By Richard P. Sevier ([email protected])

In 1871 the United States government allowed individuals to file claims against the government for damage incurred to their property during the Civil War. This could have been anything from damage to crops and buildings to outright confiscation of the land. It is said that many people who filed these claims were Union sympathizers. In the case of Madison Parish there were probably very few, if any, Union sympathizers, and therefore there were probably very few, if any, claims granted. These claims are known by the National Archives and Records Administration as the “Southern Claims Commission” records.


The following is a list of Madison Parish landowners who filed damage claims against the United States government between 1871 and 1880. Some names are misspelled and an educated guess of the correct spelling is shown in parentheses The data has been excerpted from “Civil War Claims in the South 1871-1880” by Gary B. Mills, published in 1980 by Aegean Park Press.


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Case Number                     Name

19,882                                    Rice C. Ballard, Est. of

6,936                                      Matilda Banks

17,269                                    Henrietta Baurs (Bauer) (See Henrietta – Southern Woman of Valor)

14,264                                    Susan A. Biggs

20,441                                    Robert W. Birney (Burney), Est. of (Owner of birthplace of Madam Walker)

14,265                                    Green L. Boney

6,945                                      Margaret Case

6,946                                      Rufus Case, Heirs of

10,243                                    Charles Delano

13,622                                    Wesley Dilts

11,005                                    Martha A. Gibbs

10,412                                    Patrick Gilfoil

13,243                                    Richard W. Graves, Est. of

18,148                                    Jackson Gray

15,238                                    Ann Minor Griffith

3,457                                      Frances Ann Griffith

20,964                                    Hayden, Wm.

3,792                                      B. S. Hine, Est. of

11,004                                    Anthony Hoggart (Hoggatt), Heirs of

3,171                                      Partrick Madden

21,800                                    Levin R. Marshall, Est. of

16,823                                    Mary A. McFarlan (Wife to-be of General Elias S. Dennis)

13,315                                    Arthur Miller

19,572                                    Ann Victoria Noland

7,677                                      J. A. Noulan (Noland)

17,339                                    Thomas Shaw

16,711                                    Amanda S. Stone (Kate Stone’s {of Brokenburn} mother)

10,682                                    Ezra B. Town (Towne) (First editor of Madison Journal)

20,440                                    Ezra B. Town (Towne)

21,983                                    Gabriel Utz

11,211                                    George Watt

14,766                                    Lee Whaley

20,442                                    Zachariah White, Est. of

20,439                                    Elizabeth M , Wolly, Heirs of