane & Ellen Moloney of Shravokee, County Clare..
He was born c1842 and was a brother of Roger Lane (4) and Margaret Lane (5) both of whom came to Victoria, Australia and settled in the Koroit area.
James T Lane had a very interesting life in the USA and his Obituary was written up in the Koroit Sentinel, as per the attached link, on June27th,1908.
There is some doubt re his American Civil War Service as the dates appear a bit strange.

The Civil War took place from 1861 to 1865.
From his Death Certificate it would appear that James arrived in the USA about 1865 aged 19 (Towards the end on the war).
He lived 43 years in the USA in Westchester, New York.

James T Lane married Henrietta McNamara in Ireland in 1863 based on Census data and arrived in New York possibly on the ss Grey Manning on 28th May 1863.
Henrietta and daughter , Mary Jane arrived in 1864.
He died 3rd April,1908 at Lane Ave, Winchester, New York.
According to the Various Census he was a Grocer and a Newspaper Editor. and his daughter married Thomas J McMahon.

Census 1870.
He lived at 88th St. Manhattan, New York and his occupation was listed as "Keeps Store". His children are listed as Mary Jane and Timothy.

Census 1880.
His occupation was listed as Grocer. His children are listed as Mary Jane, Margaret, Emaline and Vincent.
Timothy does not appear on the 1880 or 1900 Census so assume he was deceased at an early age.

Census 1900
Timothy is now living with Henrietta at Lane Ave, Village of Westchester, Bronx, New York, and his occupation is listed as Grocer/Editor.
His children are listed as Mary Jane, Margaret, Emaline & Vincent.
The census states Henrietta was the mother of 11 children with only 4 living.

Census 1910
The USA Census of 1910 lists the following -:

Thomas McMahon Head 28 New York Farmer General Farmer
Ella McMahon Sister 26 New York None  
Joseph McMahon Brother 22 New York Railway Agent ???
Emma Lane Cousin 27 New York None  
Joseph Lane Cousin 36 New York Clerk Hotel
Henrietta Lane Aunt 63 Ireland None  

All of the above listed their parents as being born in Ireland.
Joseph Lane from Limerick, arrived in the USA on the ss. Oceanic on the !8th November 1900, he was listed as 26 years of age (b1874), travelling to New York and his passage fee of $10 was paid by himself. He was to join his Uncle, James Lane of Main Street, Westchester.
He is listed on Line 7 on the ships manifest.

Census 1920.
This census shows Joseph Lane living with his brother Michael Lane and also shows Joseph as born in Ireland


James T Lane b May, 1842 County Clare m Henrietta McNamara, 1863 in Ireland
Children -:
Name Date of Birth Born Died Comments.
Mary Jane Lane July 1864 Ireland 25/02/1941 Residence
1413 Williams Bridge Rd.
Bronx, New York
Timothy Lane 1869 New York   Presumed died at early age.
Margaret (Maggie) Lane August 1876 New York 09/06/1908 Residence
Main St. Westchester, New York.
Emaline (Emma) Lane February, 1878 New York    
Vincent Lane August, !879. New York 03/11/1908 Residence
Lane Ave. Westchester Square,
Bronx, New York


On June 19th, 1911 Emma (Emmaline) Lane married her cousin Thomas J McMahon aged 30 years from Carmel. His occupation was Hotel ?. 
His parents were listed as John McMahon and Mary Lane, both born in Ireland.
The parents of Emma Lane were listed as James T Lane and Henrietta Lane both born in Ireland.
She was also from from Carmel and was 25 years of age. her birthplace was shown as Rochester, New York.

THE PUTNAM COUNTY COURIER of Carmel, New York, dated Friday 24th March,1911 advised -:
Mrs. Henrietta Lane died at the Causeway Hotel on Saturday, March 18th, 1911.
Mrs. Lane was the widow of the late James T Lane of West Chester, in the Bronx and the body was taken from there on Tuesday for the solemn mass of requiem at St. Raymond's Church and internment.
She has lived in Carmel for about one year with her daughter Miss Emma Lane and only slightly known among our people.
Within 18 months, father, mother, son and daughter have now died in this family.
She was an aunt of Thomas McMahon of the Causeway Hotel and Joseph T McMahon, railroad agent of Carmel.  

Information from The Bronx Historical Society.
Lane Avenue (West Chester Square) was named after James T Lane.
Lane Avenue was once the boundary of John T Ade's property. It was acquired in 1909 by the City and laid out and paved a year later
James T Lane Had a grocery store and owned a large building the south side of Westchester Square.
The Lane family are buried at t. Raymond Cemetery in the Bronx.

Observations on the James T Lane Obituary which appeared in the Koroit Sentinel.
No record of a Colonel James T Lane during the Civil War.
James T Lane emigrated to the USA in 1863 as a 21 year old. Civil War was from 1861 to 1865.and it is unlikely a 21 year old emirant could organise a regiment in that time.
There were several New York Governors during the civil War but no Governor Dix. John Adams Dix was Governor from 1873 to 1875. At the start of the Civil War he was appointed  Major General in the New York Militia and was involved in the suppression of the New York Draft Riots in July 1863.
French's Hotel (where James T Lane worked was next door to the Tammany Hotel, which was the headquarters of the Democratic Party. Perhaps it was while at French's Hotel, that James became interested in the Tammany Society and the Democrat Party.
Tammany Hall, also known as the Society of St. Tammany, the Sons of St Tammany, or the Columbian Order, was a New York City political organization of the Democratic Party helping immigrants, most notably the Irish, rise up in American politics from 1790's to the 1960's.
Jame's 'warm friend" Cellie P Huntington would have been Collie Potter Huntington who was one of the 'Big Four" in western American railroading and an influential political figure. there are many towns and monuments named after him..

  The New York Times Reported on 11th August, 1898.

                 TO BE ISSUED EVERY DAY.
Tammany Hall is to have a new organ in the Borough of the Bronx in which to print its lists of appointments and incidentally city advertising at the rate of 35 cents a line. It will be printed daily, and will be known as the The Westchester Independent and Bronx Borough Democrat.
While the paper will be a daily it is already an established weekly. For fifteen years it has appeared regularly, edited and owned by James T. Lane, who is also the proprietor of a butcher's shop and a grocery store, two of the largest establishments in the village of Westchester.
Mr. Lane has been a resident in the village for thirty years , and is a prominent member of the Tammany Hall General Committee.
When seen at his butchers shop yesterday afternoon he said:
"Yes, i'm going to branch out with a daily about the first of the month, and have got 11000 names on the subscription list already.
All this talk about me being a great friend of Richard Croker's is rot. I believe i have met him, and that's all. Of course i expect to get considerable city advertising. I get it now, but I can print more of it in a daily.
There is one party in Westchester who does not take kindly to the enterprise shown by Mr. Lane. It is the editor of the Westchester Globe, the opposition sheet, whose office is in the rear of Jim Lee's Chinese Laundry. He gave vent to his sarcasm in the following editorial, published in the last edition of his sheet:
                           WOW, WOW, WOW
Look out for the Daily Independent, scheduled for next week. the entire force of a big ............


Special thanks to John Lane & Greg Carey who provided most of the Info on James T Lane.

Lane Births, Marriages & Deaths from Doonass & Limerick Records.

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