1947 Tallulah High School Football Season


NOTE: The following is a group of newspaper articles about the 1947 THS Football season during which the Trojans played for the State Championship. At the end is a section showing where the players are today.  It was my pleasure to have been a member of this team. RPS May 2014.



September 20, 1947      





September 26, 1947     



Oak Grove                


October 3, 1947





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Lake Providence        


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North LA B Championship

December 4, 1947           



Plain Dealing


Louisiana B Championship December 19, 1947           








Tallulah High Begins `47 Football Practice

Trojans Begin Practice For 1947 Season; No Open Dates Scheduled For Local Gridsters

Madison Journal September 5, 1947


The 1947 football season for the Tallulah High Trojans got un­der way last Monday afternoon, when 26 men reported to the local high school and were issued uni­forms by Coach Devonne Payne.


After receiving their equipment the men went onto the field, where they were given a talk before start­ing the calisthenics.


Although the team as a whole is a bit light, it is expected that the difference will be made up in speed. Expected to spark the Tro­jans again this season is Bill Jones, fleet-footed, shifty back, who starred for the local team last season. Jones is rated by sports authorities as one of the fastest and shiftiest backs in the state, so once again this season all eyes will be on him, who, did so much da­mage to the opposing teams last year.


Other veterans returning this season are: James Washburn, Martin Verhagen, Lamar Loe, Dick Sevier, Hess (Iron Man) Curry, Harold Ogden, Boone Halbach, Gene Thomas, Gene Laird, Robert Harrop, Robert West, Merlin Christian, Warren Parker, Bud Smith, and Warren Williams.


The men receiving equipment Monday and their positions are: Washburn, B ; Verhagen, B ; Ervin, T ; Loe, E ; Sevier, E ; Jones, B ; Curry, C or B ; Ogden, B ; Hal­bach, T; Williams, T; Thomas, B ; L. Harvey, B : Harrop, C ; M. Christian, G ; 13. Christian, E ; W. Parker, T ; Smith, G ; West, T ; Har­gon, B ; T. Ervin, G ; Crothers, B ; Ross, B ; W. Williams, B ; S. Antrim, T, Laird, G.


Antrim, who is a newcomer to Tallulah, is said to have played for Benoit, Miss., who lost only two games last season.


The schedule for the Trojans is as follows:

Sept. 19             Mangham                       Here

Sept 26              Oak Grove                       There

Oct. 3                 Delhi                                 There

Oct. 10               Bastrop                            Here

Oct. 17               Newellton                       There

Oct. 24               Rayville                            There

Oct. 31               Start                                  Here

Nov.7                 Columbia                        Here

Nov. 14              Winnsboro                     Here

Nov. 21              Lake Providence           Here

Nov. 27              Ferriday                           Here
                        (Thanksgiving Day)


Once again this year the results of each game will be published as was before. Be sure to consult your local paper for particulars.


Trojans Take Opener; Romp Dragons 64-6
Jones, Washburn, Smith, Cox, Williams, Verhagen Score For Warriors Sat. Night To Win First Tilt
Madison Journal September 26, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

Coach Devonne Payne's Trojans, Champions in the Class B Division for 1946, defeated the Mangham High Eleven, coached by Theo Jones and Assistant coach McConnel, here last Saturday night at the local field before a crowd of approximately 400 spectators.

Owing to the hurricane that swept the southern part of the country, the game was postponed from Friday night till Saturday night. However, the game even then was doubtful as the weather was still unpredictable, and the field was wet and soggy.

Having lost several veteran grid­sters of last season seemed to have little effect on the Trojans Saturday night, as they pushed through the Mangham line time after time to score for THS.

Captains for the game were: H. Ogden, quarterback for Tallulah, Swanner, fullback for Mangham.

At the opening kickoff Tallulah kicked defending the East goal. Mangham was unable to advance, being thrown for a 6 yard loss by Curry, end for the Trojans. After several running plays by Jones and A. Cox, Jones on a right end sweep crossed the Mangham goal for six points, approximately 1½ minutes after the game was underway. Attempted conversion by Ogden was low, leaving the score 6 to 0.

After scoring, Tallulah kicked off, which rolled behind the Man­gham goal. The ball was brought out and kicked over. This time it rolled out on the Mangham 30, and was brought in play on the Tro­jan 40, where it was first and ten for Mangham. Free, on a plunge  through right tackle, was stopped again, this time for a three yard loss by Smith of the Trojans.

Taking over on their own 35, the Warriors started moving again. This time a hand-off from Jones to Washburn, took the ball to the Mangham 45, from there, Jones swept wide around right end and              crossed the end zone for another tally. Ogden again tried for the extra point, but failed, leaving the score 12 to 0.             

Tallulah at this time sent in substitutions, Ervin, Williams, Sevier, Parker and Verhagen. Unable to advance on the ground Mangham resorted to passing, which also proved in vain. Several passes were attempted but were incomplete.

Williams, who had just come into the game for the Trojans, on the first play, tucked the ball under his arm, and swept around left end and crossed the goal for another Tallulah score. This put the Trojans in front 18-0. Williams ran the extra point, bringing the score to 19-0.

A. Cox, on the Mangham 42, intercepted a pass intended for Dixson of Mangham, and raced to the 33 before being brought down by several tacklers. Williams then took over and moved the ball to the 12 yard line for another first.  Washburn carried from around right end, to cross the goaI standing up, bringing the score 25 to 0. Loe kicked the extra point which was good, putting the Warriors in front 26 to 0.

Once again Coach, Payne sent in substitutes, West, Thomas, and Cox.

Ervin, who was sent in as a sub in the preceding quarter, had been playing a bang-up game, and at this point again threw Free of Mangham for another loss on the Mangham 32 yard line. The following play, Mangham fumbled and Ervin of Tallulah Recovered on the 30, giving Tallulah 1 and 10 from there. Washburn skirted right end to the 15, as the first period ended.  Shatoska was sent in for Tallulah, a lad from Texas, who shows promise as a fast end.

DoDo Crothers and Horace Rus­sell, two feather-merchants for the Trojans, went into the game and played valiantly during the time they were in there.

With the ball on their own 12, Mangham again fumbled, recover­ed by Tallulah. Verhagen plunged through to the 2, and then carried over on the next play. Williams attempted to run over for the extra point, but was stopped; the score, 32 to 0. Clark then went in for Tallulah.

Receiving a punt on his own 30, halfback C. Free of Mangham, raced through the entire Trojan team to chalk up the lone tally for his team. The extra point was bad, and the score, Tallulah 32, Man­gham 6.

After a series of plays by Wil­liams and Shatoska, taking the ball to the Mangham 7, Verhagen cross­ed the end zone to score again. Conversion failed, score 38 to 6.        

Once again Swanner of Man­gham carried the ball to the 36, where he was set back on the next play for an eight yard loss by Ervin coming in fast for the tackle. Tallulah, at this point, was pena­lized 5 yards for being offsides.

With first and five on the Mangham 35, Free attempted to run left end, but fumbled, which was recovered by Christian of Tallulah.  The end of the first half came with the Trojans in front 38 to 6.

During half time, the Tallulah  High school band, under the direc­tion of Mr. Lawrence, new band master, preceded by drum major Gene Wallace and the five ma­jorettes, Rachel Hall, Pat Wallace, Elizabeth Curry, Betty Sue Horn, and Mavis Gustafson, paraded onto the field and performed for the visiting spectators and then the local fans. The traditional Alma Mater was rendered on the local side.

With half time over, the two teams came back onto the field, and resumed play once again. Tallulah kicked off, and right away Mangham took to the airagain in an attempt to even the score, but this again failed, as they were unable to advance.

Receiving the punt on his own 15, "Tubbs" Washburn streaked down the side lines 75 yards to score for the Trojans. Loe's attempt failed, by with the score 44 to 6.

Desperately trying to even the score, Mangham took to the air once again, but again was in vain.  Forced to kick, the ball went to the Tallulah 35. A quick kick on the first down sent the ball to the Mangham 20. Mangham, likewise, the first play, attempted to punt out of danger, but Smith, guard for the Trojans, broke through fast and fell on the ball over the goal,  giving Tallulah 6 more points. Ogden's kick for extra point was right a between the up-rights, and the score was now 51-6.

Tallulah at this time sent in a whole new team.

C. Free, of Mangham, carrying the ball, attempted to carry the ball around left end, but West, substitute tackle for the Trojans, was In fast to stop the play behind the line of scrimmage for a loss of several yards. The end of the third quarter found Tallulah out in front by the score of 51 to 6.

A fumble by Mangham on their own 17 was recovered by the Trojans, who in turn on the first play, fumbled, but recovered by a Warrior. Washburn, from there, skirted right end for touchdown number 9. The kick was good, which now put the Trojans in the lead, 57 to 6.

After an incomplete pass, and several running plays, which set the Mangham Eleven back, the ball went over to the Trojans. B. Cox, from his own 45 raced down the field to score for Tallulah. Wil­liams' kick was wide, and the score remained 64 to 6.

Washburn immediately after this, picked up a fumble on his own 40 and darted down the right side of the field to enter into pay dirt, but the play was called back, a penalty of clipping being inflicted against Tallulah. Several plays later, the game ended with the score 64 to 6 in favor of the Trojans.

Tallulah: Jones, Washburn, Williams, Smith, Cox, Verhagen
Mangham: C. Free

Extra Points:
Tallulah: Williams, Loe, Ogden

Substitutes: Tallulah: W. Williams, Ervin, Cox, West, Thomas, Crothers, Rus­sell, Clark, Shatoska, Sevier, Ver­hagen, Hargon, Parker, Antrim, B. Christian, Gardner.

Score by quarters

                             1            2            3            4

Tallulah:            26          12          13          13-64

Mangham:       0            6            0            0-6

Officials for the game were: McKeller, referee, Tulane; Payne Umpire, L. S. U. ; Lanharn, head linesman, La. Tech; and Youngblood, field judge, La. College.
Line up was as follows:

Tallulah                           Mangham

Curry                  L.E.        Dixson
Bailey                 L.T.
Smith                 L.G.
Harrop               C.
Christian           R.G.
Williams            R.T.
Loe                      R.E.
Ogden                Q.B.
Jones                  L.H.
      C. Free
Washburn        R.H.      L. Free
Cox                      F.B.       Swanner

Out of the line-up last Saturday night were Boone Halbach and Douglas Stevens. Halbach was out due to an injured knee and Stevens due an appendectomy. Halbach will probably see action against the Tigers tonight. The length of time Stevens will be out is unknown.

Cheering the team on to victory was lead by the four cheer leaders, Valencia Ramagos, Martha Page Johnson, Elizabeth Rabb and Mavis Gustafson. Louise Everett, the fifth cheerleader, was absent due to illness.


Play Oak Grove Tigers In Conference Game Friday Night
Vicksburg Evening Post September 25, 1947

TALLULAH La., Sept. 25 – The Tallulah High School Trojans, defending class B. Champions, will journey to Oak Grove where they will encounter the Tigers in an im­portant conference game to be played Friday night and will prob­ably get under way at 8 o'clock. Oak Grove will have the slight edge in weight, but each team will have about the same amount of experience.

Coach Devon Payne, Trojan mentor, says probable starting line-up will be: At ends: Hess "Iron Man" Curry converted center and La­mar Loe 175 lb. sophomore. At right tackle will either be Boone Halbach 2-year letterman, who missed the Mangham game because of an injured knee, or Pierce Bailey, who has proven himself capable of handling the job. At left tackle will either be Ira Ervin or Fat Williams. The Trojans will have two huskies at guards in Bud Smith and Merlin Christen, both who tip the scales at 165. Robert Harrop lightest man on starting team will be at the snapperback position.

The Trojan backfield will consist of All-State Bill Jones at tailback with Tubbs Washburn Flashy wingback as his running mate. Harold Ogden, converted fullback will be at blocking back and will be called upon to do the signal calling. Ar­mon Cox, second string fullback last year has gained a starting birth this year and has already proven his worth in the backfield this year.

Tallulah will take the full squad to Oak Grove and a large delega­tion of Trojan fans is expected to motor up for the game.


Trojans Trim Tigers 26-0 Friday Night
Trojans Score In Second And Third Quarters To Win Over Oak Grove Eleven 26-0
Madison Journal October 3, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

Last Friday night’s game between the Tallulah Trojans and the Oak Grove Tigers is one that will long be remembered by the many fans who attended the game. Despite the fact that Tallulah, time after time, was on the receiv­ing end of bad breaks, receiving penalties, they emerged victorious 26 to 0.

In the first quarter things look­ed bad for the Trojans, but it took them one full quarter to get the machine rolling, which carried them across the Tiger goal four times to give them a victory over the mighty Tigers.

At the start of the game Tallu­lah kicked to the Tigers, who started out like they would walk over by the Tigers, the first penalty of the game was inflicted against Tallulah, five yards for offside. This was the first of a series of penalties which the Trojans received throughout the game. Oak Grove picked up considerable yardage in the next few plays, but Tallulah took over first and ten, only to lose the ball on the second play on a fumble. Oak Grove recovered on the Trojan 40. Again Tallulah was penalized 5 yards for offsides.

A quick kick by the Tigers put the ball on the Trojan 2, where Jones fought his way back to the 25. Washburn carried to the 35 for another first and Jones from there twisting and turning, made way to the 43. Misfortune again was with the Trojans. Cox fumbled on his own 40, where Oak Grove recovered. Christian, veteran tackle for the Trojans, broke through to throw the next play for a ten yard loss. However, Tallulah was again penalized, this time for 15 yards for holding, which netted the Ti­gers a five yard gain.

Throwing the Trojans off guard, Oak Grove punted to the Trojan 1 yard line, as the first quarter end­ed, with neither team scoring.

Instead of punting out of danger on the first play as was expect­ed, elusive Jones swept left end to bring the ball to the 18 yard marker, but on the next play Tallulah was penalized 15 yards for hold­ing, which brought the ball back to the 3. A. Cox, from the Trojan 3, plunged through to the 22, where on the next play, Tallulah was again penalized 15 yards. At this point Jones walked off the field, replaced by W. Williams. Approximately 1 minute later however, Jones was back in the game and a round of cheers went up from the crowd. Then for the first time of the game, Oak Grove was penalized 5 yards for offsides.

Tallulah again started their drive for the Tiger goal. Jones carried from the Tiger 40, behind beautiful blocking, down to the 29 for a first and ten. The next two plays were fumbled, but both recovered by the warriors. Then from the 29, Jones, after stiff arming his way free, crossed the Tiger goal for the first score of the game.

Having attempted several passes in the early part of the game, being incomplete, the Tigers again took to the air. On the first play, a pass was intercepted by Washburn on the Tiger 33 yard line. Jones being set up for a touchdown play, carried around right end to again cross the end zone to put Tallulah 6 more points ahead. Try for extra point was bad leaving the score 13 to 0. This second touchdown came approximately 45 seconds after the first one.

A play around left end by the Tigers, which would have meant a touchdown, was stopped by Curry, who made a tackle that could be heard all over the field.

The first half ended with the Trojans out in front 13 to 0.

At halftime the Tallulah High band, led by drum major, Gene "Red" Wallace, marched on to the field, crossed to the Oak Grove side and formed the letters OG, while playing a march. Following this they marched to the Trojan side, formed the letter T and play­ed the Alma Mater.

In the third period the Trojans again scored when Curry carried on an end-around. Jones ran the extra point, giving the Trojans a safe lead of 20 to 0.

Taking to the air again, the Ti­gers completed a pass to their own 38. Then a fumble was recovered by Sevier, substitute for Tallulah, on the Tiger 40. Jones, taking over again, rounded left end to the 19, then around the right end to the 3, and from the 3, Ogden plunged through center for the final score of the game. The kick was wide, leaving the score 26 to 0.

Several plays later a pile-up was uncovered in the center of the field, which found Curry, end for the Trojans stretched out. He was carried off the field, but returned to the game a few minutes later, having only had the wind knocked out of him

Almost getting loose for a touchdown, the Tigers were stopped by Washburn and Williams as the third period ended.

Waiting back on the Trojan 20, Williams took a Tiger punt which bounced out of his hands, and was recovered by the Tigers.

With first and ten on the 40, Oak Grove fumbled, which was recovered by Smith of Tallulah. Again a five yard penalty was in­flicted against Tallulah for offsides.

After taking a pass on the Trojan 40, a Tiger end was stopped in his tracks by Smith who came up from behind to make the tackle.

The game ended with the Trojans in front 26 to 0.

The entire Trojan team played what is called "heads-up" ball from start to finish; each man exe­cuting his block to perfection.

Comment on Friday night's game was that it looks as though Tallulah was heading for the State Playoff again this year. If they continue playing as they did in this game, their chances are very good.

Score by quarters:

                             1            2            3            4

Tallulah:            0            13          13          0-26
Oak Grove:       0            0            0            0-0
Tallulah: Jones, Ogden, Curry
Extra Points
Tallulah: Jones

Tallulah: Smith, Sevier, Shatoska, W. Williams

Tallulah line-up:

L.E.        H. Curry
L.T.        P. Bailey
L.G.       I. Ervin
C.R.       Harrop
R.G.      M. Christian
R.T.       H. Williams
R.E.       L. Loe
Q.B.      H. Ogden
L.H.       B. Jones
R.H.      J. Washburn
F.B.       A. Cox


Trojans Take Hard Fought Game, 27-13
Trojans Find Delhi 11 Tougher Than Expected; Come Through With 27-13 Victory After Tough Fight
Madison Journal October 10, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

In last Friday Night's contest between the Tallulah Trojans and the Delhi Bears, the Trojans started out similar to the Mangham game, that is they crossed the Delhi goal after the first few minutes of play. However as the game progressed, the tempo of the Trojans was slowed down considerably by the powerful Delhi Eleven.

Although not many penalties were inflicted against either team those that were called amounted to considerable yardage.

Bill Jones, Captain for the Tro­jans for the game, won the toss and elected to receive. After the very first play a Delhi man was taken off the field. After regain­ing his wind, he returned to the game.

The first score of the game came after Jones made way to the Bear 30. Two plays later, Curry, on an end around, crossed the goal from the 19. Jones' kick was good, and the Warriors led 7-0.

Receiving the Trojan kick on their own 20, Delhi was stopped cold by Christian, who rushed down fast to make the tackle. Things looked bad for the Bears as the Trojans seemed to be hold­ing tight.

Near the end of the first pe­riod, Washburn, on a quarterback sneak, from the Delhi 30, wriggled to the 12 before being brought down. Then again with Washburn carrying, the ball was moved to the 2, where A. Cox plowed over through center, bringing the score to 13 to 0. Jones' kick was again good, putting the Trojans in front 14 to 0.

At this point of the game the Bears began to put on the heat. A pass from their own 32 was good to the Tallulah 18 for a first and ten. A second pass attempted to the Trojan 4 was bad, but on the next play, Delhi scored on a left end sweep, leaving them only 8 points in the rear. Attempt at conversion failed and the score re­mained 14 to 6.

Thus ended the first period with the Trojans out in front 14 to 6.

After several ground plays, the Trojans were unable to advance so they took to the air, and as a result, two spot passes to Curry were good, which brought the ball to the Bear 17. From there Washburn skirted the left end to cross the end tone for another tally. Conversion failed; Score 20-6.

Delhi again took to the air, and a pass which would have meant a touchdown, was dropped on the Trojan 40. Then a fumble by Delhi was recovered by the Trojans on the Bear 35. Washburn got to the 18 as the first half ended with the score, Tallulah 20---Delhi 6.

Due to some difficulties, the Tallulah band did not come. The Delhi band was present, but no ceremonies were performed during half time. However, they did play several selections from the grandstand.

With the third period under way, the Delhi eleven once again took to the air, aiming to even the score. A pass from their own 35 was good to the Trojan 28, where a Delhi end was waiting with no one near him. Taking the ball on the 28 he sailed on down to cross the end zone standing up for the second Bear tally. The extra point was good, and now they trailed 7 points.

After moving the ball up and down the field, first by one team, then the other, Jones finally reach­ed the Delhi 2 from the 23. Seve­ral plays later the ball was resting on the Bear 1, where Ogden plunged over for the final score of the game. Standing back to place kick the extra point, Jones instead, elected to run with the ball, and crossed the end zone making the extra point good, and the Trojans now led by the score of 27 to 13.

Shortly afterward, Jones, after some difficulty on the field, was removed from the game, and was unable to return.

From here on it seemed as though the Bears tightened up and the Trojans were unable to penetrate the line, despite the con­stant hammering. The Delhi ele­ven were not to be moved.

The end of the game came when Williams intercepted a Bear pass on the Trojan 35 yard line.

Score by quarters

Tallulah:            14          6            7            0-27
Delhi:                 6            0            0            7-13

LE.         Curry
LT.         Bailey
LG.        Ervin
C.           Harrop
RG.        Christian
RT.        H. Williams
RE.        Loe
Q B.      Ogden
RH.        Washburn
FB.        Smith

Tallulah: A. Cox, W. Williams,


Rams And Trojans Renew Rivalry At Legion Field At 7 O’clock
Monroe Morning World October 9, 1947

TALLULAH, La., Oct. 9.—(Special) —The Tallulah High School Trojans will be out for their fourth consecutive victory when they tangle with the Bastrop High School Rams here Friday night.

Tallulah and Bastrop always have a bang-up ball game and this year isn't going to be an exception. The Trojans will be out for revenge for last year's only defeat.

Last Friday night, Delhi almost up-set Tallulah, but this just made the Trojans bear down to harder work.

Playing stellar ball for Coach Devon Payne's Trojans last week were Hess Curry, who scored one touchdown and caught every pass thrown at him. Harold Ogden played good defensive ball and made some nice punts with Bill Jones making successive gains and setting up touchdowns. Ira Ervin, Merlin Christian, and Pierce Bailey played well in the line.

Tallulah doesn't have much knowledge about the power of the Rams, but each team will average about the same in weight and experience.

The game will be played on the Le­gion Field in Tallulah and will get un­der way at 7 o'clock instead of 8 because of the fair being held in Tallulah.

One of the largest crowds of the year is expected to witness the battle.

Probable lineups:         '

Bastrop             pos.      Tallulah
Harrell               LE          Curry
Savage               LT          Bailey
Perry                   LG         Smith
Larche                C            Harrop
Lamb                  RG         Christian
Whitaker           RT         Ervin
Bilberry             RE         Loe
Todd                   QB         Ogden
Fragala              LH         Jones
Weatherly        RH         Washburn
Keene                FB          Cox


Monroe Morning World October 10, 1947

TALLULAH, La., Oct. 10.—(Special) —The Tallulah High School Trojans squeezed through to a 7-0 triumph over the Bastrop High School Rams here tonight in the hardest fought game of the season on the Tallulah gridiron.

With three minutes to play in the game, Jones, ace of the Trojan backfield, caught a pass for the winning touchdown, Three times the Trojans stopped Ram touchdown threats, and once the Bastrop forces of Coach Charles Thomas stopped Coach Devon Payne's Trojans on the visitors' goal line.

Jones was easily the outstanding performer of the night as he did everything right in the Trojan backfield. Keene and John Bryant played good ball in the Ram backfield while Bobby Lamb was the standout of the Bastrop line.



Vicksburg Herald October 11, 1947

The score of the Tallulah-Bastrop game was 7-0 in favor of Tallulah. The score came in the final quarter when Bill Jones, Tallulah, passed to Hess Curry, center, good or fifty yards, really a beauty. It was a tight game with Bastrop nearly scoring in the final quarter. Tallulah got close to the goal line twice and went over for a touchdown once. Lamar Loe, Jr, kicked the extra point.

At the half the Bastrop band and pep squad paraded, executing intricate drills and formations. They formed a T and a B on respective sides of the field.


Trojans Continue Win; Nose Out Bastrop 7-0
Jones Scores In Final Period To Chalk Up Fourth Victory For THS Last Friday Night
Madison Journal October 17, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

Last Friday night, when the Trojans tangled with the Bastrop Rams at the local field, was the best game that local fans have wit­nessed thus far this year. Although rated as the underdogs, the Tro­jans came through with victory number 4.

For the first three periods neit­her team was able to score. It wasn't until the last couple of minutes of the final period that the lone score was made by Jones, af­ter a pass from Jones to Curry on the Rams' 10 yard line.

In the opening minutes of the game after receiving, Tallulah fumbled on their own 47, recover­ed by Bastrop. It looked as though the Rams were off to an early start in scoring. Weatherly, halfback for the Rams, carried several times for considerable yardage, but quick-kicked to the Trojan 20, who in turn, immediately did the same on the first play.

The first substantial gain for the Trojans came when Jones picked up 20 yards on a hand off to the Bastrop 43. Washburn then took over and carried to the mid-field stripe. This was the first time that the Warriors had reached this point. Jones again taking the snap reached the 33 as the first period ended with neither team scoring.

Once again Tallulah fumbled, recovered by Bastrop, who kicked to the Trojan 24. Unable to penet­rate the mighty Bastrop line, Tallulah was forced to punt. Bastrop then took to the air completing three out of five passes, taking the ball down to the 25. Then the Tro­jans pass defense tightened up, and the Rams were unable to complete any more for the time being.
With the ball first and ten on the Trojan 13, things looked bad for Tallulah. Then the first penalty of the game came, Bastrop 5 yards for offsides, moving the ball to the 18. Behind beautiful blocking, Jones twisted through from the 18 down to the 46. It looked for a moment that he was loose for a score, but a Ram tackler overtook him and brought him down n on the 46.

With only a few minutes to half time, Tallulah started passing. A spot pass from Ogden to Curry was good from the 43 to the 39. Too much time in the huddle cost the Trojans 5 yards, and the ball went over to the Rams, as the first half ended, with the score remaining 0 to 0.

Half-time ceremonies consisted of first, the Bastrop Band and Blue Jackets on the field, then the Tallulah High School Band. Both bands formed the two letters, one for the Trojans and the other for Bastrop. The local hand wound up the ceremonies with the Alma Mater.

In the third period the Rams attempted to make up for lost time, taking to the air again, only to have the first pass intercepted by Jones on the Bastrop 42. Bad luck was with the Trojans, for on the first play, they fumbled, recover­ed by Bastrop on the 40.

Keene, of Bastrop, started on a march for the Trojan goal carrying several times, moving to the Trojan 23. The march was stopped when Curry intercepted a Bastrop pass on the Trojan 28. Once again, Jones got loose and managed to reach the Bastrop 46 before being stopped. Then after several plays by Jones and Washburn, Tallulah punted to the Ram 10.

Keene fought back to his own 23 as the third period ended, with still neither team scoring. With the ball on the Ram 23, Keene streaked down the right side of the field, behind beautiful blocking, to the mid-field marker. Still unable to reach the Trojan goal, the ball went over to Tal­lulah.

With approximately two minutes remaining in the game, Jones th­rew a long pass from the Bastrop 46 to the 10, where Curry was waiting to take it in. Tallulah meant to score and there was no stopping them.

After two tries, Jones crossed the goal for the lone score of the game. Ogden kicked, and the Tro­jans led by the score of 7 to 0. Thus the game ended 7 to 0.

Despite the fact that Tallulah had a slight advantage over the Rams in the weight department, they found it very difficult to get through the Bastrop line.

Score by quarters:

Tallulah: 0 0 0 7            7

Bastrop: 0 0 0 0             0

Tallulah: Jones

Tallulah: Ogden

Tallulah: Smith, Shatoska.

Thus far Tallulah has piled up a total of 124 points to their op­ponents 19.


THS Meets NHS There Tonight At 8
Madison Journal
October 17, 1947

Tonight at eight o'clock, the Trojans will don their uniforms for the fifth time this season, when they encounter Newellton High school eleven at Newellton. Last Friday night the Warriors came through with a 7-0 win over the mighty Bastrop Rams at the local field, chalking up their fourth straight win of the season.

Not knowing the strength of the Newellton Eleven, except that they defeated Columbia High by a few points, it is believed that the Trojans will find little difficulty in continuing their winning streak.

Last Friday night the Trojans stuck to the ground except for two passes that were attempted, and completed, one to Curry from Jones down to the Rams 10 yard line, where Jones went over to score for the local team. Possibi­lities are that they will stick to the ground tonight also.


Newellton 5th Victim Of Mighty Warriors, 27-2
Four Touchdowns, One Safety Gives Trojans Win Over Newellton Bears Friday Night
Madison Journal October 24, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

The Newellton Bears bowed to the Trojans last Friday night 27 to 2 in Newellton, after another hard fought game, which made five straight wins for the Warriors.

At the start of the game, Tal­lulah kicked off, and on the 4th play of the game, Jones intercepted a Bear pass on his own 30 yard line. Then after advancing the ball to the Trojan 40, Jones skirted left end to cross the Bear goal for the first score of the game. Loe's kick was good, putting the Trojans in front 7 to 0.

The first penalty of the game was inflicted against Newellton, 15 yards for clipping. This put the ball on the Bear 17 yard marker. Forced to punt, the Bears punted to the 35.

Near the end of the first pe­riod, Jones raced from the Bear 30 to again cross the goal for the Trojans. Loe's attempt failed, leav­ing the score 13 to 0.

Williams, who was sent in to replace Jones, on the first play, intercepted a Bear pass on his own 43 and reached the Newellton 33 before being brought down. The first quarter ended with the Tro­jans leading 13 to 0.

The second period found the Bears starting a touchdown drive for the Trojan goal. McCain car­ried the ball around left end from his own 23 to the 44, where he was hit by several Trojan tacklers. After advancing several yards the march was halted, and Tallulah took over first and ten.

After an advance of 15 yards by Cox to the Tallulah 48, Jones faded back to throw a long pass to Curry down on the Bear goal line. Curry was there but the ball bounced off his chest. Tallulah then received five yards for being offsides.

On the last down, Jones dropped back to punt. After getting off a nice punt, the play was called back, a penalty being called. Jones was ruled out of the game. The of­ficials claimed that Jones, after kicking, attempted to stomp a Bear in the ground. From all indications it would appear that it was rough­ing the kicker. Nevertheless, Jones was removed from the game.

With Ogden punting, the ball went down to the Bear 45, where Curry rushed down fast and made a very hard tackle. At this point Curry was taken from the game, having been temporarily stunned. The first half ended with the Trojans in front 13 to 0.

Once again during half time, the Tallulah High school band paraded on the field with drum major Gene Wallace leading. After marching to the Bears' side, the band marched to the Tallulah side, formed a T, and rendered the Alma Mater, also led by Gene Wallace.

 In the third period, the Bears started another touchdown march, after recovering a Trojan fumb­le on the Tallulah 30. Arnold ad­vanced to the Trojan 18 for a first and ten. Then Arnold again carried to the 8, then to the 5, but the Trojan wall held, and Newellton was unable to score.

With the ball in their possession, Tallulah on their own 4 was forced to kick. Newellton rushed in fast and blocked the punt behind the Trojan goal, giving them a safety. The ball was brought out to the 20, where the Trojans kick­ed off.

In the fourth and final period, Arnold of Newellton, attempting to run wide around his right end, was stopped behind the goal by Smith, who broke through fast, giving the Trojans 2 points. This made the score 15 to 2 in favor of Tallulah.

Tallulah scored again when Washburn, from the Newellton 32, raced around right end and crossed the Bear goal. Kick was wide, leaving the score 21 to 2.

On an end around, Curry moved the ball from the Newellton 49 to the 28, where Washburn took over and moved to the 9. Two plays later from the 3, Ogden, on a quarterback sneak, crossed through the center of the line for the final score of the game.

The kick was no good, and the score remained 27 to 0.

Score by quarters :

Tallulah             13          0            0            14          27
Newellton        0            0            2            0            2

Tallulah: Jones, Ogden, Washburn.

Tallulah: Loe

Tallulah: W. Williams, Shatoska, West, Parker, B. Cox, Antrim, Sevier, Russell, H. Williams, B. Christian.

Hess Curry, who plays left end for the Trojans, but last season played center, was given the name of "Iron Man." This is one boy who truly plays sixty minutes of hard, fast football. Every tackle, every run back, and every block, is done at top speed. All through every game, Curry can be heard talking up the team, leading them on to victory, not letting up once. The name "Iron Man" is very fit­ting.

Tallulah Lineup

L. E.       Curry
L. T.       Ervin
L. G.
C.           Harrop
R. G.     M. Christian
R. T.      Bailey-Captain
R. E.      Loe
Q. B.     Ogden
L. H.      Jones
R. H.     Washburn
F. B.      A. Cox


Trojans Down Hornets, 19-6 Fri. Afternoon
Injuries Play Havoc With Trojans Friday; Two Out With Broken Hands; Still Win 19 To 6
Madison Journal October 31, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

The Trojans continued their winning streak by defeating the Rayville Hornets 19 to 0 on the Hornets' field last Friday afternoon.

Although favored to win over the less experienced Hornets, the Trojans found it quite different playing under the hot sun after having played all their games un­der the lights. This was one point in favor of the Rayville eleven.

Quite a few changes were made in the Trojan line and backfield as injuries played havoc with the Warriors.

Harrop, center for the Trojans, was out with a broken thumb received during practice the previous week, replaced by Curry, who was shifted from his end position. Sevier started the game replacing Curry at the flanker.

In the second period, Verhagen went into the game replacing Og­den at quarterback, who was tak­en from the game with a broken hand.

The Trojans' scores were made during the first half after several drives; Two by Jones in the first quarter and one by Washburn In the second period. The lone conversion was made by Loe.

After the first Trojan score, a kickoff to the Hornets, which was fumbled, was recovered by Smith on the Hornets' 20. Three plays later, Jones scored the second Trojan tally.

The lone score for the Hornets was made in the third period after a drive from their own 40.

Several times the Trojans were down knocking on the Hornets' door, but they were unable to cross the goal. Two passes were completed; one to Curry and the other to Loe, but neither were enough to enable the Trojans to enter the Hornets' end zone.

Each time Jones faded back to throw a pass he was smothered behind the line of scrimmage for several yards Ioss. The Hornets, quite the opposite, had very (little) difficulty in completing their passes.

The last half of the game was nip and tuck. Each team advanc­ing to the opponent's goal, but neither going over for a score, ex­cept for the lone Hornet score in the third period.

The Trojans had quite a number on the injured list the past week, and it is probable that Ogden and Harrop will both be out of action for tonight's game with Start.

Score by quarters:
Tallulah:            13          6            0           0 19
Rayville:            0            0             6            0  6

Tallulah. Jones 2, Washburn 1
Tallulah: Loe

Trojan Line Up

LE          Sevier
LT          Ervin
LG         Smith
C            Curry
RG         Christian
RT         Bailey
RE         Loe
QB         Ogden
LH         Jones
RH         Williams—Captain
FB          A. Cox


Tallulah: Shatoska, West, Rus­sell, Parker, Verhagen, Thomas, Antrim, Washburn, H. Williams, B. Cox.

Up to date Tallulah has 170 points to their opponents 21 points.


Devon Payne's Trojans Start Long Home Series With Game Tonight
Monroe News-Star October 31, 1947


TALLULAH. La., Oct. 31.-(Special) The undefeated Tallulah High School Trojans will meet Start High School in a gridiron battle to be played in Tallulah Friday night and will be a class B conference game.

It is known that the Start eleven will outweigh the Trojans considerably, while the Trojans will have the task of stopping Start's Craighead brothers, both of whom tip the scales of over 200 pounds each. One plays center, while the other plays fullback.

Two of Tallulah's regulars will be on the sidelines for most of the game. Harold Ogden, quarterback, who broke his hand, and Robert Harrop, center, who cracked his thumb.

Due to these injuries, Coach Devon Payne has had to make quick changes in the starting lineup, so as to have his boys ready for Friday night's encounter.

The Trojans have been put through long and hard drills this week in preparation for Start with Armon Cox being put at quarterback to replace Ogden, and Bud Smith will be in the fullback spot in place of Cox. Bill Jones and James Washburn will complete the backfield.

Hess Curry, who played center last year but has been playing end this year, will be back at center to replace Harrop, and Dick Sevier will move up to end.

In downing Rayville last week the Trojans ended the road games for the remainder of the season with five home games still left. They are Start, Columbia, Winnsboro, Lake Provi­dence, and Ferriday, in that order. All but Winnsboro will be Class B conference games; Winnsboro being Class A, and a strong contender for the title.

The Start-Tallulah game will be played on Tallulah's Legion Field, beginning at 8 o'clock.

Tallulah's probable starting lineup will be: Lamar Loe and Dick Sevier, ends; Pierce Bailey and Howard Wil­liams, tackles; Ira Ervin and Merlin Christian, guards; Hess Curry, center; Armon Cox. quarterback; Bill Jones and James Washburn, halfbacks, and Bud Smith, fullback.


Trojans Slush Through Mud To Win 25-0
Heavy Rains Slow Up Both Teams Friday; Smith, Jones, Score For Warriors At Local Field
Madison Journal November 7, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

Wet, slippery and sloshy was the condition of the local football field when the Trojans met and defeated the Start High school ele­ven. Shortly before the start of the game, torrential rains started and lasted throughout the third period. Rains accompanied by strong winds, which made it even more difficult in handling the ball. Only a few minutes after the start of the game the numerals on the jerseys were undistinguishable, mud covering the players from head to foot.

In the opening of the game, Start started as if they would run up a quick score against the Trojans. Craighead, 200-pound full-back for Start, broke loose to the left then to the right, down the field into Trojan territory, but failed to advance further. A fumb­le was recovered by Smith of Tal­lulah, giving Tallulah first and ten from their own 10.

After taking the ball on their own ten, Smith, replacing Cox at fullback, who replaced Ogden at quarterback, out with a broken hand received in last Friday's game against Rayville, grabbed the ball and from his own 14, picked up 18 yards down to the 32, Jones dashed from there through the entire Start team down the left side of the field then the right to cross the enemy goal for the first score of the game. His attempt at conversion failed leaving the standing at 6 to 0.

After Tallulah's first score, Start chose to kick off, due to the condi­tion of the field. Despite the slippery field, the fumbles were comparatively few.

In the second period, Smith again carrying the ball, advanced from the Start 33 yard line to the 17, where the ball flew out of his hands as he was tackled, only to be pounced on by Shatoska, substitute end for the Trojans, who dove at the ball at the same time two Start tacklers leaped for it. Several plays later, Jones, from the Start nine, crossed the end zone for another tally, but was called back, the Trojan backfield being in motion, moving the ball back to the 14. Start took over first and ten from there, punting on the first down getting off a nice punt to the Trojan 40.

The ball resting on their own 40, Tallulah was pushed back in three plays to their own 20. The first play, Jones attempted to punt, fumbled and immediately fell on the ball. Then again the snap from center slipped through his hands. Then the first half ended with the Trojans out in front by the small margin of 6 to 0.

Due to bad weather, the Tallulah High school band was unable to perform during half time.

In the beginning of the second half the Trojan backfield and ends came onto the field wearing white cotton gloves, which made handl­ing the ball easier. However, the gloves didn't remain white very long.

Several plays after the kickoff in the third quarter, Jones wiggled loose through the line and down the left side of the field, then down the right from his own 45, to the Start 23. Smith took over and reached the 9, Jones again to the 4, Smith to the 2, (Smith was removed from the game at this point in order to change pants, his being ripped down the front). Jones entered the end zone for the second Warrior score. Again his attempt failed, and the Trojans were on the long end of a 12 to 0 count.

Start again elected to kick off after the second score. Jones again loose, dashed from his own 45 to the Start 18. On the next play, a Trojan fumble was recovered by M. Christian of Tallulah. A Trojan pass was intercepted on the Start 21 as the third period ended with Tallulah still in front 12 to 0.

The ensuing minutes of the final quarter was an exchange of punts, Tallulah nearly having several of their punts blocked. Despite the weather, the ball being slippery, Craighead managed to get off some nice punts for Start.

After several plays by the Tro­jans, Jones again crossed into pay dirt from the 17, bringing the score to 18. A pass from Jones to Curry in the end zone was complet­ed for the extra point, but was called back, Tallulah being offside. Another pass was attempted but failed; Score 18 to 0.

At this point of the game, Coach Payne sent in substitutes Parker, Thomas, Antrim, West.

After two plays, Smith, plowing through left tackle, from the Start 10, chalked up the final score of the ball game. Loe kicked the ex­tra point and the score was moved to 25 to 0.

Score by quarters

Tallulah:            6            0            6            13          25
Start                   0            0            0            0            0

Tallulah: Loe
Touchdowns: Jones 2, Smith 1
Substitutes: Tallulah: W. Williams, Shatoska, West, Antrim, Parker, Thomas.

Much praise should go this week to "Boogie" Harrop, center for the Trojans, who played the entire game with a broken thumb, which he received in a previous game.


Monroe News-Star November 4, 1947

COLUMBIA, La., Nov. 4.—(Special) —The Columbia High School Crimson Tide, fresh from a 56-0 victory over Wisner, faces its most severe test of the season Thursday night when Coach Woodrow W. Turner's Tidemen invade Tallulah for a scrap with the Tallulah High School Trojans, defend­ing state Class B champions and un­defeated in their campaign for addi­tional `'B" honors this season.

The Tidemen, who scored Class B victories of their own over L. T. I., 56 to 7, and Dubach, 39 to 6, have lost only to Class A Winnsboro and Ray­ville and to Class B Start and Newellton. After the Tallulah scrap, the Crimson Tide will end its schedule against the Mangham Dragons.

Columbia will be going into action against Coach Devon Payne's Trojans without the services of the regular quarterback and ends. Quarterback Hudson was lost for the season with injuries in the Start game, and both ends, Gregory and Smith, went out for the rest of the year as the result of wounds suffered in the Wisner con­flict.

"We know we have a battle on our hands this week." Coach Turner de­clared, "But we'll have eleven boys on the field and try our best to give the Trojans a game they'll remember."

The Columbia "B" team, which holds wins over Crowville, 18-0 and Bastrop, 16-14 and 6-0, is seeking a game with the Ouachita freshmen.


Monroe News-Star November 6, 1947

TALLULAH, La., Nov. 6.--Special) —The Tallulah High School Trojans, defending state Class B champions, go after their eighth straight win of the season against no losses when they face the Columbia High School Crim­son Tide in a Class B conference game here Thursday night.

So far this season Coach Devon Payne's Trojans have romped over Mangham, 64-6; Oak Grove, 26-0; Delhi, 27-0; Bastrop, 7-0; Newellton, 27-2; Rayville, 19-6; and Start, 25-0.

The Tallulah boys are lead by last year's All-State Bill Jones, left halfback. Jones, considered one of the best high school backs in the south, has scored 14 touchdowns for the Trojans this year.

James Washburn, fleetfooted "skat­back", has been responsible for many long runs this season and has chalked up quite a few TD's.

''Bud" Smith, shifted from guard to fullback when Ogden came up with a broken hand, is showing up well at his new position.

Hess Curry has been one of the main cogs in the Tallulah team. He has constantly broken up plays which has kept the other team in the low score brackets. Hess is almost certain of an all-state position this season should he continue to play hard from now on out.

The probable Tallulah lineup was announced as Hess Curry and Lamar Loe, ends; Pierce Bailey and "Fat" Williams, tackles; Hugh Erwin and Merlin Christian, guards; "Boogie" Harrop, center; Armon Cox, quarterback; Jones and Washburn, halfbacks; and "Bud" Smith, fullback.


Monroe Morning World
November 6, 1947

TALLULAH, La., Nov. 6.—(Special) —The Tallulah High School Trojans, marching on toward possibly their second straight state Class B football championship, defeated the Columbia High School Crimson Tide here Thursday night, 38 to 0.

Bill Jones, Trojan all-state halfback, scored three of his team's six touchdowns, while James Washburn, Pierce Bailey, and Quarterback Ogden scored one each.

Ogden and Bailey, the latter a tackle, came through with the longest touchdown runs. Bailey made his on a 75-yard return of an intercepted pass, and Ogden broke clear through the middle of the line and romped 76 yards. Lamar Loe, end, contributed two extra points.

Zeagler and McDaniels played outstanding ball for Columbia, while Hess Curry was good at left end for the Trojans, and "Boogie" Harrop, out with an injury all season, came back to play an outstanding game.

Tallulah meets the strong Winnsboro Wildcats, a Class A rival, in what is expected to be the Trojans' hardest battle thus far here next Friday night.


Tallulah Scores 38-0 Win Over Columbia Team
Shreveport Times November 9, 1947

Tallulah, Nov. 8 (Special).-The Tallulah high school grid team, 1946 class B champions of Louisiana, defeated the Columbia eleven, 38-0, Thursday night on the local field.

The win brings the local team's record to eight straight victories which were over strong class B opposition and two class A teams.

The Trojans were led to victory by Jones, Ogden, Bailey and Washburn.

Next week Tallulah will meet the class A Winnsboro team in what promises to be one of the best games of the season.


Columbia Easy Victim For Trojans; 38-0
Jones, Ogden, Washburn, Bailey, Share Honors In Scoring For Local Team Friday Night
Madison Journal November 14, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

Determined again this year to capture the class "B'' championship, Tallulah emerged victorious last Thursday night by downing the Columbia eleven 38 to 0 at the local high school football field.

Shatoska, captain for the Tro­jans, elected to receive. At the very beginning of the game things looked bad for the local eleven. For on the opening kickoff by Columbia, Jones, after taking the ball on his own 15, fumbled on the 25, recovered by Columbia. Then the tables turned, when Columbia fumbled on the Trojan 3 yard line, recovered by Tallulah.

After receiving a Trojan punt on their own 45, Columbia was thrown for four yards on the next play by Smith, coming through fast. Then Columbia was penalized 15 yards for illegal pass receiver. Again shooting through the air, a Columbia pass was good to the Tallulah 18. With Ziegler and McDaniel carrying the ball, several attempts were made to cross the Trojan goal but the line held and the ball went over to them first and ten from there.

Smith in the fullback slot for the Trojans, took the ball from the 18, and picked up a first on the 31. Washburn, on a hand-off dart­ed from the 31 to the Columbia 31 as the first period ended with neither team scoring.

Curry, stalwart end for the Tro­jans, on an end-around skirted left end from the 33 to cross the goal but the play was called back, Tallulah being penalized 15 yards for holding. Bringing the ball back to the Columbia 48, Tallulah started their touchdown drive that wasn't to be stopped. Jones started it off by reaching the 20, then a pass from Jones to Curry was good down to the 12, where Jones took over again, and raced around right end to the 2, where on the next play, he carried again crossing the goal for the first score. Loe's kick was good putting the Trojans in front 7 to 0.

The combination of Ziegler and McDaniel for Columbia started the ball rolling again, but was stopped down on the Columbia 47, where Tallulah took over once again. Speedy Jones again carrying raced 53 yards through the whole team, to cross the goal for the local school bringing the score to 13 to 0. His attempt at conversion failed, and the score remained 13 to 0.

Having gotten off to a bad start, the Trojans were now making up for lost time. For Washburn, several plays after Jones scored the second tally, peeled off 45 yards for the third score. Loe's attempt failed and the Warriors led 19-0 as the first half ended.

Once again during half time, the Tallulah High school band, led by drum major, Gene Wallace, and with the new band uniforms, paraded onto the field in full color. After making several formations on the field, they rendered a selection for the visiting spectators, then marched to the local side, where everyone stood while the Alma Mater was played. Although the majority of the band members are very small, Mr. Lawrence is to be given credit for doing a swell job.

Play was resumed again on the field in the third period, and both teams came out with new determination, but Tallulah wasn't to be stopped.

Shortly after the opening minutes of the third quarter, Jones again getting loose, carried from the Columbia 41 to score his third touchdown of the evening. Ogden, out of action last week with a broken hand received against Rayville, came into the game, with his hand in a cast, to try for the extra point. His attempt was wide and the score was still 25 to 0.

A kickoff by Ogden was down to the Columbia 20, where it was picked up by McDaniel, who ran it back to the 49 before being brought down by several Trojan tacklers. Two plays later a pass intended for a Columbia end was intercepted by Bailey, Trojan tackle, who got into the clear and raced half the distance of the field to bring the score to 31 to 0. Loe's attempt was good, and the score, Tallulah 32, Columbia 0.

Near the close of the third period, Ogden, with his good hand, picked up the pass from center, and dashed 65 yards for a touchdown, with no one around him. Attempt at conversion failed, leaving the standing 38 to 0.

At this point of the game Coach Payne sent in substitutes West, Parker, Antrim, Russell, Clark,  Bousior, Crothers, Neuroth, B. Christian, Sevier, Thomas.

Although the Columbia eleven moved down the field toward the Trojan goal, they were halted by the Trojan second string. And the game ended with the Trojans in front 38 to 0.

I failed to mention earlier that Boone, Halbach, who has been out of action all season with an injured knee, went in to the game at tackle in the second period, and played a bang-up game. Throwing plays for losses time and again. He seemed to have no trouble with the knee, so looks as though he will  see plenty of action in the last three games, which incidentally,  you don't want to miss; Winnsboro, Lake Providence and Ferriday.

Score by quarters:

Tallulah:            0            19          19          0--38
Columbia          0            0            0            0-0


Tallulah-Jones 3, Bailey 1, Og­den 1, Washburn 1.

Conversions: Loe


Payne, head linesman, LSU, Holloway, umpire, LSU; Beasley, field judge, Centenary; Riser, re­feree, La. Tech.

Total number of points scored by the Trojans thus far this season: 233—Opponents: 21.


B. Halbach, W. Williams, West, Parker, Loe, Antrim, Russell, Bou­soir, Newroth, B. Christian, Sevier, Thomas, Verhagen, Hargon, Crothers, Clarke, Ogden.


After Eight Straight Wins, Tallulah Expects Toughest Battle
Monroe News-Star November 14, 1947

TALLULAH, La, Nov 14 (Special) the Winnsboro Wildcats will invade Tallulah Friday night for the annual football tilt.

The Tallulah Trojans won their eighth straight game last Thursday when they defeated the Columbia boys, 38 to 0. The Tallulah eleven have chalked up a total of 233 points to 27 for their opponents.

Bill Jones ran his string of touchdowns to 17, making three touchdowns against Columbia.

Even though the Trojans are on the shady side for this game, their class B rating will not be jeopardized should they come out on the small end, In that the Wildcats went into the class A rating this season. However, Wiggins and Duchesne are two good boys and it is expected that they will be hard to stop.

Coach Devon Payne’s squad is going to try hard to keep the slate clean by setting the cats back.

Jones, Curry, Halbach, and Cox are expecting to play up to their respective standings Friday night.


By setting the Cats back, Jones, Curry, Halbach, and Cox are expecting to play up to their respective standings Friday night.

Probable lineup:

Tallulah             Pos.      Winnsboro

Curry                  LE          Rundell
Bailey                 LT          Taylor
Ervin                   LG         Lewis
Harrop               C            Lee
Christian           RG         Cupit
H. Williams       RT         Freeman
Loe                      RE         Bennet
Cox                      QB         Ferrington
Jones                  LH         Wiggins
Washburn        RH         Duschene
Smith                 FB          Hart

The officials will he Riser (Loui­siana Tech), referee: Reamer (Notre Dame), headlinesman; Beasley (Centenary), field judge; and McLeer (Tulane), umpire.


THS Meets Winnsboro Tonight At Local Field At 5:00
Madison Journal November 14, 1947

The largest turnout of the season is expected tonight when the Tallulah Trojans meet the Winns­boro Wildcats at the local field in the ninth contest for the Trojans this season.

Last season the Trojans motored to Winnsboro and defeated the Wildcats 26 to 13. Tonight the Trojans will be out to repeat this, and make this their ninth straight win of the season.

Both teams are fairly evenly matched, so much excitement can be expected when the two teams clash on the field at eight o'clock.

Following tonight's game, the Trojans will meet the Lake Provi­dence Panthers here on Friday night, November 21. Then on Thanksgiving Day they will meet Ferriday High for the final contest of the season.


Trojans' Streak Halted By Winnsboro 6 To 0
Wiggins, Duchene, Hart And Bennett, Drive Team To Victory; Tallulah's First Defeat n 18 Games
Madison Journal November 21, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

Last Saturday night at the local high school football field before a crowd of 3000 or more spec­tators, the Winnsboro Wildcats edged out the Tallulah Trojans 6 to 0 in what most fans called "the best game of the season."

Captains for the two teams were A. Cox for the Trojans and Wiggins and Bennett for the Wildcats. Tal­lulah kicked off to Winnsboro defending the east goal.

Similar to the game Friday before last the Trojans got off to another bad start, when they fumbled on their own 28, as Winnsboro recovered first and ten. With Duchene and Wiggins trying several plays, advancing the ball to the ten, the ball went over to the Tro­jans after four tries from there.

Just before the Wildcats made the only tally of the game, Tal­lulah was penalized 15 yards as Jones was removed from the game. Two plays later, a pass from Wiggins to Bennett was good from the 20 in the end zone and the Wildcats led 6 to 0. The extra point failed, leaving the score still 6 to 0.

Receiving the kickoff on his own 28, Curry made a beautiful runback to the 43 where he was brought down hard. Then a pass from Cox to Curry was good to the Winnsboro 47 as the first period ended.

Once again Winnsboro started a touchdown drive. In several plays from the 40, Duchene and Wiggins advanced the ball to the Tallulah 11. A pass to Duchene was dropped in the end zone, as Tallulah took over on the ten. Odgen punted out to the Trojan 40, several plays later the ball was advanced to the 10. Winnsboro was penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness, then two plays later another pen­alty of 15 yards was inflicted against them for clipping.

Just before the end of the se­cond period, the Trojans started moving toward the Wildcats goal. A pass from Washburn to Williams was good to the 24, then another pass from Cox to Curry was good for a first on the 35. Williams from there moved to the 41 for another first. Another pass from Cox to Curry was good to the 46 as the first half ended with the Wildcats in front by the slim margin of 6 points.

After the half time ceremonies by the Tallulah High School band, the two teams came back onto the field.

After a drive, which took them to the Tallulah 20, Winnsboro was penalized 15 yards for clipping. A punt by Wiggins gave Tallulah the ball on their own one-yard line. An attempted punt by Ogden, was blocked and recovered on the 2 yard line by Winnsboro. After three plays, which moved the ball within inches of the goal, Winnsboro fumbled, recovered by Tallulah and again Ogden punted, this time to the 26.

Near the end of the third period, Curry made way from his 13 to the 27. Washburn then advanced to the 32, where Winnsboro was penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness. Again taking to the air, Washburn passed to Curry down to the 43. Cox, on a quarterback sneak, picked up the needed one-yard for another first, where Curry on an end around went to the Winnsboro 33. Again Winnsboro was penalized this time 5 yards for having 12 men on the field. Still attacking through the air, Curry passed to Loe, who caught it on the one-yard line. Tallulah after moving the ball down the field to the Winnsboro one-yard line, where they had four tries to even the score and possibly move ahead, was penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness, and Loe was removed from the game. This put the ball back on the 16 yard marker, as Tallulah’s chances of tying the game faded. Shortly afterward the game ended with the Wildcats still in front 6 to 0.

Thus Tallulah’s winning streak was stopped, their first defeat in 18 games.

Score by quarters:

Tallulah             0            0            0            0            0
Winnsboro       6            0            0            0            6

First downs:
Tallulah             8
Winnsboro       5


Tallulah Will Meet Panthers in League Tilt
Both Teams Undefeated in Conference Play
Monroe Morning World November 20, 1947

Tallulah, Nov. 20 (Special).—The Tallulah Trojans, 1946 Class B cham­pions will defend their title Friday night against the Lake Providence high school Panthers.

Even though the Trojans lost last week to the Winnsboro boys by a "scant" score of 6 to 0, they are ready to add the Panthers to their list of victories this season and keep their record clear for another B title. Tal­lulah is also unbeaten in league play.

Lake Providence, with a much lighter team, has two exceptionally good men. Jack Brown at left end and Lloyd Clements in the backfield are expected to give Tallulah plenty of trouble.

Curry, left end for Tallulah, is trying to "snag" an all-state position and he will give the Panthers plenty of opposition, especially on end around plays. "Tubbs" Washburn and Bud Smith, in the backfield for Tallulah, will be depended upon to do practically all of the ball carrying for the Trojans.

Halbach and Bailey, at tackles, are doing a good job. They played a very important part in holding the Winnsboro team on several occasions last Saturday night.

The lineup for Friday night's game will be:

Tallulah—Curry, le: Bailey. It: Ervin, lg; Harrop, C; Christian, rg: H. Williams, rt; L. Loe, re; Cox, qb; Washburn, lh; W. Williams, rh: Smith, fb.

Lake Providence—J. Brown, le: Bradley, It; Newman, lg; B. Brown, c; Thames, rg; Chandler, rt; Murray, re; J. Hopkins, qb: Herrington, lh; Cook, lh; T, Hopkins, fb.



Shreveport Times November 21, 1947

TALLULAH, La., Nov, 21—(Special)

 —The Tallulah High School Trojans, defending Class B football champions, successfully hurdled the Lake Provi­dence High School Panthers, 20 to 6 here tonight in their march toward another district title.

Coach Devon Payne's Trojans have only to beat the Ferriday High School Bulldogs Thanksgiving Day to sew up the district crown and appear in the playoffs for the state championship.

Bill Jones, Tallulah's all-state halfback, scored three touchdowns and two extra points in the rout of the Panthers, and Hess Curry added one touchdown. Jack Brown, Trieschmann and the Hopkins brothers also played good ball for Tallulah.

Clements scored the lone Lake Providence touchdown.

The first downs were 19 to eight in favor of Tallulah.


Panthers Tamed; Warriors 26 To 6
Trojans Score Once In First Half, Three Times In Second Half To Emerge Victorious Over Panthers
Madison Journal November 28, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

Before another record breaking crowd last Friday night, the Tallulah High Trojans marched to another victory when they defeated the Lake Providence Pan­thers 26 to 6 at the local field.

Captain Billy Brown for the Panthers won the toss and elect­ed to receive, defending the west goal. With Clements and Denny carrying the ball, the Panthers picked up several yards before turning the ball over to the Tro­jans.

After being thrown for several yards loss, Tallulah punted out of danger, and Lake Providence started a touchdown drive for the Trojan goal. A pass from Triesch­man to Brown was good from the Panther 44 to the Trojan 34. With Clement again carrying the ball, in several plays the ball was ad­vanced to the 23. A penalty was then inflicted against the Panthers for offsides. A pass again from Trieschman to Clement was good and Clement streaked over the goal, putting the Panthers in front 6 to 0. Conversion failed leaving the standing 6 to 0.

With a few minutes remaining in the first period Tallulah start­ed moving down the field, A pass from Washburn to Williams was good from the Trojan 28 to the 47. Ogden taking over, moved to the Lake Providence 31, but Tallulah was unable to advance any further.

Taking over on the 32 in the opening of the second period, Clements of the Panthers advanc­ed to the Trojan 47. Then a fumble cost the Panthers to lose the ball on the 40. Jones, who had not been in the game, was sent in replace Williams.

After several plays by Jones, the ball was moved from the 40 to the Panther 46, where he quickkicked to the L. P. 9 yard line. With Tallulah on defensive, Jones was removed from the game, as Lake Providence took over on their own 9. After moving the ball to the 19, a penalty of 15 yards was inflicted against them for clipping. Punting from the 8 yard line, the ball rolled to the Tallulah 46, where it was first and ten for the Trojans. Jones again in on offense, streaked to the Panther 9 from the 46. Then again to the two, from where he plunged over, tying the score at 6 all. Loe's attempt at conversion was blocked and the score remained 6 to 6.

Lake Providence started what looked to be another touchdown drive, but after advancing the ball from their own 20 to the Trojan 38, a pass intended for Brown was intercepted by Ogden on the Tallulah 37. With just a few seconds remaini8ng in the first half, a pass from Jones to Curry was good to the 40 for a first and ten. The first half ended with the score still tied at 6 all.

Receiving in the third period Tallulah started the machine roll­ing to the enemy goal. Jones first carried from the 44 to the Pan­ther 48. Bailey, tackle for the Trojans, was removed from the game with an injured back. On the next play, Ogden advanced to the 41. Jones to the 28, Washburn to the 17, Jones to the 8, Cox to the 6, and Jones the remaining 6 yards to score. Instead of kicking the extra point, Jones passed to Curry in the end zone, moving the score to 13 to 6.

The first penalty against Tal­lulah was inflicted for 15 yards for unnecessary roughness. Lake Providence moved the ball from their own 51 to the Trojan 40. Brown moved the ball it to the 45, then several plays brought the ball to the Trojan 23 where they were halted. Jones, from the 23, twisted and turned through the entire team, and reached the 43 before being brought down by five or six Panther tacklers. Then on an end around, Curry streaked 57 yards to the end zone, scoring for the Trojans. Jones ran the extra point and the score was now 20 to 6.

In the opening of the final pe­riod, the combination of Triesch­man to Brown was down to the Tallulah 39. On the next play a pass intended for Brown, was intercepted by Williams on the Tro­jan 26. Tallulah taking to the air, moved up to the 35, then a pass from Jones to Curry was intercepted on the 30.  Holding the Panthers over to four downs, Tallulah first and ten on their own 28 yard marker. On the first Trojan play, Jones, from his own 28, dashed down the left side of the field behind beautiful blocking, 79 yards to cross the goal standing up. This moved the score to 26 to 6. Attempt at conversion fail­ed, leaving the score at 26 to 6.

Several plays later the game ended with the Trojans on the long end of a 26 to 6 count.

Score by quarters:

Lake Providence:          6            0            0            0—6
Tallulah:                          0            6           14          6—26

Lake Providence: Clement
Tallulah: Jones, Curry

Tallulah : Curry, Jones

First Downs:

Lake Providence: 8
Tallulah: 19


Tallulah: Shatoska, Jones, B. Halbach, Parker.

Touchdowns scored for Tallu­lah thus far this season:

Jones 20, Washburn 7, Ogden 4, Curry 3, Smith 2, Verhagen 2, Bailey 1, B. Cox 1, A. Cox 1, W. Williams 1.

Points scored thus far this season: Tallulah—259 Opponents--39

Tallulah Defends Class B Laurels In Game Tomorrow Afternoon
Monroe News-Star November 26, 1947


TALLULAH, La., Nov. 26.- (Spe­cial)—Coach Devone Payne's Tallulah High Trojans will defend their Class  B Championship Thursday afternoon when they play the Ferriday Bulldogs for the northeast Louisiana 1 Class B championship.

Tallulah feels that since defeating the Lake Providence Panthers last Friday night, that their chances are very good in winning the game on "Turkey Day" against the Ferriday team.

Harold Ogden (with a broken hand) has played an outstanding game for the past several weeks. He has done a good job carrying the ball as well as punting.

James Washburn, halfback, was in­jured during the Lake Providence game and will not see action Thurs­day afternoon so Bill Jones, who has run his string of T. D.'s to 20 for this season, will probably do lots of ball carrying for the Trojans. Warren Williams at wingback and Armon Cox at quarterback position are expected to keep the Ferriday boys from scor­ing.

In the line Bailey and Christian will start at tackles. Howard Williams, 217 pounds, and Bud Smith will hold down the guard positions. "Boogie" Harrop, at center, has stopped lots of plays this season. Hess Curry, at left end, and Troy Shatoska at right end, are two of the best defensive ends in north Louisiana.

The Trojans hold victories this season over Mangham, 64-6; Oak Grove, 26-0; Delhi, 27-13; Bastrop, Class A, 7-0; Newellton, 27-2; Rayville, Class A, 19-6: Start, 25-0; Columbia, 38-0; and Lake Providence. 26-6. The only loss was to Class A Winnsboro, 6-0.

FERRIDAY CRIPPLED FERRIDAY, La., Nov. 26.-(Special) —Idle over the week-end, the Ferriday High School Bulldogs found themselves locked in a tie with the Tallulah Trojans after the results of Friday night high school games were posted in the records. Tallulah eliminated the Lake Providence Panthers from championship running with a 26 to 6 defeat.

Tallulah and Ferriday tie up at Tallulah on Thanksgiving Day to de­cide the gridiron championship of Louisiana's northeast Class B &strict. Both teams are undefeated in conference play this season.

Outweighed about ten pounds to a man, the Bulldogs will be further handicapped in their crucial meeting with the Madison parish eleven by absence from the lineup of two line regulars. Douglas Hart, dependable right guard, is hospitalized in New Orleans. Both Hart and Hugh Gray, tackle, who recently withdrew from school, are out insofar as football is concerned this season at Ferriday.

In addition to the above losses, Sam Wactor, ace blocking hack who suf­fered a collar-bone fracture three weeks ago, is on the doubtful list.

The justified pessimism of Head Coach Charles Loomis and Assistant Coach, Ray Harris, however, will not deter Ferriday High School fans from flooding to Tallulah on Turkey Day to see the clash for the regional crown.

Workouts were resumed Monday at Corbett Field in Ferriday and will be continued through Wednesday. The squad, accompanied by the band, pep squad and supporters will leave early Thursday morning for the Trojans as the kick off is scheduled for early Thursday afternoon.


Trojans Beat Ferriday, 37-19; Play Plain Dealing Next Week
Unknown Newspaper

—The Tallulah High School Trojans came through as expected Thursday to sew up the northeast Louisiana district Class B championship by de­feating the Ferriday High School Bulldogs, 37 to 19.

Bill Jones, the Trojans' all-state halfback, was at his best against Fer­riday, scoring four touchdowns and one extra point. Harold Ogden and "Bud" Smith each scored a touchdown for Tallulah, Ogden getting his on a pass interception.

Lancaster scored first for Ferriday on a 78-yard kickoff return. Smith went 41 yards for another Bulldog tally, and Latham took a pass for the third and last. Latham also scored an extra point on a pass.

Principal Jimmy Yeates of Tallulah also announced Thursday that the Trojans will play Plain Dealing, northwest district B champions, here next Thursday for the north Louisiana title.

The lineups:

Ferriday            Pos.      Tallulah

Horton               LE          H. Curry
Wheat                LT          Bailey
Hammet            LG         B. Smith
Charuin             C            Harrop
Traxler               RG         H. Williams
Thompson        RT         Christian
Sullivan             RE         Shatoska
J. Lancaster      QB         Cox
Smith                 LH         Jones
Latham              RH         Williams
Massey              FE          Ogden


Trojans N'East Champs; Tromp Ferriday 37-19
Jones, Smith, Ogden Score For Warriors; Take N.E. Title In Thanksgiving Day Tilt Here
Madison Journal December 5, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

Before a large holiday crowd Thanksgiving Day, the Tallulah Trojans continued their march to the State Championship by down­ing the Ferriday Bulldogs 37 to 19 to win the Northeast Louisiana Championship in the Class "B" Division.

Before the opening kickoff, the Queen of Homecoming, Janet Buford, was crowned by Mayor Sevier. Then the Queen and her attendants were seated in the special box on the fifty yard line along the sideline. After being seated, the Queen then marched on to the field, where she was presented a bouquet of beautiful flowers by Hess Curry, Captain of Homecoming, who in turn was pre­sented with the ball, which was the signal for play to begin.

Curry, winning the toss for the Trojans, elected to receive, defending the west goal. On the se­cond play of the game, fleet-foot Jones raced 60 yards to score for the Trojans. Attempt at conver­sion failed, leaving the score at 6 to 0

In the first period the Bulldogs were unable to advance very far, as the Trojan Iine was holding fast. However, several passes were completed, but not enough yardage to score.

Near the closing minutes of the first period, in approximately 8 plays, after a drive from the Tro­jan 30 yard line, Smith from the 7, pushed over the center of the line for the second Trojan score.  Ogden plowed through the center for the extra point, putting the Warriors in front 13 to 0.

In the second quarter, the first penalties were inflicted of the game; First a 15 yard penalty against Tallulah for unnecessary roughness, then later a 15 yard penalty against the Bulldogs for the same.        -

A pass from Jones to Ogden was good to the Bulldog 20, and Ogden raced the remaining 20 yards to score, making it 19 to 0. Kick failed and the score remained 19 to 0.

On a kickoff by Tallulah, to the Ferriday 22, a stunned crowd watched Lancaster race 78 yards through the entire Trojan team to score for the Bulldogs. Attempt failed, and the standing remained 18 to 6 as the first half ended.

Halftime ceremonies consisted for of both bands performing on the field. The Ferriday band played several selections while doing formations in the center of the field. After marching to both sides of next the field, they marched off as the Tallulah band marched on.

The Tallulah band, marching in from all four corners, met in the center of the field, and after marching up the field, formed an "F" for the visiting spectators, then marched to the Trojan side and formed a "T" as they played the Alma Mater.

Play was resumed again on the field as the Trojans kicked off to the Bulldogs. After several plays, which moved the ball down the field some twenty yards, a pass intended for Smith, was in­tercepted by Smith of Tallulah on the Bulldog 45, and taken to the 32 where he was brought down by several Ferriday tacklers.

After a penalty of fifteen yards against Tallulah for clipping, Ogden carried the ball from the 47 to the 33, where Jones went into the game and darted from there to again cross the goal to make the score 25 to 6. His kick was bad, and the score was still 25 to 6. At this point of the game Ferriday started a drive which took them to the Trojan goal. A pass and then a lateral to Smith on the Trojan 40 as Smith crossed goal for the second Bulldog score. The kick was blocked by Smith of Tallulah, and the score was 25-12.

A Trojan fumble on their own 42 was recovered by Ferriday, where on the next play, another pass from Latham to Smith was good in the end zone, which brought the score to 25 to 18. Kick was good, and the score 25-19.

After another 15 yard penalty against Tallulah, Jones, from his  46, dashed down the sideline and reached the 11 before being  brought down. From there on the next play, he went over, putting Tallulah in front 31 to 19. Again the kick was bad, and the score remained the same.

What appeared to be another touchdown drive by the Bulldogs was halted when "Boone" Halbach, tackle for the Trojans, intercepted a pass on the Ferriday 40 yard line, and advanced to the  5, where he was brought down. Curry, from there, carried to the one, and Jones plunged over from there for the final score. His kick was wide, leaving the score 37 to 19.

Time and again during the game, Shatoska, Williams, Smith and Ogden, broke through the Ferriday line to stop plays for considerable loss of yardage. Washburn, first string right half for the Trojans, was out due to a broken nose received in the game against Lake Providence.

Score by quarters:

Ferriday--          0            6            13          0—19
Tallulah—        13          6            6            12—37


Ferriday—Smith, Lancaster
Tallulah—Jones, Smith, Ogden


Tallulah—Jones, Ogden

First Downs:

Substitutes: Tallulah—Loe, Parker, B. Halbach.

Thursday night the Trojans met the Plain Dealing Eleven, winners of the Northwest Louisi­ana district, here at the local field. The winner of this contest will meet a South Louisiana team for the State playoff in the Class "B" Division.

Due to the fact that information was not available at press time, the results will be published in next week's edition.


Trojans Come From Behind In North State Tilt With Plain Dealing
Monroe Morning World December 4, 1947

TALLULAH, La., Dec. 4.-(Special) --The Tallulah High School Trojans, defending champions, had to come from behind here Thursday night to defeat the Plain Dealing Lions, 25 to 13 in a battle for the Class B football championship of north Louisiana.

Plain Dealing scored twice in the opening period and held a 13 to 6 lead at the half, but Coach Devon Payne's Trojans held the visitors scoreless the rest of the way in a spectacular offensive duel while taking up the slack. The offensive shows of the rival elevens netted 16 first downs for Tallulah and 15 for Plain Dealing.

DeMoss, easily the most outstand­ing Lion back, romped around end for 40 yards and the first Plain Dealing touchdown, and Gleason came through with another score a few minutes later on a short line plunge and also con­verted to give the Lions a quarter lead of 13 to 0.

Bill Jones, Tallulah's all-state halfback, gathered in the first Trojan touchdown in the second quarter, and he got away on another touchdown jaunt in the last half. Jones also contributed an extra point to even the score.

Harold Ogden, and Hess Curry, also playing a splendid game for Tallulah, added one touchdown each to give the locals their margin of victory. Ogden traveled 15 yards for his tally, and Curry got away on a 20-yard end around play to score.

The victory assured Tallulah of a place in the state Class B championship finals against the winner of the south state title.

The lineups:

Plain Dealing   Pos.      Tallulah

Code                   LE          Curry
Mixon                LT          B. Halbach
Barnette            LG         Erwin
May                    C            Harrop
Farrington        RG         Williams
LaFitte               RT         Bailey
Anderson          RE         Christian
Arnold               QE         Cox
Gleason             LH         Jones
McKellar           RH         B. Smith
DeMoss             FB          Ogden



BATON ROUGE, La., Dec. 4.-AP-Baker High School defeated New Orleans Academy here Thursday night by a score of 20 to 0 to win the southeast Louisi­ana Class B football title playoff.

Baker meets Westlake next week for the southern championship. Westlake has won the title in the southwestern division of the state.

In the first quarter Claude Wyatt went over guard one yard for a touchdown climaxing a 65-Yard Baker drive. A few moments later Amos McColloch went 38 yards for another tally, with Ray Beverson kicking the extra point.

The final tally came in the third period when McColloch went 15 yards around right end for a touchdown and Beverson again converted from placement.

Mal McCall, of New Orleans Academy, displayed a fine pass­ing arm tonight but his receivers were unable to catch or hold the aerials he threw with accuracy.

TaIIuIah Rally Nips Lions 25-13
New Orleans Times-Picayune December 6, 1947
 (The Associated Press)

Tallulah, La., Dec. 5.--The Tal­lulah High school Trojans came from behind here Thursday night to defeat the Plain Dealing Lions 25 to 13 in a battle for the class B football championship of North Louisiana.

Plain Dealing scored twice in the opening period and held a 13-6 lead at the half, but the Trojans held the visitors scoreless the rest of the way while taking up the slack. The first downs were 16 for Tallulah and 15 for the Lions.

Demoss romped 40 yards around end for the first Lion touchdown, and Gleason scored again on a short line plunge and also con­verted to give the Lions a quarter lead of 13-0.

Bill Jones scored once for Tallulah in the second quarter and again in the last half; both on short runs through the line. Harold Ogden and Hess Curry added one touchdown each to give the Trojans the margin of vic­tory; Ogden going 15 yards for the third touchdown, and Curry getting his own on a 20 yard end around play. Jones made one conversion.             


Trojans Take North La. Championship
Plain Dealing Bows To Warriors 25-13; State Championship Next Games On List For Trojans
Madison Journal December 12, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

In a game for the North Louisiana Championship in the Class "B" Division last Thursday night, the Tallulah Trojans got off to a slow start, when Plain Dealing took an early lead in the first period and held it throughout the second period.

In the opening quarter of the game, after receiving, Tallulah fumbled on the Plain Dealing 3 yard line, recovered by Plain Dealing. From this point they started a drive which took them to the Trojan goal. Gleason started with a gain to the 38, then to the 43. Quarterback Arnold took over from there and raced to the Tallulah 20, where he was overtaken by Jones. On the next play, DeMoss ran the remaining 20 yards to score. Arnold ran the extra point and Tallulah was on the short end of a 7 to 0 count.

Tallulah, receiving the kickoff, after several plays, lost the ball after four tries on the Plain Dealing 35. The Trojans were unable to penetrate the wall of Plain Dealing.

Taking over on the 35, DeMoss advanced to the Trojan 46, again to the 31, where Gleason carried to the 18. Gleason again carried to the 4, and then over for the second score, making the count 13 to 0 in their favor. Attempt was bad and the score remained 13 to 0 as the first period ended.

Jones, receiving the kickoff on his own 10, raced 30 yards back to the 40, before being brought down. On the next play, Curry, on an end around, skirted right end for a first and ten. Jones took over and made to the 19, then to the 15, and from there to score for the Trojans. The kick was bad, leaving the score at 13 to 6.

After a 15 yard penalty against Tallulah for unnecessary roughness, Plain Dealing had first and ten on their own 43. DeMoss advanced to the Trojan 29 in two plays, where they were inflicted with a 15 yard penalty for holding. A pass from Arnold to Coile, was good from the 34 to the Trojan 13. DeMoss again carried to the 9, where the Trojans held for four downs.

Taking over on their own 9, Jones reached the 15 as the first half ended.

At the half time the Plain Dealing band, some 30 members strong, paraded on the field, making several formations then their Alma Mater. After leaving the field, the Tallulah band marched on from the four corners of the field. As a special feature of the ceremonies, Perry Sargent, former drum major for Tallulah High, performed with the band while playing for the visiting side and forming a "T", the band rendered the Alma Mater, then marched off the east end of the field.

Receiving the kickoff in the third period, Jones returned from the 35 to the Plain Dealing 42. From here a drive started, which took them to the enemy goal.   After a two yard gain by Curry, Jones advanced to the 27, the 13, the 5, and Curry scoring on an end around, crossed the goal standing up, to score for the Trojans.

Pass from Jones intended for Cur­ry in the end zone was not complete, and the score remained 13 to 12, in favor of Plain Dealing.

An 18 yard advance by Plain Dealing was halted on their own 42, when Shatoska recovered a fumble for the Trojans. Ogden, from the 42, reached the 34 on an off tackle lunge, and Jones from there to the 29 for another first and ten. After an advance to the 13 by Jones, Ogden carried to the 5, where in two tries; he plunged over for another Trojan score. Conversion was bad, and the standing remained 18 to 13 at the end of the third period.

In the final period, after a fifty yard drive, Jones plowed from the 10 to chalk up the final score for the Trojans. After the conversion was made, the play was called back, and Tallulah penalized 15 yards for holding. The second try was bad, but the play was again called back, Plain Dealing being offside. The third attempt was right between the uprights and the Trojans led 25 to 13; thus ended the game which determined the North Louisiana Champion in the Class "B" Division. Winning this contest enables Tal­lulah to play the winner of the Baker, La., Westlake, La., game next Friday night. The winner will meet Tallulah in the near future to determine the Champions of the State in the Class "B'' Division.

During the first half of last Thursday's game, the Trojans were held time and again for very little gain. The second half however, was altogether a different story, as the Trojans came onto the field a different team, determined to try for the second straight year to capture the State Championship.

Score by quarters:
 Plain Dealing:               13          0            0           0           13
Tallulah:                          0            6            12          7            25

Plain Dealing: DeMoss, Gleason.
Tallulah: Jones, Curry, Ogden.
Penalties: Tallulah-3 Plain Dealing: 2
First Downs: Plain Dealing 15 Tallulah: 16

Tallulah: Loe, W. Williams, Bailey

Line Ups:

Tallulah: Curry, L. E., Halbach, L. T. Ervin, L. G., Harrop, C., Chris­tian, R. G., H. Williams, R. T., Shatoska, R. E., A. Cox, Q. B., Jones, L. H., Smith, R. H., Og­den, F. B.

Plain Dealing: Coile, L. E., Mixon, L. T., Barnett, L. G., May, C., Ferrington, R. G., Lafitte, R. T., Anderson, R. E., Arnold, Q. B., Gleason, L. H., McKeller, R. H., DeMoss F. B.


Local Team Journeys To Baton Rouge To Witness Playoff Game
Madison Journal December 12, 1947

Coach Devonne Payne and members of the local football team journed to Baton Rouge today to witness the playoff game for the South Louisiana Champions in the Class "B" Division, between Baker Louisiana and Westlake Louisiana.

Baker is located approximately 10 miles out of Baton Rouge, and Westlake is across the lake from Lake Charles, La.

The winner of this contest will meet the Trojans to determine the State Champions in the Class "B" Division. Time and place have not been decided yet.


Baker Advances for B Loop Finals
New Orleans Times-Picayune December 14, 1947
(Special to The Times-Picayune)

Baton Rouge. Dec. 13.-Baker High schooI's Buffs advanced to the final round of the state class B high school football playoffs by crushing Westlake High, 47-0, in a sea of mud and under the very worst possible weather condi­tions at the Baton Rouge High Field Friday night. Baker moved to the title game which will be played against Tallulah High, site and date for which was scheduled to be settled there this weekend.

Baker's aggressive defense smeared the vaunted Westlake running attack and the weather did the rest against the visitors' well rated passing games. Westlake made only three first downs and was never able to threaten.

On the other hand the Buffs, who thrive on a rugged ground game, didn't seem bothered by the sloppy conditions and rolled for two touchdowns in each of the first three periods, and then got one for good measure in the last quarter. The Buffs even got two touchdowns on passes, something they haven't been too good on thus far. Amos McCulloch tal­lied three times for the Buffs, twice on passes from Wyatt and Gilmore and Beverson, sub back, booted five out of seven extra point tries which was outstanding.


Baker Smashes Past Westlake High, 47-0
Shreveport Times December 14, 1947

Baton Rouge, December 13 (AP) Baker High won a 47-0 football victory over outclassed Westlake here last night in a game that decided the South Louisiana class B title.

Baker will meet Tallulah for the class B title. No date has yet been set for the showdown.


Ruston Faces Lutcher-LaGrange Winner In Class ‘A' Contest
Monroe Morning World December 14, 1947
(By Associated Press)

Two of the little-fellow teams in the Louisiana schoolboy football brackets won through to the right for a crack at the championships of their respective divisions Friday night, Class A Ruston High School and Class B Baker High.

Ruston defeated Springhill, 7 to 0, to take the Northern Crown in Class A. The northern rulers now must meet the winner of the Lutcher-LaGrange of Lake Charles game tonight for the state title. No date has yet been set.

Only touchdown of the Ruston-Springhill game came in the final quarter on Billy Davis' 15-yard sprint around right end. "Red" Moorehead kicked the extra point from placement.

Baker stampeded Westlake, 47-0, in a game played at Baton Rouge.

Amos McCulloch scored three touchdowns to lead the individual point-makers and Ray Beverson boot­ed five of seven tries for extra paint smack between the uprights.

Baker must now meet Tallulah for the Class B trophy, at a date yet to , be named.

At Alexandria Friday night Bolton High's Bears nudged past Sulphur's Tornadoes, 7 -2, in the Cosmopolitan Bowl, scoring in the second quarter after a bad pass from center cost Sulphur 15 yards, and put the ball on the Sulphur 10. An attempt to punt out of trouble was blocked by Bolton's George Walker and recovered on the three by Burt Broussard. Two line bucks later, David Lee Walker scored for Bolton.

In the fourth period a bad pass from center cost Bolton two points. Sulphur's Mitchell tackled a Bolton Bear behind the Bears' goal line.


Tallulah, Baker Meet Friday for Class B Crown
Trojans to Defend Last Year's Laurels on Legion Field
Shreveport Times December 17, 1947

Tallulah, Dec. 16 (Special).-The Tallulah high school Trojans, class B champions of 1946 will defend their title Friday night here at Legion field when they play Baker high, champions of South Louisiana, for the state class B football title.

Baker came through last Friday night in Baton Rouge when they gave Westlake a drubbing by the score of 47 to 0.

Coach Devone Payne's Tallulah boys are in excellent condition, with the exception of Pierce Bailey who has been nursing a lame back since the Lake Providence game.

All-state halfback and triple threat Bill Jones who has scored 24 touchdowns for the Trojans this season will be at his best, in that this is his last year of football in high school circles. Jones’ passing, punting and broken field running, will in all probability give him one of the all-state back positions again this year.

Hess Curry, another candidate for an all-state berth, playing the left end position, is rated by officials and coaches of North Louisiana as being one of the best offensive ends in this part of the state. Curry’s pass snatching and his ability in breaking up his opponents' running attacks has been one of the highlights of the season. Curry, a senior, will certainly give an account of himself Friday night.

Even though playing with a broken hand practically the entire season, Fullback Harold Ogden's off-tackle plunges have set up many of the touchdowns needed to win the North Louisiana class B title this season.

Coach Payne will start Cox at quarterback and Bud Smith, along, with Jones at the halfback position.  Curry and Shatoska at ends, Boone Halbach and Howard Williams at tackles, Christian and Ervin at guard, and Robert Harrop will hold down the center position.

 According to advance information, Baker's Davis, Wyatt, Beverson and Amos McCulloch are plenty good and the Tallulah boys may be in for a few surprises when Mr. "Amos" starts carrying the mail.

Probable lineup:

Tallulah-Hess Curry, le: Boone Halbach, It: Ira Ervin, lg: Robert Harrop, c; M. Christian, rg; H. Williams, rt; Troy Shatoska, re; Armon Cox, qb; Bill Jones, lh; Bud Smith, rh: Harold Ogden, fb.

Baker--Bob Day, le: Murphey, it; Aldridge, lg: Bill Day, e; Womack, rg; Cannon, rt: Brown, re; Neusetzer, qb: Wyatt, lh, Davis, rh, Ken­nedy, fb.


South Louisianans Beat Trojans 20 to 6 In Beautiful Game
Vicksburg Evening Post December 20, 1947

TALLULAH, La., Dec. 20—Dis­playing a superb line, the Baker High School Buffaloes won the Class B Louisiana football title last night by defeating Tallulah, 20 to 6.

The Trojans, defending cham­pions, played a magnificent game against the visiting eleven, but the south Louisiana team took the edge in a smoother-operating line which bulldozed its way to clear the path for three touchdowns.

Baker pulled two sustained drives of 84 to 89 yards for touchdowns, and their third score was set up by a brilliant 52-yard run by Wyatt.

Fighting to the last ditch, Tallulah scored on a blocked punt and a running attack by Bill Jones which took the ball over from the 16-yard line in five attempts.

Capacity crowds saw the contest, many fans coming all the way from Baker to witness the decisive gridiron class. Wyatt, Kennedy and Davis sparked the visitors' attack, while All-Star Bill Jones was the pacemaker for Tallulah.

The Baker team scored first early in the game after a sustained drive. McCulloch plunged over for the score, but the extra paint was missed. Tallulah came back to knot the count after blocking a Buffalo punt, with Bill Jones scoring.

Shortly before the half, Wyatt raced 52 yards to set up a score on Tallulah's 26. He pushed down to the one-yard stripe on the next play and plunged over for the core. Beverson kicked the point.

The final Baker touchdown cli­maxed an 89-yard drive, and Wy­att connected a 14-yard pass to Neusetzer for the tally. Beverson again booted the point.

Baker threatened again in the final period after Wyatt intercept­ed a Tallulah pass, but bogged down on Tallulah's six-yard line.


Heavier South Louisiana Eleven Stops Trojans, 20 To 6
Monroe Morning World December 19, 1947

TALLULAH, La., Dec. 19.-(Spe­cial)--A heavier and scrapping Baker High School eleven tonight dethroned the Tallulah High School Trojans as Louisiana State Class B football champions by defeating the Trojans here, 20 to 6.

It was the eleventh victory of the season for the high scoring Baker eleven which came to Tallulah with a record of 289 points for the season against 43 for the opposition, and, although campaigning in Class B, one of Baker's major achievements of the season was the defeating of Class AA Catholic High of Baton Rouge, 7 to 0.

Baker scored touchdowns in the first, second, and third quarters with Amos McCullough, Wyatt, and Neusetzer doing the counting. Beverson kicked two extra points for the vis­itors.

Tallulah's lone touchdown was scored by Bill Jones, all-state halfback, on a short line plunge in the second quarter after a steady downfield drive by the Trojans who made their way to paydirt despite the strong opposition of the heavier Baker team.

The first downs were 13 to 7 in favor of Baker, and only one penalty was called in the game--a 15-yard as­sessment against Tallulah.

The lineups:

Tallulah                           Pos.      Baker

Hess Curry                       LE          Bob Day
Boone Halbach             LT          Murphey
Ira Ervin                           LG         Aldridge
Robert Harrop               C            Bill Day
M. Christian                   RG         Womack
H. Williams                     RT         Cannon
Troy Shatoska                RE         Brown
Armon Cox                      QB         Neusetzer
Bill Jones                         LH         Wyatt
Bud Smith                       RH         Davis
Ogden                              FB          Kennedy


Baker Tromps Trojans; Wins State Title, 20-6
McColloch, Wyatt, Davis Run Wild Friday Night; Score Three Times To Win State Crown
Madison Journal December 26, 1947
By Crayton Laughman

Last Friday night at the Legion Field approximately 3500 specta­tors were on hand to witness the Baker Buffaloes run rampant over the Tallulah Trojans to cop the State Crown in the Class "B" Football Classic.

Captain Paul Cannon won the toss for the Buffaloes, and elected to receive defending the west goal.

Receiving the ball on his own 20, Davis ran back to the 36. On the next play, Davis trying his left end was thrown for a two yard loss by Christian. McColloch taking over, tried right end, but was stopped by Ogden, who broke through. After an incomplete pass the Trojans took over first and ten on their own 42, where Jones ran back the punt from the 20.

Ogden trying right tackle, fum­bled, but recovered. Jones trying the center of the line, fumbled, and was recovered by Aldridge of Baker. On a hand-off, Davis ad­vanced from the 36 to the Trojan 29. Kennedy then carried to the 21, Wyatt to the 15, then to the 10, and 3, and McColloch crossed the goal from there to score the first tally of the game. Beverson's attempt was wide and the score remained 6 to 0.

Jones receiving the kickoff on his own 9, raced all the way back to the 43, where he was brought down by five Baker tacklers. With first and ten, Jones again carry­ing, plowed to the 47, then Ogden crossed over into Baker terri­tory to the 49, and on the next play, Smith trying left end, was thrown back to the Tallulah 46. Jones then punted from the 40 down to the Baker 30, where Wyatt was hit hard in his tracks by Shatoska, who was down the field under the punt.

The end of the first period came with Baker in front 6 to 0.

Kennedy after getting through the line was knocked out of bounds on his own 38 by Ogden. An attempted punt by Murphy was blocked by Curry on the Baker 26, where it was first and ten for the Trojans. From this point the Warriors started a drive that took them to the Baker goal, and a score. Jones carrying, reached the 20, then Ogden through the center of the line to the 12. Jones on the next play, fumbled, but was recovered by Curry on the 12. Then in two plays Jones plowed over for the score. Extra point was no good, and the standing was 6 to 6.

Tallulah at this time appeared to be tightening up, as McColIoch and Davis tried the line several times for no gain. With McColloch again carrying, Ogden was in fast to stop him on the 35. Mr. Amos, as he is called, was removed from the field, having received an injured leg.

After receiving the punt on the 36, Jones was thrown for a three yard loss by Brown. On the second play he quick kicked to the Baker 33, where Davis was nailed by Smith. Trying several plays net­ting no gain, Baker punted out of bounds to the Trojan 35. Jones and Ogden taking turns, moved the ball from the 35 to the Baker 48. A pass from Cox to Curry was good to the 41, but the Tro­jans were halted, and Jones was forced to punt. Wyatt taking the punt on his own 20, was stopped cold by Shatoska, who again was down the field fast.

 After an advance of 5 yards, Wyatt streaked loose from the 20 all the way to the Trojan 22 before he was overtaken by Ogden. A pass to Brown was good to the Trojan 1 foot line, and Wyatt on the next play, crossed the goal for the second score, bringing the stand­ing to 12 to 6. Beverson's kick was directly between the uprights and Baker now led 13 to 6 as the first half ended.

During the half, the Baker High band, in Scarlet and Black uniforms, numbering about 30 marched in from the west end of the field. After marching to the Tallulah side, they marched across the field to the Baker side (unfortunately the remainder was lost.)



Where are the players today?


First Team



As of May 2014

Left End

Hess Curry

Deceased September 25, 1989

Left Tackle

Boone Halbach

Deceased February 29, 2004

Left Guard

Ira Hugh Erwin

Lives in Tallulah


Robert “Boogie” Harrop

Deceased June 22, 1996

Right Guard

Merlin Christian

Deceased July 23, 1995

Right Tackle

H. Williams

Right End

Troy Shatoska

Deceased September 29, 2000 in Prairieville, LA


Armon Cox

Deceased June 22, 2007

Left Halfback

Bill Jones

Lives in Dallas Area

Right Halfback

James “Tubbs” Washburn

Lives in Tallulah


Harold Ogden

Lives in Tallulah




Sioney Antrim


Pearce “Bunk” Bailey

Lives in Sadler, TX


William Christian

Lives in Lafayette, LA


Clyde “Sonny” Clark

Lives in St. Joseph, LA


Bernard Cox



Wallace Hargon

Lives in Monroe, LA


Luther Harvey


Lamar Loe

Lives in Ridgeland, MS


Warren Parker

Lives in Delhi


Horace Russell

Lives near Tallulah


Richard “Dick” Sevier

Lives in Jackson, MS


Jasper “Bud” Smith


Gene Thomas

Lives in Houston Area


Martin Verhagen

Deceased March 16, 2011


Robert West



Warren Williams

Deceased November 30, 2011