Shravokee and surrounding areas.

There were a number of other Lane families who lived in Shravokee and in surrounding areas like Clonlara, Parteen, Quinpool and across the County Clare border into County Limerick who are all all related in some way.

DNA genetic Data Testing in 2018 by Family Tree DNA with their Family Search program, coupled with the Gedmatch Program, has proved that these families are very closely related to the Shravokee Lane Families..


There is a headstone in the Lane Cemetery at Teampail near the 1855 Lane Farms listed in the Griffiths Valuation.

It reads -:

and their COUSIN

in memory of
who departed this life
10th February 1855
aged 45 years

This headstone appears to link the Lanes who held land in the Griffiths Valuation of 1855.
The property which James Lane held after probate passed to his wife Anne Lane (Malone).
Margaret Lane & Mary Anne Lane who came to Australia and married the Gleeson Brothers were Grandchildren.
It is believed this is the farm listed as
House 8 below in the 1901 Census for Srawickeen (Cappavilla, Clare).

The Thomas Lane's listed on the Headstone are believed to be Thomas Lane (Mulqueeney) and Thomas Lane (Moloney) who both occupied farms Shravokee and Mt. O'Donnell in the Griffiths Valuation of 1855.

The Patrick Lane listed on the headstone would be Pat Lane of Quinpool listed below.
The Griffiths Valuation shows that Patrick Lane shared 21 acres at Garraun with Michael Madden.
On December 6th, 1851 Michael Madden of Quinpool married Margaret Malone of Shravokee.
Witnesses were Patt Lane & Anne Lane of Shravokee.   

Ann Lane (Malone) and Margaret Malone were both from Shravokee and would have been sisters.

Electoral Registry
for Cloonlara 1870.showing various Lane holdings in Shravokee and Quinpool.

The obituary Of Patrick Lane, in the Limerick Chronicle, who died in 1905, aged 95 links together three Lane families who resided in Rivers (Quinpool), Dunnaman (Donaman) Parteen and Rivers (Ballyvarra) all of which are very close to Shravokee and the County Clare and County Limerick border.
When we include the obituary of Thomas Lane who died in Victoria, Australia the following family tree is a real possibility.


Patrick Lane (Quinpool) b1810 d1905
m Ellen Madden
John Lane (Firhill, Parteen)
m Mary Hogan
Michael Lane b1788 (Shravokee)
m Catherine Moloney
Children Children Children
Patrick Lane b1855 (Quinpool) m Joanna McGrath
John Lane b1848 (Donnaman) m Margaret Toomy
Thomas b1845 (Rivers) m Winifred Ryan?
Etc Etc
Mary Ann Lane b1834
Michael Lane (Parteen) b1847
m 1. Mary Madden
     2.Joanna O'Grady
James Lane b1816 (Aust) DNM
Patrick Lane b1817 (Aust) DNM
Thomas Lane b1818 (Shrav)m Elizabeth Gleeson
John Lane b1825 (Aust) m Sarah Darcy

(6km from Shravokee)

The Quinpool Lane's are listed in the Griffiths Valuation of 1852 under the name of Patrick Lean who held 44 acres.


The 1901 Census showed the father Patrick Lane aged 85, born in County Clare, a widower, and farmer now living at Quinpool North (Ballyglass) in County Clare. His son Patt and his family were also living with him.

Children born to Pat Lane and Ellen Madden from Baptismal Records, Parteen Parish, County Clare.:

Margaret Thomas Patrick John Catherine Michael Mary Patrick Ellen Bridget Josephine
b26-11-1844 21-11-1845 11-03-1847 25-02-1848 14-10-1849 20-11-1851 08-05-1853 01-12-1855 21-07-1857 19-11-1858  
Michael Madden
Catherine Fitzgerald
John Madden
Joanna Scott
Patrick Lane
Ellen Woods
James Lane
Catherine Lane
Michael Madden
Helena Woods
Thomas Lane
Winifred Murphy
Mary Lane John Lane
Margaret Lane
John Lane
Margaret Lane
Patrick Madden Catherine Lane

Catherine Lane married Thomas Collopy.

Bridget Lane married Tim Humphrys of Glenstal. Details of this family can be found at -:

The 1901 census shows they lived in a Class 1 house, which was not at all common in those days, in fact there were only two Class 1 houses in the Townland.
The house had 10 windows in the front and was probably of brick construction with a slate, iron or tiled roof and it had 11 rooms.
The farm had 2 Stables, 1 Coach House, 3 Cow sheds, 1 Calf House, 2 Piggeries, 1 Fowl House, 1 Turf Shed, 1 Shed and a store.

The 1901 census at Quinpool North (Ballyglass) in County Clare shows -:

Residents of a house 1 in Quinpool North (Ballyglass, Clare)
(6km from Shravokee)


Surname Forename Age Relation to Head Birthplace Occupation
Lane Patt 85 Head of Family Co. Clare Farmer
Lane Patt 45 Son Co. Clare Farmer
Lane Joanna 36 Daughter-in-Law Co. Limerick Farmers Wife
Lane Ellen 12 Grand Daughter Co. Clare School Child
Lane Hannie 11 Grand Daughter Co. Clare School Child
Lane Rita 10 Grand Daughter Co. Clare School Child
Lane Patt 9 Grand Son Co. Clare School Child
Lane Josie 7 Grand Daughter Co. Clare School Child
Lane Agnes 1 Grand Daughter Co. Clare School Child
Lane Thomas 1 Grand Son Co. Clare School Child
Cloghessy Maria 18 Servant Co. Clare Servant
Kenny Maria 20 Servant Co. Tipperary Servant
Morran Joseph 40 Servant Co. Limerick Servant
Fitzgibon Patt 36 Servant Co. Limerick Servant

After the death of Pat Lane, senior, the farm was occupied and operated  by his son, Patrick Lane b1855.. 

The obituary Of Patrick Lane who died in 1905, aged 95, in the Limerick Chronicle on 25th march, 1905, links together the four Lane families who resided in Rivers (Quinpool), Dunnaman (Donaman) and Parteen all of which are very close to Shravokee and the County Clare and County Limerick border.

The obituary states -:

Funeral of Mr. Patrick Lane.
It is with feelings of deepest regret that we announce the death of Mr. Patrick Lane, which event occurred , as already reported in The Leader, on Wednesday morning last, at the residence of his son, Mr. Patrick Lane, DC, Quinpool, Co Clare.
The deceased, who had reached the great age of 95 years, came of a most Influential County Clare and Limerick family, and was highly respected by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.
The late Mr. Lane was father of Mr. Thomas Lane, Vice - Chairman, Limerick Board of Guardians and of Mr. Patrick Lane a member of the same board., and his connections extended to the oldest and most respected families of the Counties of Clare and Limerick.
The Funeral

The funeral took place on Friday from Parteen Parish Church, after Solemn Requiem High Mass, the internment being at the family Family burial ground at Thumplemoughal.

At the high mass the following priests were present.
Rev. Fathers Lane celebrant; Deacon Rev Father O'Rea, Sub Deacon; Rev Father O'Dwyer;  Master of Ceremonies, Rev Father Hogan; and the choir were Rev Father Wallace, Rev Father Hayes, Rev Father Russell, Rev Father Hennessy, Rev Father Hartigan. 

The funeral procession, which was the largest and most representative witnessed in the County Limerick or County Clare for many years reached from the chapel to the burial ground and testified to the high respectability of the deceased and his family. as well as their great popularity in city and county.  

The chief mourners included -: Messrs John, Patrick and Thos. Lane (sons), Michael Lane (nephew). Rev. Father Lane and Dr. Jeremiah Lane (grandsons) James and William O'Connor (sons-in-law), Masters Patrick, Thomas and Joseph Collopy (Grandsons), . Masters James Humphreys, Michael Collopy, Patrick Lane and Thomas Lane (grandsons), Dr. McGrath, Messrs James Hurley, John Madden DC, John Lane and P. Madden and John Madden (Relatives).

Carriages were sent by Mrs. O'Brien, South Hill; Mrs. Hayes, Frederick Street ,Limerick, Wm O'Connell, Thomas Street, Limerick; T. Lane, Rivers; Mrs. O'Sullivan, Roxborough Road, Limerick  and Messrs. Griffin, Gerald Griffin Street, Limerick;

See photo Of Pat Lane taken approx 1905.

The son JOHN LANE b1849 farmed at Dunnaman, Limerick.
Refer obituary for his brother Thomas Lane 22 Sept, 1914.

The son Thomas Lane b1847 farmed at Rivers, near Lisnagry, Limerick.
Refer same Obituary.

The son Patrick Lane b1855 married Joanna McGrath in Feb, 1888 and stayed on the farm in Quinpool.
He subsequently leaves the farm to his son Thomas Lane b1900.

The nephew shown in the obituary M. Lane is believed to be Michael Lane the son of the late John Lane of Firhill House, Parteen.

Rev Father Lane would have been Joseph Lane the son of John Lane.

Dr. Jeremiah Lane would have been the son of John Lane.

The three sons as well as being farmers were all prominent in the area being DC's (District Councilors - Local Politicians)

The headstone of Patrick Lane  reads -:

Pat Lane (Quinpool) 1810-1905 aged 95 years.
and his wife Ellen (nee Madden)


Patrick Lane's date of birth is subject to conjecture as he is listed in the 1901 census as being 89 years old, that is born 1812. 

The Obituary for Joanna Lane appeared in the Limerick Chronicle on the 24th May, 1941.

The 1911 Census shows his son Patrick Lane b1855, wife Joanna McGrath with 7 children and a servant operating the farm.
It is also stated in the census that they had been married for 22 years and had 13 children of whom 10 were still living.
Patrick Lane married Joanna McGrath, of Drominboy, on 7th February, 1888.

Patrick Lane b1855 died in July, 1927 and his obituary appeared in the Limerick Chronicle as follows-:

Death of Mr. P Lane.

We regret to announce the death, which took place today at his residence, Quinpool, Limerick of  Mr. Patrick Lane, who in Limerick and Clare was held in the highest esteem by a wide circle of friends. He farmed extensively, was a member of the Farmers Union and was also for many years a valued member of the old Limerick Board of Guardians and No 2 District Council.

Pat Lane is buried with many of his family at Mt St Lawrence Cemetery, Limerick. See photo of Headstone.

See photo of Pat Lane 1855-1927.

See photo of children of Pat Lane 1855-1927 described as cousins of Dr. William Lane of Donaman.

See Family Wedding photo of Mamie Lane & Denis Kelly with brothers &sisters..   

See photo of Parteen Rugby team 1902-1910 approx. Reference made to Bill Lane (IRA connection) .probably related to Michael Lane of Firhill. 


(2km from Shravokee)


One of our early arrivals to Victoria was Thomas Lane who farmed at Crossley.

His obituary stated he was the eldest son of John Lane and Mary Hogan, of Firhill, County Limerick
He married Margaret Lane
, daughter of Thomas Lane and Ellen Maloney, of Shravokee, County Clare, on 14th July, 1877 at St. Joseph's Church, Warrnambool, Victoria.
He was 34 years old and a farmer from Tower Hill and she was 21 years old and a farmer's daughter.  
Witnesses at the wedding were a Michael Lane and Mary Anne Lane.

His obituary stated –
An old and respected colonist died at his residence, Crossley, on the 13
th inst., in the person of Mr. Thomas Lane, who arrived in Victoria about 54 years ago. He was identified with the early days of the gold diggings and 35 years ago he purchased land at Crossley, where he was engaged in farming until the time of his death, which occurred at the age of 74 years. He leaves a widow and grown up family to mourn their loss. The late Mr. Lane was the eldest son of Mr. John Lane of Firhill, County Limerick, Ireland and was very highly respected throughout the district. The funeral took place last Saturday, when considerably over 100 vehicles followed the remains to their last resting place, the procession being about a mile and a half in length. The Rev. P. Lennon conducted the service at the grave.

Whilst the obituary stated he was the eldest son of Mr. John Lane of Firhill, County Limerick, this is the same as Firhill, Parteen, County Clare which is just across the border from County Limerick.
Parteen was previously known as Ardnacrusha.


We know that Michael Lane age 21, born approx 1846 a farmer of Parteen, and a son of John Lane of Firhill, who was also a farmer married on the 10th October, 1867, Mary Madden age 21, the daughter of Michael Madden of Parteen in the Roman Catholic Chapel at Parteen.
Witnesses were Thomas Lane and James Madden.

This John Lane, the father of Michael, was also the father of Thomas Lane who came to Victoria.
It is known that the mother of Thomas Lane who came to Victoria was Mary Hogan.

We also know that John Lane was farming in Parteen in 1843 and, in 1867 at the time of his son's wedding he was still at Parteen.
It is believed John Lane died approximately 1874 and is most likely buried in the Shravokee cemetery.
John Lane & Mary Hogan are known to have had a daughter Mary Anne Lane who was baptised on 20th January, 1834 at St Patrick's  Church, Limerick.

The Griffith's Valuation of 1852 actually listed John Lane as John Leyne of the Townland of Gortatogher, in the Parish of St Patrick's, Limerick. Whilst Griffith's lists the farm in Limerick it is actually over the border in the County of Clare.
He was sharing 52 acres with Mary Buckley, Patrick Buckley & Honoria McNamara.

Turning now to the son Michael Lane -:

 Michael Lane was born 1846, and at age 21 married Mary Madden on October 10, 1867 She passed away and he married Johanna O'Grady about 1882. She was born 1862 in Blackwater, Limerick.

In the 1901 census Michael & Joanna were living in Clare Street, Limerick.
According to the 1901 census they were living in an 8 room, Class 1 house with a thatched roof and with 6 windows in the front.

Residents of a house 38 in Clare Street (Limerick No. 1, Limerick)

Surname Forename Age Relation to Head Birthplace Occupation
Lane Michael 52 Head of Family Co. Clare           -
Lane Joanna 39 Wife Co. Limerick           -
Lane Catherine P 23 Daughter Co. Clare           -
Lane John 17 Son Co. Clare Scholar
Lane Edward 16 Male Co. Clare Scholar
Lane Thomas 14 Male Co. Clare Scholar
Lane James 8 Male Limerick City Scholar
Lane William 6 Male Limerick City Scholar
Lane Nora 4 Female Limerick City        -
Lane Alice 2 Female Limerick City        -
Lane Francis   Male Limerick City        -

According to the 1911 census Michael had been married to Joanna for 29 years.

This census also stated he was the father of 19 children and 17 were still alive at the time of the census.
It further stated that Joanna had 10 children of whom 9 were still alive.
Edward was not shown in the 2011 Census.
Hence is assumed that Michael Lane and the late Mary Madden had 9 children and 8 of them were still alive in 1911 at the time of the census.
It is believed that John, b1883 was the eldest child of the second marriage.

Michael Lane and Mary Madden had nine children of which eight can be identified..

John Lane Mary Lane Michael Lane Michael Lane Catherine Lane Patrick Lane Julia Lane Winifred Lane
b04-09-1868 b26-02-1870 b23-01-1870 b11-08-1871 b08-03-1873 b12-02-1875 b29-07-1876 b30-03-1879
James Madden
Catherine Ryan
  Michael Ryan
Catherine Lane
Thomas Grady
Honoria McNamara
John Lane
Mary Lane
Patrick Lane
Ellen Lane
James Lane
Bridget Lane
Pat Lane
Bridget Lane

Note 1-:The Parteen Parish Registers show Baptism entries for two Michael Lane's,
It is assumed the first Michael Lane baptised February 1870 may have died as an infant. Sponsors were Michael Ryan & Catherine Lane.
The second Michael Lane was baptised in August 1871. Sponsors were Thomas O'Grady & Honoria McNamara.
In accordance with Irish naming patterns the second son is named after the Mothers father - Michael Madden.
The third son is named after the Father, so,  that may be the reason the name was duplicated. 

Note 2-:The Family Search website shows Mary Lane baptised 26-02-1870 but this Baptism cannot be found in the Parish Register.

In 1894 at the time of his 16 year old daughter Winifred's death Michael is described as the Rate Collector and his address was given as 38 Clare Street, Limerick.

It is known that Julia Lane was a primary school teacher who at the time of both census was living with her sister Bridget.
Julia Lane later married Patrick Stephens.

The obituary for their son Patrick Lane b1875 who died 15th November,1902 appeared in the Limerick Chronicle as follows -:

We regret to announce the death of Mr. Patrick Lane, Jnr, which took place at his residence on Saturday morning. Deceased who was recently married was the son of Mr. Michael Lane, late County Rate Collector , with whose family the greatest sympathy is felt in their affliction. The funeral took place yesterday and was largely attended.

Patrick Lane's daughter Ivy Lane was living with Michael Lane at the time of the 1911 census.

Their son Michael Lane b1871 married Annie McNamara, he became Assistant Master of the Limerick Union.
The family is shown in the 1911 Census residing at Limerick North.
His obituary in the Limerick Leader on April 10th, 1937 stated that his remains were interred in the Family burial place at Gillogue, (Teampaill).
This is the cemetery at Shravokee where all the Lanes are buried and this is the first reference that the Parteen Lanes are also interred at Teampail. 
The obituary also states that relatives at the funeral included Father Joseph Lane and Doctor William Lane who were Dunaman Lanes further proving the family relationships.
Father Joseph Lane officiated at the funeral.

The obituary of his wife Annie Lane who died 18th November 1934 appeared in the Limerick Leader and showed an extended family.
Annie Lane was buried with the McNamara Family at Bunratty. 


Michael Lane and Joanna O'Grady had 9 children -:


John Lane Edward Lane Thomas Lane Bridget (Delia) Lane James Lane William Michael Lane Hanora (Nora) Lane Alice Lane Francis Lane
b19-09-1883 b29-01-1895 b02-10-1886 b15-08-1888 b01-08-1892 b29-09-1894 b29-09-1896 b1898 b10-07-1900

d1908 - Chicago
m Margaret Butler
of Wisconsin. USA
Went to Chicago

Chicago USA



mPatrick Ryan
of Scarriff
m Lucille Bratton.
Salt Lake City
Sponsors at Baptism
Patrick Lane
Catherine Lane
John O'Grady
Mary Lane
Michael O' Grady
Catherine Lane
Michael Lane
Honora McNamara

The obituary of their son John Lane b1883 who died in 1919 appeared in the Limerick Chronicle on the 18th February, 1919 -:

Genuine regret is felt in the city at the death of Mr. John Lane, Parteen, which occurred after a brief illness, following an attack of influenza at St John's Hospital on Sunday morning. The deceased was a son of the late M. M. Lane, rate collector, Clare Street and brother of Mr. M. Lane, Assistant Master Limerick Workhouse. He was for many years a clerk in the City Rate Collector's Office, Town Hall and was keenly devoted to outdoor pastimes. He was a prominent member of the Landsdowne Football Club and for two years he captained the team with a great measure of success. His death in the prime of life caused a great affliction to his relatives and a wide circle of friends who held him in high esteem for his many fine qualities and kindly and affable disposition.
The funeral took place this morning from St John's Cathedral for Gillogue Cemetery, after Requiem Mass. The chief mourners were three brothers and three sisters of the deceased and a number of relatives. The clergy in attendance were - Rev fathers Russell, PP Parteen, O'Carroll, CC, St Johns; Rice, CC, do, and the Very Rev. F Hennessy, Prior OSA. Their was a large gathering of friends, including the Mayor, members of the Corporation, and Volunteers. Father Russell officiated at the cemetery.

Their daughter Alice Lane b1898 married Patrick Ryan in 1933 at Scarriff. He was the son of Patrick Ryan and Anne O'Riley.

Edward Lane (Ned) was born 1885.
He went to Chicago c1908 and married at age 33, Margaret Butler of Wisconsin, on the 17th April, 1918 at Butte, Silver Bow, Montana.
Click here for Montana Marriage License detail.
There were no children to this marriage. Click here for 1930 USA Census detail.
Ned returned to Ireland in 1958 and died approximately 6 years later in America.
He died in 1960 and is buried at St Paul's Cemetery at Genesee, Waukesha, Wisconsin.
Click here for Photo of Ned Lane and Alice Ryan nee Lane and two of her daughters and again Ned Lane with four of Alice's daughters.

Bridget (Delia) Lane was born 1888 and arrived in New York on ssCarmania on19th April 1911.
The shipping manifest on Page1 stated her age was 21 and her father was Michael Lane of Firhill, County Clare and that her destination was Chicago.
The manifest on Page 2 states she was to meet her brother Edmund (Edward) Lane of 743 Pier Street Chicago.
Delia Lane died on 22nd June 1913. The informant was Miles Lane who said she was living at 743 Pearce Street Chicago and that she was Single and and her parents were Michael Lane and Joana O'Grady.
Click Here for Death details.

 Thomas Lane b1886 immigrated to the USA and arrived in New York on the ss. Celtic 17th November, 1911.
The ships Manifest (Line21) stated he was 25 years old (b1886) and that his nearest relative was his father, John Lane, Firhill, Parteen, Limerick. He was to join his brother Edward Lane in Chicago.

Francis (Frank) Michael Lane was born 10th July, 1900 to Michael Lane & Joanna O'Grady and he also travelled to the USA. He arrived on the "Haverford" on April 3rd, 1920.
His Immigration Certificate stated his he was a Farm Laborer and his next of kin was his brother Jas. Lane of Firhill, Ardnacrusha, Limerick and that he was to meet his brother Edward Lane at 312 Silver St. Butte, Montana.
His Declaration of Intention to Naturalise confirmed he arrived in the USA on "The Haverford" at Pennsylvania in 1920.
He married Lucille Bratton who was born in South Dakota and they had at least one son who was an attorney.
At the time of the 1940 Census they were living in Birmingham, Alabama.
Frank Lane died age 42, on 21st June 1943, at Salt Lake City, Utah.
Click here for Death Certificate.
Lucille Lane died Sept 18th, 1952 aged 45.also at Salt Lake City.
Click here for Death Certicate.

Michael Lane was at the centre of the famed Ardnacrusha Eviction at Firhill House in September 1887 where he, his wife and their nine children were savagely forced out of their 32 acre tenant farm where they had lived for 14 years.
The tenancy had been left to Michael by his father, John Lane, who had previously farmed the property for over 30 years.
This episode in the Irish Land Wars made the Irish and International newspapers, e.g.. New York Times and the English Penny Illustrated.   


Michael Lane and his wife Joanna were sentenced to a month in jail. His brother-in-law Thomas O'Grady was also jailed.
Click here for the report of the trial in the Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate October 8th, 1887.

On the evening of their release from Jail a reception was held for them at the Town Hall in Limerick attended by a very large crowd reported to be over a thousand people in attendance.
Click here for the report in the Limerick Examiner Nov 4th, 1887.

For a list of all tenants evicted during the period 1878 to 1903 refer to County Clare Library web site -:

The following year he was appointed Rate Collector by the Limerick board so he must have been held in some esteem.
A number of his children also had very good positions.

The 1901 census has Michael living in Limerick and yet to return to Firhill House, Parteen in what  was a Class 1 house, which was not all that common in those days. The house had 4 windows in the front and was probably of brick construction with a slate, iron or tiled roof and it had between 7, 8 or 9 rooms.

The 1911 census shows Michael living at house No 3,  Gortatogher, Ballyglass, Couny Clare which is Firhill House, Parteen.
Gortatogher being a Townland in the parish of Parteen.
was a Class 2 house, which had 4 windows in the front and was probably of brick construction with a slate, iron or tiled roof and it had 5 rooms.
There were a total of 11 people living in the house. including Ivy Lane age 9 who was the daughter of his son Patrick who had died in 1902.
The farm had a stable, 1 cow house and a piggery.

As most Irish records were destroyed the 1901 and 1911 census details are invaluable and can be expanded to provide a lot of detail.

The 1901 census can be found at http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1901/Limerick/Limerick_No__1/Clare_Street/1496640/

The 1911 census can be found at  http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1911/Clare/Ballyglass/Gortatogher/366872/

Michael Lane b1846 died November 18, 1914 at Gortatogher, Ballyglass, County Clare and is buried in the Lane cemetery at Shravokee. (Teampaill).

His obituary appeared in the Limerick Chronicle on the 24th November, 1914. It makes note of the widespread deep regard and esteem in which he was held in Limerick and Clare.

The funeral of the late Mr. Michael Lane, Firhill, Parteen took place on Saturday for the family burial place at Gillogue. Requiem Mass was solemnised at Parteen R. C. Church. The celebrant being Rev J. Madden, Nephew of deceased; Rev Fr. Russell, PP Parteen; Sub Deacon Rev T. O 'Connor C. C; and Master Of Ceremonies , Rev J. T Lane also a cousin of the deceased; Rev. M. Murphy, P.P. St. Patrick's and Rev. Fr. Moloney C.C. also assisted.
The chief mourners were Mrs. Lane (wife), Mrs. Purtill, Mrs. Stephens, Katie, Noragh, Alice and Evileen (daughters) and Michael, Jack, James and Frank (sons). The funeral cortege was the largest seen in the district for a long time and bore eloquent and ample testimony to the widespread regard and esteem which the deceased was held in Limerick and Clare.

A further notice was in the USA newspaper The Irish Standard December 26th, 1914 under News From Ireland - Limerick advising of his death and that he was an evicted tenant in the old days but that he was subsequently reinstated and that his son is Assistant Master of Limerick Union..

Miscellaneous detail.

Death notice in the Limerick Chronicle on 15th April 1916, for Honora O'Grady wife of Thomas O'Grady of the Ardnacrusha Eviction.

Death notice in the Limerick Chronicle on 18th February, 1919 for John Lane son of Michael Lane.

Family memorial cards for Michael Lane d18-11-1914,  Nora Lane d09-06-1934, William Michael Lane d05-04-1961, Alice Ryan nee Lane d21-04-1978.
Photograph of Alice Ryan nee Lane taken outside Firhill House.

(15km from Shravokee)

His brother Thomas Lane is described as a Widower when he married Winifred Ryan of Newport, County Tipperary on the 7th December, 1886 and is also shown as a widower within the 1901 census and living in Rivers, County Limerick with 7 of his children.
The house was a Class 2 brick house with 4 windows in front and 7 rooms, It had a slate or iron roof.
The farm had 1 stable, 3 cow sheds, 1 calf house, 1 piggery, 1 fowl house and a shed.

He was also shown as the landowner of another property in Rivers being occupied by John Supple, his wife Mary and their 4 children.

Surname Forename Age Relationship Birthplace Occupation Marital Status
Lane Thomas 52 Head of Family Co. Clare Farmer Widower
Lane Patrick 18 Son Co. Limerick Farmer's Son Not Married
Lane Ellen 19 Daughter Co. Limerick Farmer's Daughter Not Married
Lane Bridget 13 Daughter Co. Limerick Scholar Not Married
Lane Josephine 11 Daughter Co. Limerick Scholar Not Married
Lane Catherine 9 Daughter Co. Limerick Scholar Not Married
Lane Christina 7 Daughter Co. Limerick Scholar Not Married
Lane John 5 Son Co. Limerick - Not Married
McCarthy Patrick 26 Servant Co. Limerick Farm Servant Not Married
Danaher Margaret 40 Servant Co. Limerick General Servant. Domestic Not Married

The 1911 census shows Thomas Lane still living at Rivers with six of his children, as well as a nephew, William Lane aged 27, a Medical Doctor, who was born in Co. Limerick.
This William Lane was the son of his brother, John Lane from Dunnaman (Donaman) who married Margaret Toomey.
William Lane appears in the 1901 census as a student at St. Munchin, College in Limerick.

In the same census Thomas Lane's son Patrick aged 28 is described as a Retired Officer.

Thomas Lane died on the 18th September, 1914.

He was married to Winifred Ryan who died in 1898 and who is buried at Teampail Cemetery with her daughters Bridget Lane died 19th January, 1904 & Josephine Lane died 25th April, 1940.
The obituary of Josephine Lane appeared in the Limerick Chronicle on the 4th May, 1940.

The obituary of Thomas Lane appeared in the Limerick Chronicle on 22nd September, 1914.
The obituary says in part -: The funeral of the late Mr. Thomas Lane, DC, Rivers, Lisnagry, took place on Sunday for the family burial place at Clonlara, and was of very large proportions, people being present from the city as well as various parts of Limerick and Clare to pay a last tribute of respect to his memory. After mentioning various present it went on to mention the chief mourners.
Among whom were -:
Patrick and John Lane -: Sons.
Patrick Lane, DC, Quinpool - Brother.
John Lane, DC, Donaman - Brother.
William O'Connell, Thomas Collopy, R. Dunworth, Martin Ryan, and T. Humpries, DC, (Brothers in Law).
Patrick Lane DC Donaman, Thomas Lane, Patrick Lane, Dublin, Dr William Lane, Rev. J. Lane, Rev. T. O'Connor, Dr Jeremiah Lane,
Michael Collopy, James Humphreys, W. Dunworth, Michael Lane, James Lane, Patrick Lane and John Lane (Nephews).
T. Ryan (Cousin)

Thomas Lane (Rivers) is buried in the Lane Family Teampail cemetery and the headstone reads -:

In Loving Memory of
Thomas Lane
who died 18th Sept, 1914

John Lane
died 15 Mar, 1972

age 77 years
his wife Bridgid nee Ringrose
died 10 July 1984 aged 84 years

Also his daughters
Crissie Lane died 16 Jan, 1927
Helena M Lane died 21st June 1937
Erected by his children


Tom Lane
died 8 Dec 2000 age 68 years.

Also Buried in the Lane cemetery are his wife Winifred Ryan and another 2 daughters and the Headstone reads -:. 

   Josephine Lane died 25th April 1940
Bridget 19th January 1904
Mother Winifred (nee Ryan died 1898).
May they rest in peace.

(20km from Shravokee)

     His other brother John Lane married Margaret Toomey, of Croom, on 29/02/1876, is shown as a widower in the 1901 census and living in Dunnaman, County Limerick,  with two of his children Patrick age 22, and Thomas age 19.

See here for photo of John Lane b1848.

 In addition he had 3 of his sisters-in-law also living with the family.

His Wife Margaret Toomey had passed away in 1885 leaving him with a young family including William aged 2.

Margaret's sister Norah Toomey raised the children.
Three other sons were not listed in the census at that address Jeremiah Lane b06/02/1877, Patrick b1881 and John Lane b27/03/1880.


John Lane b1848 m Margaret Toomey on 29-02-1876
Name Thomas Lane
Jeremiah (Jerry) Lane
Joseph Lane
Patrick (Paddy) Lane
William Lane
Married m Cis Shire Did not marry Did not marry m (twice) 1. E Irwin m Mary (May) O'Connell
Occupation Farmer Doctor Priest Farmer Doctor

Dr. Jeremiah Lane and Rev Joseph Lane are shown as grandsons in the Obituary of their Grandfather Pat Lane of Quinpool.

See here for photo of Father Joseph Lane b1877.

See here for Obituary Of Father Joseph Lane May 7th, 1938.

The house in 1901 Census was a Class 2 brick house with 5 windows in front and with 8 rooms. It had a slate or iron roof.

Details on farm buildings in the 1901 census could not be located but in the 1911 census they had 2 stables, 2 cowhouses, 1 calfhouse, 1 piggery, 1 fowl house, 1 barn, a shed and a store.

The 1911 census showed the sons Patrick & Thomas were still on the farm and unmarried.

Residents of a house 10 in Dunnaman (Dunnaman, Limerick)

Surname Forename Age Relationship Birthplace Occupation Marital Status
Lane John 53 Head of Family Co. Clare Farmer Widower
Lane Patrick 22 Son Co. Limerick - Not Married
Lane Thomas 19 Son Co. Limerick Scholar Not Married
Toomey Norah 45 Sister-in-Law Co. Limerick Housekeeper Not Married
Toomey Bridget 43 Sister-in-Law Co. Limerick - Not Married
Toomey Kate 40 Sister-in-Law Co. Limerick - Not Married
Doody Kate 21 Servant Co. Limerick Domestic Servant Not Married
Doody Norah 18 Servant Co. Limerick Domestic Servant Not Married

The 1901 census can be found at-:

William Lane was a Doctor in Ballingarry. Co Limerick and died 19th July 1955. See photo of Headstone.
His wife May O'Connell passed away 0n 22nd November, 1999.

William Lane & Mary (May) O' Connell had 5 Daughters.

Margaret Lane Nancy (Ann) Lane June Lane Norah Lane Camilla Lane
Myles McNulty Michael P Handley Sean Gaughran Martin J Kennedy Finbarr M (Barry Cahill)

See Photo of Quinpool Lanes' who were cousins of William Lane.


(50km from Shravokee)

Family History says a Michael (Mick) Lane went to Tulla from Shravokee and had a farm at Lisduff.

From old hand written notes that have been handed down -:
Mick Lane went to Tulla from Shravokee - had a farm at Lisduff.
His son John Lane married Katie Ryan (Aunt of Peter Ryan) in 1883.
There were 2 girls and a boy of this marriage.
One girl married ? Conheady - a big farm at Milltown, Tulla.
There were 2 girls of this marriage - one did not get married but lived at home with another sister who married ? Fahy from Ruan. there are 3 in this family - one is a teacher in Blackwood (or Mynorth?).
The other girl married a Vaughan from Killaloe.- one boy in the family.
Michael Lane married a Duggan from Broadford Parish. There are 2 boys from this marriage now in their 40's. 

Michael Lane of Tulla, married Mary McNamara of Iragh on 20th January 1849.
Witnesses were Thomas Lane of Doonass and Michael McNamara of Iragh.
They are shown having Dispensation for 3rd & 3rd Degrees of Affinity which means they were related by family in some way.

The Griffiths Valuation of 1855 shows Michael Lean (Lane) as occupying 36 acres of land plus house and offices.
He is sharing facilities with Denis Hogan and Thomas Minihan both of whom had good acreage, houses and offices.
Michael Lane is also sharing 26 acres of Bog with John Rochford, Denis Hogan & Thomas Minihan.

His son John Lane, wife Katie Lane and 3 children appear in the 1901 census at Lisduff.
John Lane died at Lisduff on 31st January, 1926 aged 73. Informant was his son Michael Lane.
Their son Michael Lane was born 21st January, 1883.

Residents of a House 8 in Lisduff (Kyle, Clare) 

Surname Forename Age Relationship Birthplace Occupation Marital Status
Lane John 47 Head of Family Clare Farmer Married
Lane Katie 42 Wife Clare Farmers Wife Married
Lane Michael 18 Son Clare Farmers Son Not Married
Lane Mary 19 Daughter Clare Farmers Daughter Not Married
Lane Maggie 17 Daughter Clare Farmers Daughter Not Married

The 1911 Census showed John & Katie Lane had been married 30 years had 3 children all of whom were still living.
It also showed the children were all still living at home and were unmarried.

The 1911 Census also showed they were living in a Class 2 House with 4 rooms, 3 windows in the front, and a thatched roof.
They had a stable, a cow house, piggery and a barn.

Lane Births, Marriages & Deaths from Doonass & Limerick Records.

Teampail Cemetery Headstones from Ireland Genealogy Project Archives.

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