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NOTE: Additional maps that show portions of Madison Parish may be found on the Louisiana Historical Map site and the Mississippi Historical Map site.

A current PDF formatted copy of the Madison Parish State Highway Map may be viewed or downloaded by first clicking here, then scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on “Accept.” Then scroll down to “Parish Maps” and click on the Madison Parish map.

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World Madison Map Made Using Mapcite

Interesting Map showing where people live who have accessed the Madison Historical Website from cities outside the United States from mid-2007 to mid-2013 and from United States cities from June 1, 2012 to June 1, 2013

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US Madison Map Made Using Mapcite

More-detailed Map showing where people live who have accessed the Madison Historical Website from US cities during the 12 month period June 1, 2012 to June 1 2013


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Shows the route of Grant's march through Madison Parish on his way to Vicksburg

1810.jpg (29704 bytes)  1820.jpg (30109 bytes)  1830.jpg (30151 bytes)  1840.jpg (29172 bytes)1850.jpg (27173 bytes)
Madison's Historic Boundaries - (includes parishes from which Madison was derived - Concordia and Ouachita)

Madison Parish Patentee Map Index These are color-coded maps showing properties bought from the US General Land Office (GLO) by Madison Parish’s earliest landowners. Most of these tracts were purchased during the middle 1800’s. Each township is mapped separately on the original 1820-1830 surveys. Each tract shows the original owner and the date the tract was purchased. The individual maps are hyperlinked to the Index which shows the entire parish. The map to the left is an example of the township maps. It shows the original landowners in Township 15 North - Range 13 East. Click on it (maybe twice) to enlarge it. Twenty-six townships are available from Township 14 North - Range 9 East in the southwestern part of the parish through Township 18 North - Range 14 East in the northeastern part. For more on this and a list of the original landowners click here.

Madison Parish 1848 From "La Tourrette's reference map of the state of Louisiana: from the original surveys of the United States, which show the townships, sections, or mile squares, Spanish grants, settlement rights & c., also the plantations with the owners names engraved thereon / compiled and published by John La Tourrette, New Orleans, LA. ; designed and engraved by Peter J. Grassner, A.D. 1848." From Library of Congress.

Madison Parish 1853 From La Tourrette's 1853 map as described above.

Madison Parish 1862 From Library of Congress.

Madison Parish 1862-63
2,653k. Confederate military map captured by Union forces during 1862-63. Map shows plantation owners, abandoned plantations, roads, villages, rivers, etc. Probably a forerunner of the Grant’s March map above. Also shows portions of Carroll and Richland Parishes. Courtesy of the USGS National Wetlands Research Center. Click here for smaller version.

Madison Topographic Map

Detailed (7.5’ Quads) Madison Parish Topographic Maps

Early 1800's map showing first landowners (patentees) of Madison Parish. NOTE: For more details on this see Madison Parish Patentee Map Index above.

Detailed 1875 Plantation and Ownership Map (From 1875 Tax Records)

1891 Plantation and Ownership Map (From library of Congress)

Detailed 1903 Plantation and Ownership Map,  (From 1903 Tax Records)
NOTE: The 1903 map was made primarily to show the vast holdings (shown in red) of the 70,000 acre Ashly Co. Ltd of Dundee, Scotland. Unfortunately, due to the many land description mistakes and omissions in the 1903 tax rolls, some property locations may be totally unreliable.

Detailed 1943 Plantation and Ownership Map,  (From 1943 Tax Records)

Detailed 1979 Land Ownership Map


madisonwestnew1.jpg (693707 bytes)                    madisoneast.jpg   
Madison Parish (West & East) Showing Plantations as of about 1891

            madsat.jpg (238077 bytes)
Madison Parish Ward Map                              Madison Parish Satellite Photo

New Richmond - Originally to be named "New Richmond" (since "Old" Richmond was totally destroyed by the yankees during the Civil War), now the southwestern part of Tallulah. Except on this land plat, New Richmond never actually existed. Copied from a Conveyance Record plat in the Madison Parish courthouse.

Richmond First Parish Seat of Madison Parish. Burned to the ground by Union troops on June 15, 1863 during the Battle of Richmond in retribution for Federal losses at the June 7, 1863 Battle of Milliken’s Bend. Courtesy of Louis Buckner, Tallulah, LA.

1927 Mississippi River Flood Distribution of flood waters in Madison Parish. Prepared by the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey from data supplied by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. Courtesy of Brad Edmondson, Ithaca, NY.

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