Michael Lane b1788 At The time of the Tithe in 1824 and Griffiths Valuation in 1855 there was a Thomas Lane (Mulqueeny) and a Thomas Lane (Moloney).
One of the Thomas Lane's may have been a brother or cousin of Michael Lane b1788.
Some of the the Lanes below may be brothers to each other.
(Shravokee) m
Catherine Moloney
Thomas James Patrick John Thomas Michael  
Lane  b1818 (Est) Lane b1810 (Est)  Lane b1810 (Est) Lane b1810  d1874 Lane b1805 (Est) Lane b1819 (Est)
(Shravokee) (Shravokee) (Quinpool) (Firhill, Parteen) (Shravokee) (Lisduff)
m Elizabeth Gleeson m Anne Malone m Ellen Madden m (1) Mary Hogan m Ellen Moloney m. Mary McNamara 1849
      (2) Winifred Murphy    
Michael Lane b1838 m Ellen Moloney Patrick Lane b Thomas Lane b1845   Thomas Lane b1833 John Lane b1854  
(Aust) m Mary Anne Keane m 1.Unknown Mary Anne Lane (1) b1834 m Cath. O'Shannessy m Katie Ryan
    2.Winifred Ryan d Famine (Australia)  
Thomas Lane b1839 Bridget Lane b1844       Etc
m Mary Ward m John Madden John Lane b1848 Michael Lane b1847 (2) James T Lane b1842  
(Shravokee)   m. Margaret Toomey m (1)Mary Madden 1867 m Henrietta McNamara  
  Margaret Lane b1848     (USA)  
James Lane b1845 m Gleeson Patrick Lane b1855 (2) Joanna O'Grady 1882    
(Priest) USA (Aust) m. Joanna McGrath   Margaret Lane b1846  
        m Thomas Lane  
Patrick Lane b1849 Mary Ann Lane b1843 Bridget Lane b 1858   (Aust)  
m Mary Lynch m Gleeson m Tim Humphys of Glenstal.       
(Limerick) (Aust)     Roger Lane b1847  
Etc Etc Etc Etc John Lane b1848  
        m Honora Dillon 1872 (Shravokee)
Obituary of Michael Lane b1838 says his father intended to settle him on a farm in the old Country but he wanted to come to Australia.        The Quinpool Lane's moved from Shravokee in the late 1830's   Jeremiah Lane b1852 (USA) Michael Lane moved from Shravokee prior to 1849.

Understand Michael Lane's father was a Thomas Lane.
(As Elisabeth Gleeson bought Peggy Moloney a cousin of the Grandfather -Thomas Lane to Shravokee)

Believe these 6 children born to Thomas Lane Ellen Moloney.

Thomas Lane m Ellen Moloney - Shravokee -Parents
Thomas Lane (Survey)

m Catherine O'Shannessy


Parents listed Death Cert.

Settled in Australia
approx 1854

Born Clare

Roger Lane

m Margaret O'Donnell

His will 1923 mentioned a John Lane - Clonlara as a brother

Parents listed Death Cert

Settled in Australia
approx 1860

Born Clare
John Lane

m Hanora Dillon.
Mentioned in will of Roger Lane.
Only John Lane in 1911 Census is a suitable fit.

Parents must be same as Roger Lane

Born Clare
Margaret Lane
(Tower Hill)

m Thomas Lane.
His parents were
John Lane & Mary Hogan
Ref Death Cert.

Parents listed Death Cert

Settled in Australia
approx. 1865
Born Clare
James T Lane (USA)

Henrietta McNamara

Referred to as brother in obituary of Roger Lane

Settled in USA

approx 1865
Born Clare
Jerry Lane

Nothing Known

Believe he went to USA and descendants received part of proceeds of the will of Roger Lane





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