Madison Parish Louisiana - Tenth Census: 1880

Submitted by Richard P. Sevier [email protected] April 2002, Revised December 2004


The 1880 census images are stored two images per physical page, shown (1) by the page number itself, (right hand {front} page) and (2) by the left hand "a" page which is actually the reverse side of the page (e.g. pages 180 & 180a.). If you haven’t already done so, locate the person in question on the 1880 Census Index. Then go to the page listed. To enlarge the image click on the enlargement button or right-click the image and “zoom in.” NOTE: These are reproductions of the actual census ledgers and vary in quality from very poor to good. Because of the poor quality, many of the names are misspelled. If the person for whom you are searching does not appear to be in the index, try other possible spellings.


This edition of the census was revised to include everyone in the parish; not just those age 20 or older. As a consequence the index has almost doubled in size. It also now includes the household number, which is useful to place people with the same family name into the correct family group. It should be noted that only in Ward 5 did the census taker not supply a household number.  However, an estimated number is provided as a substitute.


The tenth census of the United States lists information that should reflect living status on June 1, 1880 (Census Day).


Information recorded:


·         Name of every person whose place of abode on June 1, 1880 was in this household

·         Age, sex and color

·         Relationship of the person to the head of the family

·         Single, married, widowed, or divorced

·         Whether married within the census year

·         Profession, occupation, or trade of each person

·         Number of months unemployed during the census year

·         Sick or temporarily disabled; if so, name sickness or disability

·         Whether blind; deaf and dumb; idiotic; insane; maimed, crippled, bedridden, or otherwise disabled

·         Whether attended school within the year

·         Whether cannot read or write

·         Place of birth; father's and mother's place of birth



Image Numbers

Madison Parish Area Covered




Ward 1

195a missing



Ward 2

212a missing



Ward 3 east of Richmond Road not including the town of Milliken’s Bend

223a missing

242a blank



Ward 3 west of Richmond Road including the town of Milliken’s Bend

249a missing



Ward 4 north of railroad

277a missing



Ward 4 south of railroad



Ward 5



Ward 6

330a missing



Ward 7


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