In the summer of 1935, President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. The first Social Security card was issued on December 1, 1936. The Social Security Death Records or Death Index is supposed to be a list of everyone who died after receiving income from Social Security. However, the records that follow are mostly confined to deaths after 1962, because that was the point at which the records were saved in a computer-sensible form. The first Madison Parish death was reported in October 1964. The Madison list is up-to-date through 2011 and consists of over 5,000 names. As of late 2011 the online records only include state of residence. Therefore a listing of Madison Parish deaths after 2011 will not be available.

In most instances the data came from relatives or funeral homes. Of course those decedents not reported will not appear on this list.

The records contain the following information:

       NAME Since the Social Security allows for only twelve last name characters and nine first name characters, long names will be truncated at the point where they exceed the maximum.


       DEATH DATE Prior to about October 1987 most deaths reported only the month and year. After that the full death date was recorded.

       RESIDENCE This is the address where the Social Security checks were sent. It is not necessarily where the decedent lived and may not be listed.

       DEATH BENEFIT This is the address where the lump sum death benefit was sent. In most cases this data is absent.

       SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER Ordinarily this is considered confidential information. However, after death it appears to become a public record. In respect to the deceased it is not included here.

       ISSUING STATE This is the state in which the application was made. It is not necessarily the state of residence and may not be listed.

To view the Madison Parish Social Security Death Records please click the proper surname alphabetical group below.