Madison Parish, Louisiana

Census Data:

When working with census data in Madison Parish, especially the older censuses, it is important to realize that in the past various parts of the parish have been included in other parish censuses.  For example, from 1810 to 1830 the northern portion of the parish was part of Ouachita Parish while the southern portion was located in Concordia Parish.

Madison Parish was created in 1838 and reduced to its current boundaries in 1861. Prior to that time it had been a part of the New Orleans District (1721), Ouachita "County" (1805), Concordia "County" (1809), Warren Parish (1811), Ouachita and Concordia Parishes (1814) and Carroll Parish (1832). However, even though a portion of Madison was included in Carroll Parish when Carroll was formed in 1832, it was never included in a Carroll census. By the next census in 1840, Madison had been created and was a separate and distinct unit.

The maps below should help locate the present day Madison Parish, shown in dark blue, as it appeared in past years. At times Madison occupied an even larger area than today. These areas are shown in a lighter blue.

The 1810 and 1820 census data are actual images of the Concordia Parish census taker's form. The 1830 data is an alphabetized listing of transcribed Concordia data. The 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 and 1870 census indices are alphabetized listings of the Madison (Concordia and Ouachita) census "index" that show names of heads of household and the page numbers where the actual images may be found on microfilm. As additional data is located, it will be included.

The 1850 census images are stored two images per page shown (1) by the page number and (2) by the page number followed by “a”. These are reproductions of the actual census ledgers. First, locate the person in question on the 1850 index. Then go to the page listed. If the person is not listed on that page, go to the other image on that page (e.g. 0367 to 0367a).                                    

1810 Census Images  - Concordia  1820 Census Images - Concordia            1830  Census Images - Concordia
1810 Census Index – Concordia      1820 Census Index – Concordia            1830 Census Index - Concordia   
1810 Census Images
– Ouachita     1820 Census Images – Ouachita           1830 Census Images - Ouachita
1810 Census Index
– Ouachita        1820 Census Index – Ouachita              1830 Census Index-Ouachita                                                         
1840 Madison Census Index                                                                    1850 Madison Census Index
     1840 Madison Census Images                                                                 (see readme file)
(see readme file                                                                                           1850 Madison Census Images
                                                                                                                               1850 Census Transcriptions                       
                                                                                                                               1850 Madison Slave Index
                                                                                                                               1850 Madison Slave Images
(see readme file)

1860 Madison Census Images (see readme file)
1860 Madison Census Index
1860 Census Transcriptions
1860 Madison Slave Schedule Images (see readme file)
1860 Madison Slave Schedule Index
1870 Madison Census Images
(see readme file)
1870 Madison Census Index 
1880 Madison Census Images
(see readme file)
1880 Madison Census Index

1890 Census destroyed by fire. See 1890 Tax Rolls for 1890 data
1890 Veterans’ Census
1900 Madison Parish Census Images
(see readme file)
1900 Madison Census Index
1900 Census Transcriptions
1910 Madison Parish Census Images (see readme file)
1910 Madison Census Index
1910 Census Transcriptions
1920 Madison Parish Census Images (see readme file)
1920 Madison Census Index
1920 Census Transcriptions
1930 Madison Parish Census Images
(see readme file)
1930 Madison Census Index
1930 Madison Census Transcriptions
1940 Madison Census Images

1940 Madison Census Index

Miscellaneous Charts

Farm Size Distribution 1850-1950
Farmland 1840-1950 -- Acreage
Population 1840-2000 w/ % Nonwhite
Population 1840-2000 – Racial Makeup
Population 1840-2000 – Racial %

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