of Shravokee, County Clare.


We know that the following Lane Families occupied land in the old Town Land of Shravokee at the time of the
Griffiths Valuation in 1855 for Srawickeen.

Thomas Lane (Moloney) - 38 Acres plus House & Office
Thomas Lane (Mulqueeny) - 33 Acres plus House & Office
James Lane  - 23 Acres plus House & Office

The adjacent Town Land of Garraun had the following families occupying land.
Griffiths Valuation in 1855 for Garraun

Patrick Lane & Michael Madden - 21 acres. Land only
John Malone - 18acres plus House & Office.

Working back from records we can trace the family of our grandfather Michael Lane b1838, who arrived in Australia and farmed at Koroit in Victoria, back to Shravokee to his Grandfather, Michael Lane b1788.

Michael Lane b1838 married Ellen Moloney.
Thomas Lane b1818 d1891 married Elizabeth Gleeson.
Michael Lane b1788 married Catherine Moloney.

We do know that a descendents of this Michael Lane b1788 (Noel Madden) still  farms at Shravokee on the property held by Thomas Lane /Moloney listed in the Griffiths Valuation.
DNA testing has proved our relationship to this Thomas Lane/Moloney line.

At the time of the 1901 Census in Ireland there were 6 families living in the Town Land of Shravokee (Srawickeen) of which 3 were Lane Families. The other families being those of John Madden, Patrick Cusack and Bridget Mulqueeny.


One of the headstones in the Teampall Mochulla Cemetery at Shravokee, County Clare relates to our Michael Lane b1788 and his wife Catherine Moloney.

This headstone was erected by Father Tom Lane and Father Michael Lane, who were sons of John Lane d1934, with most of the detail taken off old headstones.


Click on photo.

(This is a replacement tombstone)

In loving memory of

Michael Lane b1788

His wife Catherine

Thomas died 25 Aug. 1891, aged 73 yrs.

His wife Elizabeth died 29 Nov. 1895, aged 75 yrs.

Thomas died 23 Oct., 1895, aged 56 yrs.

His wife Mary died Feb. 1923, aged 80 yrs.

Rev. James Lane (brother of Thomas), died 24 Jan. 1877, aged 31 yrs.

John died 27 Feb. 1934, aged 54 yrs.

His wife Ellen died 12 Dec. 1978 aged 90 yrs.

John died 22 May, 1982, aged 55 yrs.

The attached link refers to a brief Lane family history which was provided by Kathleen Lane who married a John Coleman.of Limerick.
 She died in 1958 well prior to the internet which has proved most of the detail to be correct.

The following table illustrates the Lane Family involved in this headstone-:

Michael Lane b1788 married approx 1808 Catherine Moloney


James Lane b1816
(Did not marry)
Went to Australia 1841

Patrick Lane b1817
(Did not marry)
Went to Australia 1841

Thomas Lane b1818 d1891
m Elizabeth Gleeson b1822 d1895
Stayed In Ireland

John Lane b1825
m Sarah Darcy
Went to Australia



Children of Thomas Lane b1818


Thomas Lane  b1839
d 23-10-1895 (Ireland)
m Mary Ward b1840 d1923

Michael Lane b1841
m Ellen Moloney
(Went to Australia)

James Lane b1845 (Priest)
d1877 USA
Ordained 1870

Patrick Lane b1849
m Mary Lynch

Children of Thomas Lane b1839




Thomas Lane b1874 d1908




Mary Lane b1875 d1947




James Lane b1877 d1894




John Lane b1879 d27-02-1934
m Ellen McMahon d12-12-1978




Children of John & Ellen Lane




Father Tom Lane b1924

Patricia Lane b1926

John (Jack) Lane b1927
d 22-05-1982

Father Michael Lane
b 1931 d31.03.2015


Click here for photo Of Shravokee House with Jack Lane at the pump with his mother Ellen McMahon (Lane) in background.

Click here for photo of Ellen McMahon (Lane) with Jack Lane.

Click here for photo showing the rear of the Lane property at Shravokee.

Click here for Photo of Ellen McMahon (Lane) with Patricia Madden (Lane) and Father Tom & Father Michael Lane.

Click here for photo of Patricia Madden nee Lane with her Family.

Click here for Photo of Father Tom Lane.

Michael Lane, b1788, of Shravokee, Clonlara, Co. Clare married Catherine Moloney and they had at least four children,

 James b1816, Patrick b1817, and John b1825, all of whom came to Australia and Thomas b1818, from whom we are descended who stayed in Ireland.

Michael Lane b1788 married Catherine Moloney 

Known children -:
Went to Australia
Did not Marry

Went to Australia
Did not Marry

m Elizabeth Gleeson

Went to Australia
Married Sarah Darcy

Thomas Lane, b1818, was a farmer. He married Elizabeth Gleeson of the Glen, Killaloe, County Clare.
Elizabeth Gleeson had a brother a priest, possibly in the Killaloe Diocese.

Elizabeth brought Peggy Moloney, a blind person, cousin of her husband Thomas Lane, to Shravokee, from what is now Heffernan's near Larkin's Pub (at crossroads to Parteen/Garraun) on the Limerick/Broadford Road.

The census of 1901 and 1911 confirm that Margaret Moloney, who was blind, was living with the family of their son Thomas Lane b1839.
At the time of the census Thomas b1839 had passed away so she was living with his wife Mary and some of the children.

Thomas Lane and Elizabeth Gleeson had four known children, , Thomas b1839, Michael b1841, James b1844, Patrick b1849.

The second son, Michael Lane b1841 at Shravokee, was the first in our direct line to immigrate to Victoria from Co. Clare, Ireland.
His future wife Ellen Maloney (Moloney) was on the same ship. 

Michael Lane b1788 married Catherine Moloney

Known children of Michael Lane -:
James Lane
d21-04-1887 (Australia)
(Did not marry)

Patrick Lane
d01-10-1876 (Australia)
(Did not marry)

Thomas Lane
d1891 (Ireland)
m Elizabeth Gleeson

d13-10-1878 (Australia)
Sarah Darcy

Children Of Thomas Lane b1818 & Elizabeth Gleeson.
Mary Ward b1843
d18-10-1912 (Australia)
Ellen Maloney
d24-01-1877 (USA)
( Became a Priest)
Mary Lynch



One of the brothers of Michael Lane who came to Australia was Thomas Lane, b1839, who married Mary Ward, b1843, of Annaholty, Birdhill, Co. Tipperary. 

Thomas Lane remained at home on the farm at Shravokee, Clonlara. Co. Clare. 

This family are listed in the 1901 Census as follows -:

Surname Forename Age Relation to Head Birthplace Occupation Marital Status Specified Illness
Lane Mary 55 Head of Family Co. Clare Farmer Widow  
Lane Mary 20 Daughter Co. Clare               - Not Married  
Lane John 18 Son Co. Clare        - Not Married  
Lane Michael 17 Son Co. Clare        - Not Married  
Lane Willie 16 Son Co. Clare Scholar Not Married  
Maloneys Maggie 60 Visitor Co. Clare        - Not Married Blind

In 1901 the house was a Class 2 house, brick construction, with a thatched roof, 4 rooms with 3 windows in the front.
The farm had a stable, a cow house, piggery and a barn.

Neighboring farms were occupied by Patrick Dillon (John Lane), John Madden, Patrick Cusack, Mary Lane, Bridget Mulqueen and Anne Lane

In 1911 the house was a Class 2 house, brick construction, with an iron or slate roof, with 7 rooms and 4 windows in the front.
It had a stable, a cow house, a calf house, a piggery, a boiling house and a barn.

Thomas Lane & Mary Ward had six children: - Thomas, James, Mary, William, Michael and John.

Thomas Lane, born 13th Jan 1874, died 25th February 1908. 

James Lane, born 14th March 1877, died 6th September, 1894 at the early age of 17 years.

Mary Lane, known as Babe, born 8th May 1876  remained on the farm and died in 1947 at the age of approx. 71  years.

William Lane born on 12th January 1884 and died in 1954.
 He immigrated to America and married Joanna Spaight from Derryfadda, Clonlara, Co. Clare.
She was the daughter of David Spaight and Margaret O'Shaughnessy.
Their children were James, who stayed on the farm at Derryfadda, David born 1886 who went to the USA and sisters Bridget, Margaret, Nora, Johanna and Mary.  Click here for details on William Lane and Joanna Spaight's family.

Michael Lane, born 12th Nov 1881 died on 2nd August, 1915 of Consumption.  He was a Bachelor farmer.  

John Lane, born 2nd May, 1879 and died 27th February, 1934. 
He married Ellen McMahon of Redgate, near Limerick in 1923.

Thomas Lane, b1839 married Mary Ward




d1954 USA
Joanna Spaight
d 27-02-1934
m February 1923
Ellen McMahon

  Mary Lane (Ward) the widow of Thomas Lane died at Shravokee on 27th February, 1923 aged 80.
The informant was her son John Lane.

Another brother of Michael Lane who came to Australia, was James Lane, b1844, who became a Priest. 

He entered Mount Melleray and from there went to All Hallows College, Dublin in 1865. 

He was then destined for the Maitland Diocese in Australia, but was finally ordained in the Cathedral Church of Green Bay, U.S.A. on 26th September 1870 and served in that Diocese until his death on January 25th 1877.

He is buried at St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery, Askeaton, Wisconsin, USA. 
Click here for photo of original headstone where Shravokee is shown as his place of birth.

Click here for replacement headstone.

The other brother of Michael Lane was Patrick Lane, b1849, who had a Butcher's Shop in 8 Roches Street, Limerick and a farm at Shravokee.  (This is now Buckley's farm).

He married Mary Lynch of Ballyvareen, Co. Limerick on 13/05/1869 and appears to have died because of an accident in the slaughter of cattle.

His wife Mary died on 19th November, 1907 and her address is shown as 9 Lower Hartstonge Street, Limerick, Victualler's Widow.
The informant was her daughter Kathleen Lane

  There were six children of this marriage:
Agnes b27/03/1878, Kathleen (Catherine Josephine) b18/10/1871, Michael Joseph b20/11/1875, Elizabeth Mary b13/05/1873, Mary Martha b30/03/1878 and Tom.


Residents of a house 8 in Roches Street (Shannon Ward No. 8 Limerick City, Limerick)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation Birthplace Occupation Marital Status
Lane Patrick 57 Male Head of Family Starvoice, Clare Victualler Married
Lane Mary 54 Female Wife Limerick   Married
Lane Mary Agnes 21 Female Daughter City Of Limerick   Not Married
Lane Kathleen 23 Female Daughter City Of Limerick   Not Married
Lane Michael Joseph 22 Male Son City Of Limerick   Not Married

The 1901 Census shows Patrick Lane as born at Starvoice but the actual Census document shows this was transcribed incorrectly and it should read Shravokee.
Patrick Lane and Mary Lynch and their family at the time of the 1901 Census were living in a brick or stone house with an iron or slate roof. The house had 10 rooms with 4 windows in the front.
It also had a Slaughterhouse, a stable and 2 farmsteadings..

Agnes Lane immigrated to the USA and married  John Neville of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick. 
There were two boys of this marriage - one was killed in the war and the other is now married and lives/lived in Chicago.

Kathleen Lane lived at 4 Killuran Terrace, Catherine Street, Limerick and married John Coleman.of Limerick.
She died in 1958. 
She supplied most of the original  information re the various Lane Families. 
She had no family but one of her brother Tom's children, Joe, lived with her.
He worked at Boyds of William Street up to about 1956. ( Joe had a sister Angela).

Michael Joseph Lane immigrated to the USA and arrived in New York on the ss. Saxonia on 10th October, 1911. he stated he was 26 years old (b1884) The ships Manifest (Line 15) stated his nearest relative was his sister Kathleen Coleman of Limerick and he was going to join his sister Agnes Neville in Chicago.

Tom (Thomas) Lane was not shown in the 1901 Census as he was living elsewhere.
Thomas J Lane was a butcher, aged 29, from Ballyvareen, when he married on the 26th June, 1900, Gretta Lyons, whose address was  4 Barrington Street, Limerick.
He stated his father was Patrick Lane.

At the time of the 1901 Census they were living at 4 Barrington Street, Limerick with 3 Boarders.
, aged 28, was described as a Horse Dealer and Gretta, aged 25 was a House Keeper

Tom and Gretta appear in the 1911 census living at 9 Henry Street, Limerick which was a 10 room Class 1 Private Dwelling.

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation Birthplace Occupation Marital Status Children Born Children Living
Lane Thomas 32 Male Head Limerick Commercial Clerk "Grocer" Married 3 2
Lane Gretta 30 Female Wife Limerick   Married 3 2
Lane Patrick Joseph 10 Male Son Limerick Scholar      
Lane Angela Mary 6 Female Daughter Limerick Scholar      
Hanley John 20 Male Boarder Tipperary Assistant of Excise      
Montgomery William 21 Male Boarder Monaghan Excise Officer      
O'Sullivan Kate 23 Female Servant Limerick Domestic Servant      

A daughter Mary Josephine Lane died on the 26th October, 1902 and she was described as a Book Keepers daughter.
The informant was Gretta Lane.

The following sketch shows the location of the various farming properties at Shravokee at the the time of the 1901 Census.
The Teampuill Cemetery which is shown can be used as a reference.

Lane Births, Marriages & Deaths from Doonass & Limerick Records.

Teampail Cemetery Headstones from Ireland Genealogy Project Archives.

Teampail Cemetery Transcriptions.

Other Lane Families from Shravokee and surrounding areas.

The Lane Family From Shravokee

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