Lafayette Genealogical Society Meeting Minutes


Volume 2014 Issue 2

 20 February 2014 Meeting

On February 20, 2014 the meeting was called to order by President Brenda Thibodeaux. We had a moment of silence for all descendants and for those serving or having served in the military followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Speaker was Ricardo "Ricky" Johnson who spoke a little about his mother Gisele Carriton and about the book that was written about her titled "Mademoiselle GiGi". He then introduced the author of the book, Dennis Ward. Dennis read a few lines from the book and showed a few pictures. Everyone enjoyed the speaker.

James Bourque made a motion that archival quality CD's be used for the Carencro Cemetery Listing CD and Pete Lavergne seconded it. The motion was passed.

Calice Breaux moved that the workshop on the 1st Saturday of each month be used to focus on one surname so we could help each other with missing information. Julie Hernandez seconded it and the motion passed.

Refreshments were offered to guests and members.

Respectfully submitted by: Betty Hollier, Secretary