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Michael Lane was born on 22nd January, 1873 at Fala Park, Wangoom which was part of the Warnambool Shire in Victoria. He was the eldest son of  Michael Lane and Ellen Moloney, who at the time were farming at Fala Park.

Michael Lane, farmer of Woodford, 28 years of age married Margaret Staunton, Farmers Daughter, 25 years of age, at Infant Jesus Church, Koroit on 18th June, 1902. Margaret Staunton was the daughter of Miles Staunton and Mary Clarke.
Witnesses were Thomas Lane and Mary Jane Staunton.

Soon after their marriage Michael and Margaret moved into 'Willow Brook" Farm at Yangery which had been purchased by his father. They remained there for almost the next 50 years where they carried out general farming and dairying with considerable success. All their children were born and raised on the farm.
A few years after his wife passed away in 1939 he went to live with his daughter May Jackman in Dennington. 

Michael and Mary Lane were to raise nine children -:

Patrick Lane
(Paddy) b1903


Michael Lane
(Mickey) b1904


Mary Eileen Lane
(May) b1906


James Lane
(Jim) b1907



Ellen Helena Lane
(Lena) b1908


Thomas Francis Lane
(Frank) b1909


John Lane


Cyril Francis Lane
b1911  dc24/06/1975


Roderick Lane
(Roddy) b1913


m Bridget Russell Did not marry m.Tom Jackman
m. Shiela Hay
m. Ted Irwin
m Verda Brookes
m Nancy Lowery
m Dorothy Benson
m Nonie Comber
Allen     Brian Ronald Gerald Susan Shirley Ian
Patricia     Francis   Geoffrey John Barry Dennis
Kevin     Joan   Margaret   Pamela Helen
Phyllis         Raymond   Murray  
          Neville   Terrance  

Michael Lane died, age 75 years, 20th September, 1947 at Warrnambool Base Hospital.

He had been senile for some years and at the time of his death had been living with his daughter, May Jackman, at Dennington. He was buried at Tower Hill Cemetery.
Photo of headstone at Tower Hill Cemetery.

His obituary stated as follows -:

Mr. Michael Lane died at Warrnambool on Saturday morning at the age of 75 years.
He was a member of a well known Koroit family being the eldest son of the late Michael and Ellen Lane who were formerly in possession of the farm now occupied by Mr. John Wilkinson.
About 44 years ago deceased went to live in Yangery and through his industry was successful in his farming operations there.
He had the distinction to being the first to deliver milk to the Nestles Condensery at Dennington and continued to do so until his retirement about eight years ago.
His health has not been entirely satisfactory for some time past but he continued to take an active interest in all matters pertaining to agriculture.
He took an active interest in ploughing matches and was a competitor in matches on Dr. Wilson's property at Farnham.
His sound knowledge and genial disposition endeared him to a large circle of friends.
A large number of wreaths including one from the loading gang at Nestles and the Dennington Branch of the Holy Name Society were evident.

Margaret Lane died, age 64 years, on 22nd September, 1939, at their home in Yangery. She was buried at Tower Hill Cemetery.

Her obituary stated as follows -:

Saturday 23rd September, 1939.

Mrs. Margaret Lane, wife of Mr. Michael Lane of Yangery died at her residence yesterday after a sudden illness.
She had enjoyed good health and was in Koroit on Thursday, but was taken suddenly ill yesterday morning and despite prompt attention did not respond to treatment.
Deceased was a daughter of the late Miles and Mary Staunton, Pioneer residents of the Koroit district and lived in Koroit until her marriage.
Since then she has been a well known resident in the Yangery district.
Her unexpected death will be a severe shock to her family and friends and sympathy is extended to them.
Mrs. M. Downey of Koroit is a sister and Mr. James Staunton is a brother.
Members of the family are Patrick, Michael, James, Frank, May (Mrs. T. Jackman), Lena (Mrs. T. Irwin), Jack, Cyril, and Roger.
Requiem Mass will be celebrated at St. Columba's Church at 10 O'clock this morning after which the funeral will leave for the Tower Hill Cemetery.

The Details of the Will of Michael Lane dated July 3rd, 1945 are as follows -:
The executors named in the will were his daughter Mary Jackman and Andrew Kell.

All household furniture, household effects and articles of domestic use, ornaments and my piano to my daughter Mary Jackman.
I bequeath
all my shares which I hold in any company to my daughter Lena Irwin.
All Real Estate upon trust to be sold by public auction and to pay the following legacies-:

To my son Michael Miles Lane the sum of One Hundred Pounds.
To my son Patrick Lane the sum of Two Hundred Pounds.
To my son Thomas Francis Lane the sum of Two Hundred Pounds.
To my son Roger Lane the sum of Two Hundred Pounds.
To the Parish Priest in charge of the Roman Catholic Parish at the time of my death the sum of Ten Pounds for the repose of the souls of myself and late wife and to expend the sum of Twenty Five Pounds on the care of the graves of myself, my late wife and Mary Jane Kell.

As to the rest of my said trust monies upon trust to pay my daughter Mary Jackman one half thereof, to my daughter Lena Irwin one fourth thereof and then to divide the remaining one fourth equally between my sons John Lane, Cyril Lane, and James Lane.  

At the time of his death Michael Lane owned 88 acres, 2 roods, 1 1/4 perchs of farmland. These were Lots 69, 79 71 and Part 72 on Plan No. 3869 being part of William Rutledge's Farnham Crown Special Survey in the Parish of Yangery.. Improvements consisted of a six roomed weatherboard house with necessary farm outbuildings. This farm was left to him by his father in 1912 and at the time of his death was valued at 5841-10-4.
He also left 15 Koroit and Tower Hill Farmers Co- Operative shares valued at well as a life insurance policy valued at 982-18-0.

His total estate was valued for probate reasons at 6932-0-0.


Michael Lane was shot and wounded at the at the Warrnambool Saleyards on July 4th, 1917.
For details Wounding of Michael Lane

The Warrnambool Standard on the 16th December, 1937 reported that James Lane of Dennington, in the County Court sued his father Michael Lane for 390 Pounds for wages for 312 weeks at 25/ a week.
Judgment was given for 100 pounds with costs to be taxed

It should be noted that James Lane was married in the same year, 1937.

Photo of James & Sheila Lane wedding 1937.
Photo of headstone for Jim & Sheila Lane at Tower Hill Cemetery
Photo of headstone for Joan Lane, daughter of James and Sheila Lane and Mary Lane, daughter of Cyril and Dorothy Lane both of whom passed away in 1952.

School photograph taken at St Columbus, Illowa, Victoria about 1920 showing boys who attended the school.
A number of children of Michael Lane & Margaret Staunton are shown in the Photo together with some cousins.

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