Lafayette Genealogical Society Meeting Minutes


Volume 2014 Issue 6

 19 June 2014 Meeting

The June meeting of the Lafayette Genealogical Society was held on June 19, 2014 in the Meeting Room of the South Regional Library, 1601 Johnston St. , Lafayette , LA. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M. by President Brenda Thibodeaux. There was a moment of silence for our U.S. servicemen and our ancestors, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Guests were introduced: Ben Freeman, Constance Maillet, Maggie Pellerin, Alva Gonzales, Evelyn Bellot, and Tamara Broussard.

Brenda Thibodeaux reported that the consensus of the membership favored having the December Installation Banquet on a Saturday noon and that the Petroleum Club was not open for small parties on that day. Herb Scheuermann volunteered to look into arrangements at Bailey’s for the society’s activity.

Following the presentation by Armajean DeClouet about the Southwest Louisiana Genealogical Library in Lake Charles a field trip was planned to visit the library for Thursday, June 26th. [Due to bad weather and thunderstorms that week the trip was cancelled until a later date.]

President Thibodeaux stated that Everett Thompson would like to have a member volunteer to assist him with keeping the society’s web site maintained. Please let either of them know if any member is interested.

The guest speaker, Rogers Romero, was introduced and spoke on the Sons of the American Revolution. He is a past president of the Lafayette Genealogical Society, participated in the Canadian Congree’, and was accepted for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution. He is now involved in assisting others to gain membership in the SAR. Rogers informed Lafayette Genealogical Society membership of the objectives, requirements, and resources to help find a persons patriot and ancestors to gain membership in the SAR. Examples of documents that are usable are the DAR Patriot Index, Fr. Hebert’s SWLA Records, and the list of Louisiana Soldiers in the American Revolution (1776-1783) by Winston DeVille. Rogers provided a Requirements Information brochure. All applicants to the SAR are assisted by the local registrar. The application is printed on acid-free paper. A national fee is $110.00. The state fee is $19.00. The Attakapas Chapter fee is $18.00. A supplement (another family member being qualified in the SAR) is $60.00. And yearly dues are $60.00. Upon acceptance within the SAR a member receives a Certificate for their ancestral patriot and a keepsake lapel pin. The SAR website is Questions from members were opened.

Brenda Fuselier
Acting Secretary